Best Songs for Workout in Your Condo After the Holidays

Jan 05, 2022

The holiday season is over! Even though people are still in the process of consuming left-overs from the party, three days in a row (a tradition, by the way), it is time to burn those gains during the bountiful Noche Buena and Media Noche and start the year with a healthy and fit physique. 

Start with a simple workout, perhaps an hour jog around the neighborhood, or 30-minute home work-out - the list goes on! Lucky for those who enjoy condo living, and shouldn’t have any excuses, an in-house gym is just steps away; start by using the stairs on the way there, though.

Vista Residences, along with other condos in the Philippines, offers an array of real estate developments that caters to residents with fitness goal-oriented new year’s resolutions. Accessible gym facilities for working out, open 24/7, swimming pools, and of course a friendly and safe neighborhood and communities to jog around - there is no more to look out for!

Wil Tower not only offers ready for occupancy condos but also has an in-house fitness and wellness gym that can surely make one’s goal achieved. This vertical community has a harmonious rhythm that perfectly blends with the surrounding urban beat. Located close to the QC’s three central business hubs: Quezon Ave., Timog, and EDSA, such posh condo living is a haven both for open-door opportunities and fitness resolution.

Working out is fun, yet tiring. Moving the body with an energetic beat is kind of a solution to counter that tiredness. Here’s a list of the bop songs to play during a condo living workout that will drive you to sweat, bringing back that body before the holiday season.

Bazinga (SB19)

First on the list is the music of the P-POP sensation SB19, which also happens to be a worldwide bop that is consistently skyrocketing in the Billboard Hot Trending songs chart. This Rap-Hip Hop genre can be a perfect companion on one’s workout routine with its roller-coaster-like tempo that hypes everyone once played. Written by the leader himself, Pablo, indeed this is not just an idea for daily lifts but also a masterpiece. 

Levitating (Dua Lipa)

Pop sensation Dua Lipa made it into the list with her hit song Levitating. A bop not only for parties and clubs but also in gyms, especially after the Holidays. Other than that, this music is undeniable to resist dancing, thanks to the fusion of electric music and groovy tempo. Crafted with well-thought lyricism, a short song number while doing the workout is kind of possible. So if gyms are out, try doing a condo living workout and let that performer persona out!

Rain on me (Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande)

Making it on the list is the powerful duo of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. This Grammy-award Pop duo song is not an award-winning song for no reason. Lady Gaga’s rebirth blended with Grande’s vocal prowess became an anthem not only for the fans but for gym-goers as well. Hype is the real deal for the both of them as reflected in the said song - a mixture of high notes, thanks to Ari’s whistle notes, and the energetic vibe imprinted on Gaga’s brand results in a very poetic way of hyping up someone in burning those extra fats from the Lechon from Christmas eve, or so.

Nalina (Block B)

The only K-pop song made into the best workout song is from Block B. Although the group is on a hiatus, for now, the song paves its way to Tiktok, no doubt since it has an irresistible vibe and a pull factor to make someone move! Its fast tempo perfectly fits workout proper, intensive cardio, or some other routines that need hyping up with. Their discography in general is an intermixture of rap, hip hop energy that boosts big and fast movement. Nonetheless, this seven-year-old song is still one to beat when it comes to angsty vibes.

Don’t start now (Dua Lipa)

Probably one of her most well-known songs, Dua Lipa’s Don't Start Now manage to keep its momentum in the fitness arena despite its release years ago. What makes this really “bopable” is that once it is played, moving to its beat is inevitable. The song has a harmonious blend and a mixture of fast, mid, and slow tempo which kind of fits either warm-ups, workout proper, or cooldowns. This song probably makes someone dance, move, or even both.

Infinity (Jaymes Young)

Another music popularized by Tiktok is Infinity by James Young. It has a grand and inferior vibe that energizes and fuels the body to push harder. The grandeur undertones help in boosting that cheerful environment, while its peculiar sound helps in keeping that strong yet comfortable atmosphere. Looking for a song that matches while doing heavy lifts? This song might be the best choice.

Physical (Dua Lipa ft. Hwasa)

What makes it more of a condo living workout song other than the title itself? The song, which is a collaboration of Lipa and Mamamoo member Hwasa, does not fail to provide a total package of hype, beat, and bop - the first notes and verse of the song says it all! Dua Lipa’s song landing the third spot on the list might indicate that her playful and energetic discography is a workout anthem after all.

Stupid love (Lady Gaga)

Another entry from Lady Gaga, from her Chromatica Album, is its carrier single, Stupid Love. Every Gaga’s song is a total bop and has a very intensive choreography; dancing to her music is a kind of workout, too! Those large beats and tempo, especially on the chorus part, is a no debate - the song is made for heavy movements, huge performance with full-blown production. One should not disagree that this pop song is a workout song.

Turn those speakers on and make a playlist with these songs. A fun and tireless condo living workout, gym sessions, can be effortless, guaranteed.

Shivers (Ed Sheeran)

This brand new single from Ed Sheeran is a little bit different from his previous releases. This is more of an upbeat, playful genre, as compared to his other hits like Thinking Out Loud, or Perfect. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to hear an Ed Sheeran song played during a workout, so blast those speakers in the condo and let this song have its inaugural as a condo living workout anthem.

Butter (BTS ft. Megan Thee Remix)

Next is a hit song from the global supergroup, BTS. So if someone happens to be an ARMY and a fan of doing condo living workouts as well, then definitely this song will be played a couple of times. K-pop, along with the boy band itself, recently released songs that have almost the same vibes and sounds - playful, lively, and of course fun to do choreography with. Most of the group’s releases are quirky, enjoyable, worthy of dance, so it can be kind of safe to say a BTS song is ideal for a workout. After all, wouldn’t it be fun to have a lively condo living and a fun workout session, too?

Woman (Doja Cat)

Making it to the honorable-mention list is a song from Doja Cat, Woman. With its Latin vibe and easy-to-follow beats, this song suits a round of burpees or some squats. Not to mention clean rap verses which can be used as a guide for a synchronous movement. There is also a vibe of this song that goes well with pasarela training (a walking training for pageants), so definitely it can also go well with some lapses of leg lounging or so.

Permission to dance (BTS)

And finally finishing the list comes another BTS song, Permission to Dance. Workout routines will never be as fun with this lively and inspiring song; ideally for either warm-up or cooling down sessions. An inspirational song during the COVID-19 crisis, this song indeed is not only for a simple workout session but also a way to unite, inspire, and bring hope to the community.

There is nothing more convenient and efficient way of losing that gains from the holiday season by doing it inside the condo; welcoming a new year with healthy minds, great physique, and of course comfortable condo living.

If you are thinking of moving into a new condominium, check out Vista Residences!

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