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Sep 08, 2021

There is no doubt that Filipino talents are world-class and deserve global recognition, especially the rising-pop groups. People play their songs and listen, perhaps while doing chores or to sing and dance along. From global exposure, various award nominations, and expanding fan bases, indeed the world needs to prepare for new generation Pinoy artists. But the rise to stardom is not achieved overnight. It has its fair share of countless training, exhausting preparations, and strategic promotions. 

What is P-Pop before?

Prior to the current trend, P-pop groups already entered the scene even before the early 2000s - Sexbomb Girls, for example. Dominated by Viva, groups like Viva Hot Babes and Mocha Girls were also popular in the said year.

Patterned with, then, the rising K-Pop phenomenon, the nation's big media companies attempted to introduce new approaches to P-pop groups, following the success of the said all-female group, releasing charming idol groups that are maybe not already known by many. Thus, the debut of Pop Girls and XLR8, both in the same company, is heavily inspired by Korea’s Wonder Girls and Super Junior. They were heavily criticized and disbanded shortly after debuting. 

Recalibrating the branding, other companies still pursue investing in P-pop groups, which then become popular, giving way to the new generation of Pinoy Idols. The group 1:43, who catapulted the song “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo” became a hit after its release. Also, Chicser became a hit with massive fan bases with their bop songs that made every teen crazy during their mall shows. Most of them were redirected to a western-centric branding, inspired by Backstreet Boys and One Direction. Lately, a boy group named “Boy Band PH” re-uses such branding. Unfortunately, they don’t last that long.

It is only then when K-pop is being established and is widely known to the world, thanks to BTS, Pinoy Idol group drifted back to K-Pop strategy, focusing on visuals and synchronization, becoming a signal for another sensation of P-pop groups. First to gamble with this approach were Showtime’s Hashtags that consist of various members. At that time, where there were still no counterparts, the group led their way to stardom, releasing albums and staging concerts and mall shows. With the group “success”, they then debut Girl Trends immediately - and we did know what happens next.

Breaking the stereotypes through P-Pop

With such devastation to mediocre outputs, unsynchronized moves, and for god sake, the lack of singing prowess, Pinoys became tired, worse, lost interest in this lively genre. This is new when in fact Filipinos love bop music - for every event, for example, dance music should always be played, and should be sung in a rented video-oke. Not until a recalibrated, new generation P-pop groups finally entered the OPM scene.

The real reason behind the uprising

Thanks to highly trained Pinoy talents, the embarrassing P-pop genre we knew before became an instant sensation - the reason why new P-pop groups are constantly debuting nowadays.

The power of huge fan bases

Another contributor to the sudden rise of P-pop groups is their fans. They are the fuel of their career - they buy merch, albums, songs, and other services that benefit their idols. Some, with so much dedication, were renting places such as ready for occupancy condos for fan gatherings, may it be streaming parties or cup sleeve events. To be clear, such fan behavior is not because of K-pop. Iranians, Villmanians, for example, are one of the fandoms in Philippine showbiz history that perfectly defines the trend today. The bigger the fandom, the bigger the reach, the faster the trend. SB19’s A’Tin for example, brought the group to the International stage as they are charting consistently on Billboard Top Social Artist, the same strategy that brought BTS to international fame - thanks to almost everyday trending topics on Twitter and high engagement and interaction of fans online.

Die-hard fans out there looking for places for future fan projects? Vista Residences offers ready-for occupancy and pre-selling condos with just the perfect size for fan gatherings. Condo in Makati is open for RFO, located at the Salcedo Square at the heart of Salcedo Village, gives future residents an escape from the commotion of work, and is close to cities. This means everything is accessible once there is a need for supplies for the event. With its large room spaces, more fans can be entertained. It also has function rooms just in case there are bigger audiences.

SB19 setting the standards

P-pop kings, as A’Tin (their fandom’s name) and most casuals call them, catapulted to fame with their in-sync moves, impressive foot works, and obvious vocal prowess earning them global recognition. This five-member boy group was included in various Billboard charts, mostly the first time for a Filipino artist, and was nominated on the prestigious Billboard Music Awards alongside BTS, Seventeen, and Ariana Grande. Their dedication, passion, and hard work, not to mention their undeniable talent, made them the standard for every P-pop group that is about to debut. They become the trailblazers of P-pop and a renaissance to the OPM. Such achievement, indeed, earned them the title of one of the biggest P-pop groups to this date - recognizing their huge contribution of reviving P-pop to the mainstream scene.

