A Splendid Year to Celebrate with Vista Residences

Jan 06, 2023

Vista Residences closed 2022 with a Splendid Night to Remember! Last December 21, 2022, the largest premier and leading condominium developer of Vista Land and Lifescapes      entitled Splendid: A Very Vista Networks’ Christmas Party. 

The celebration started with short opening remarks from the Marketing Head, Ms. Haydee Gopez, who wrapped up the year and congratulated everyone for a successful year for Vista Residences and the business partners as well.

The event was filled with joyful laughter and merry celebrations with fun games for the attendees and a mini talent show entitled Vista Got Talent wherein sellers were able to showcase their hidden talents and got to win exciting cash prize.

With that, most of the networks or groups participated and prepared, but only one stood out. The Vista Got Talent 2022 winner is Mr. Michael Lasac from VistaLand Elite, who showed his Mr. Bean performance that made him shine like a star from the rest of his opponents. 

Of course, a Christmas party won’t be complete without the exciting raffle draws to bring home. The event has minor and major raffle draw where everyone had a chance to win prizes as much as Php 300,000. The business partners and sellers were able to win prizes such as small cash Prizes worth Php 55,000, a Macbook Air, a Home Entertainment Package, and an Automatic Washing Machine. Of course, Vista Residences also recognized the best-dressed who exerted effort and showed up with their outstanding outfit to celebrate with Vista Residences. While the major and most awaited raffle prizes are one winner for Php 100,000 pesos and the Ford Territory. 

Each attendee has a chance to be part of the minor raffle where three (3) winners won Php 5,000 Cash each, two (2) winners won Php 10,000 Cash each, and One (1) winner of Php 20,000. Meanwhile, the winners of the electronic prizes were also open to all attendees of that night’s event. Moreover, there’s also one (1) winner of the major raffle of Php 100,000 cash which was able to bring home the cash immediately. The lucky winner for the Php 100,000 cash is Mr. Ramil Cabunilas from VistaLand Elite. 

The event ended with inspiring and motivating closing remarks from Vista Residences’ Division Head, Ms. Eda Tambologan, followed by the announcement of the most awaited raffle for 2023, the brand-new Ford Territory. The lucky winner whose hard work and dedication paid off for the Newest Ford Territory is Mr.Roldan Armeza from Vista Land Elite.

Vista Residences truly ended 2022 with a Splendid Night to Remember and showed their support to business partners, sellers, and brokers. This is just the start, and more successful years to come with Vista Residences!

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