Blast From The Past: Bring Retro Flare to Your Condo

Sep 16, 2022

More often than not, people choose not to decorate their condos that much since they are looking to stay temporarily. However, a home is still a home, whether a temporary one or a permanent one. You will still build memories, live within its four walls, and create a life in your condo, no matter how extended or short your stay is. With that said, spicing up your interiors might help you become more productive and happy altogether! Hence, this is where the vintage and retro ideas come in.

The 1970s era is undoubtedly one of the best in style, spark, and color. Serving an eclectic touch of the old and new, you can expect an immense change in how your condo looks! And while minimalism is quite trendy nowadays, a retro interior design will never go out of fashion and will always remain a classic. Not to mention your condo would look dazzling with the splash of hues and contrasting design features that a modern retro interior design can give! Indeed, movie nights and celebrations with your loved ones will be ten times better with your condo's fresh, new vintage look. With the various style patterns found during the '50s and '70s, mixing and matching bright colors with accompanying furniture pieces can be intricate. In particular, you can easily get lost in purchasing retro-themed stuff and find yourself overspending on things you will not be needing. On that note, if you are looking for 1970s interior design ideas that will fit the size of your home and your budget, continue reading and achieve that striking look you have always wanted for your condo! 

Retro Interior Design 101: Choose Bright-colored walls

Although you might find this a risk, having bright-colored walls is a stepping stone if you wish to adopt a 1970s interior design. After all, going crazy on hues is the epitome of the 70s! This can help your home look more exciting to the eye, and your walls will have much more character if you decide to paint them without guilt. However, size-wise, if you have a bigger space, then bright colors are the way to go! On the other hand, if you have a limited area, try opting for lighter tones and make up for the bright hues with your furniture and wall decors. You can choose to paint varying colors on each room in your condo or pick a space that suits the striking tints well. Thus, if you wish your condo interior design were different, that only means one thing - it's time to get creative! You can even choose funky, patterned wallpapers like floral and damasks. With that, it all falls on your style - always choose a pattern or bright hue that will suit your taste and vibe.

Look for Vintage Pieces of Furniture and Wall Decor

Vintage pieces of furniture will give your condo interior design a quintessential look. After all, this era is known for distinctive design features that evoke an eclectic vibe. With that said, aim to have geometric-shaped decors and furniture with intricate designs that will match your wall's color or pattern. Moreover, putting gigantic frames or paintings on your wall will help you achieve a modern retro interior design! This is where you can get the most creative, as you can hang old disks, vinyl, or posters of your favorite classic movies to level up your retro game.

Get The Right Lights For Your Condo

Geometric lights filled the ceilings of this beautiful era. Choosing a lighting fixture that suits your vintage interiors can significantly improve! Thus, look for an era-appropriate, abstract, and dynamic chandelier that speaks for itself. After all, they are the centerpieces of each space, so they can make the most impact on how your room looks. Additionally, pick a tone that suits the environment well. Believe it or not, bright lights and dim ones can draw the line between a well-complemented interior design and a randomly curated space with a little of everything.

Achieve these looks:

Look #1

Opting for a brick wall is an excellent idea if you want an era-appropriate design while keeping modern minimalist touch to your home. It adds a vintage touch to your space in an instant, and you can choose to purchase simple furniture and wall decor. However, you can always choose to go above and beyond with the lamps, light fixtures, and designs like frames, paintings, and posters!

Look #2

Another era-appropriate theme is wood furniture partnered with a patterned wall and abstract lamps. This gives a unique, vintage flare to your home and will undoubtedly build your walls' character. You do not have to go all out with the wall design, as the focus lies on the border and furniture. Thus, this option is for you if you want a chic-looking retro condo interior design!

Look #3

Fret not if you have a smaller room, as you can also achieve a retro look despite the limited space! This is probably the most accurate inspiration if you wish to turn your humble home into a unique, vintage condo. Your friends will undoubtedly want to hang out in your place if you have this aesthetically pleasing living area. More importantly, you do not need to spend much on a small space! Two movable, era-appropriate chairs, brick or bright walls, and simple hanging decors are all that you need to achieve your desired look.

Look #4

This look undoubtedly understood how people in the 1970s filled their walls with paintings and frames. The pop of colors on the chairs helped create an eclectic vibe inside the room. Plus, the vintage chandelier served as the cherry on top. With that, you can always choose maximalism as it also evokes beauty on its own compared to minimalism. 

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