Who to look forward

With the bar set too high, new P-pop groups envision entering the music industry with their own branding and incredible set of talents - thanks to SB19’s pattern of intensive training, most of them achieved to produce high-quality craft and moves.


Debuted early January this year, five-member BGYO shows their brand focusing on their outstanding visuals. They released two songs as of this date and will be staging a concert and album release later this year. Just like SB19, the group invests in in-sync moves and charm, becoming one of the most anticipated P-pop boy groups to this date.


An eight-member boy group that sings in different Filipino languages made their debut last February 2021, Alamat walked their way to fame with their distinct branding. All originated in their respective provinces earning them the skill to sing with their own language. Despite their early debut, the group already released two songs that definitely made their fans, the Magiliws, proud.


The sister group of BGYO, BINI is an all-female P-pop group that is known for their powerful choreography and clean feminine moves - this made sense in their logo, a flower. Although the group released a single recently, their cover of Da Coconut is truly a bop.

The need for a new sound

Another factor that adds to the sudden trend is that Filipinos are getting tired of the same-old sound of most of the songs released especially in the mainstream. They need a new taste of music, perhaps not a hugot song that mostly does, that can give growth not only to the whole OPM but also to the artists. Gone are the days where pa-cute songs were played. This trend of P-pop groups, which is also influenced by Hallyu, undeniably, is being triggered by the thirst of Pinoy for a fresh sound.

What does it take to be a P-pop group?

Similar to K-pop intensive training, hugely focusing on repetitions, to be a legit P-pop group needs emotional, physical, and mental strength to handle such pressure of preparation and training. As a matter of fact, one must leave their current career since the training will consume all of your time - SB19’s Pablo, for example, left his work in BPO to pursue his training. For aspiring Filipino Idols, there are things that need to be sacrificed in order to reach the dream.

Managing time

Intensive training eats a lot of your time. From morning to late evening, rehearsals are expected to perfect your dance, your singing, and even projection. This is not just a practice where you need to memorize your lines and steps. Being a member of a P-pop group means you should be close to perfection; thus, it takes time.

Some idols, even within their training, choose to live in places close to their studios for more efficient time. Vista Residences can be an option for P-pop idol trainees, investing in a ready for occupancy condo that is near to their studios. Mostly, media agencies are located in QC. Living in a condo in Quezon City can be a wise move. Vista Pointe, a pre-selling condo in QC gives them access to comfortable and peaceful condo living, perfect for tiring training. It also has a Function room perfect for personal rehearsals.

Vigorous discipline

This may be already known to some, that those who undergo training are being required to be disciplined in all forms - from the diet, to time, and even on how they project their personality in public. They are known to be role models, especially to their fans. Did you also know that sometimes, members are not the one who holds their own social media accounts? Also, liquor and smoking are strictly prohibited - it requires discipline to achieve those things.

It is best for trainees to have fitness facilities to maintain physical requirements. A near condo with 24 hours gym can be 

Sing and Dance must be your top Niche

Of course to be a well-performed group, one must be capable of singing and dancing, mostly at the same time. Even though it is a skill that can be learned, it is better to have background knowledge on doing such things. It can ease the training and can cut it for a short amount of time. It also plays a big chance to be included in the group - can be as a main dancer or main vocalist, who knows?

Why P-Pop is an OPM and not a Pinoy K-Pop?

A common misconception of most Filipinos is that P-pop is just a hybrid of K-pop branched out in the Philippines. There is no denying that the trend that we are experiencing today is an influence of K-pop phenomena that is not only within Asia but globally - this, therefore, is a strong counterargument that it is just a matter of influence and not being a copycat. It is an OPM on the fact that P-pop groups consist of Filipino members, songs were composed by Filipino, sung by Filipino, and sung in Filipino (mostly) - all conform to the idea and characteristics of OPM. Music is universal and it can be a fusion of different sounds and approaches. No music should be boxed in just a single sound for a long time, it should be evolving.

P-Pop as an essential sub-genre

With the impact it gives to the whole OPM community, it is relevant to say that P-pop became an essential sub-genre, giving growth to OPM artists and OPM itself. Despite the several unwelcoming support, P-pop still manages to once again break into the music scene, offering new and fresh sounds in response to the saturated and mediocre Pinoy music (not generalizing, but some) today. P-pop is an essential sub-genre because it is where it belongs, not a substandard breed of K-pop. 

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