CBD: The Avenue of Possibilities and Aspiration

Oct 12, 2022

To some, living in a city would be their worst nightmare. The traffic, pollution, and high cost of living contribute to this negative notion of living within a central business district. People have been socialized to believe that leaving the city's bustle behind is the ideal living, yet this couldn't be further from the truth. Then why live in central business districts?

Opportunities and goals are two phrases that sum up every person's drive to work in any business district in the Philippines. These commercial avenues give out New York City sensations that many Generation Z and Millennial members may have imagined. These working-class or soon-to-be employees are drawn to locations appropriate for short photo shoots that they might publish online to reproduce and improve their Instagram feed because many young people dream of living in New York City. Business districts thus service the generation's demands for employment and the luxurious lifestyle that most Filipinos have always desired.

Business districts in the Philippines, often referred to as central business districts. One of these famous districts is the Metro Manila districts which are commercial regions in the Philippines where significant corporations established their operations and headquarters, as shown by the contemporary and tall business towers constructed in these places. There are other local and international businesses there as well. As a result, these regions can offer a wide range of professions. Business people expanded their operations because of the fast-paced lifestyle of working in the corporate sector, which ultimately fueled the Philippines' ongoing business district growth. As a community, we have developed over time to deal with the inconveniences from the past. We have learned to make the most of every opportunity to help us take things to our advantage, even if it means taking up space to help us succeed monetarily. We also have the gift of technology to make our commutes easier and ecological awareness to build a healthy environment for us to live in.

If you are still wary, here are some of the reasons why living in central business districts is the best option for you;

Ideal Neighborhood for Expatriates. 

As seen from Makati City, most of the condos in this area are surrounded by establishments, buildings, stores, and upmarket leisure and entertainment facilities. While traffic is a problem and the site has busy hours, living in this neighborhood is still ideal, especially for foreigners looking to work in the Makati CBD. The most sought-after real estate developments focus on the high-end residential parts of well-known Villages. On the other side, The business district in Taguig is newer than those in Makati and Ortigas. However, it is a popular travel destination for foreigners drawn to its reputable and emerging businesses. Fort Bonifacio Global City is the name of its primary commercial district (BGC)).

Opportunities for Work. 

Living close to a range of employment opportunities is another benefit of living in commercial hubs. These areas have a thriving business environment, and there are often more work prospects here than in other areas of the National Capital Region. You will have a less stressful commute and a more enjoyable city life if you opt to reside in a condo in Makati City or Bonifacio Global City, for instance.

Business Possibilities. 

While residing close to business districts can be expensive, the rewards outweigh the drawbacks. Living in Metro Manila District business areas has certain benefits, including abundant accessible business opportunities. All businesses can benefit from the commotion of a big metropolis. It includes, but is not limited to, the variety of the consumer base, the personnel, and the financial options.

Access to Elite Universities and Schools. 

In well-known business districts, there were already prestigious institutions and universities, in addition to governmental structures, retail locations, and financial communities. Among the universities in Makati City are Centro Escolar University, Far Eastern University, MAPUA, De La Salle University, and Ateneo De Manila University, as well as graduate programs such Asian Institute of Management and Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Enderun Colleges, The University of the Philippines Professional Institutions, and foreign schools, including British School Manila, Treston International College, the International School Manila, and Everest Academy Manila, are all located in Taguig's primary business sector. Many students want to avoid long commutes. Thus living in residential neighborhoods inside or close to universities, colleges, and graduate institutions makes it simple to access education.


Whether you choose a condo unit or a home and lot in any of the capital's commercial districts, you won't have trouble getting to or from other areas of Metro Manila. Business districts typically access public transit choices such as the MRT or LRT, jeepneys, buses, and taxicabs. Also recently introduced by the government is a P2P bus service, which makes all of its stops in commercial areas like TriNoma, Greenbelt, South Park Mall, Alabang Town Center, and SM Megamall. Finally, guests can call an Uber or a GrabCar and quickly locate their location on a digital map if they visit friends or family. 

Spend Time Relaxing in Natural or Open Areas. 

Green spaces are essential to residents in the central business district. There are at least 15 green places in Fort Bonifacio Taguig where you may spend time with your family unwinding and admiring the view. In addition to providing a natural green environment where you can refresh your eyes, green spaces frequently contain art pieces. One of these parks is Terra 28th, where people play age-old games like piko in various locations throughout the park. Track 30th was designed more for joggers due to its entire park being circled by a track. Burgos Circle Park is surrounded by homes and is a popular dog park. De Jesus Oval has weekend hours that are partially closed due to community initiatives, including dog training, kid-friendly bicycle rides, yard sales, and many others.

The Philippines' Central Business Districts (CBDs) are the country's economic bulwarks. The nation primarily relies on outsourcing companies to solve its employment issues. Most people believe that the opulent atmosphere and "instagrammable" portions of these corporate districts are not just for social media clout but also represent the success and comfort that every Filipino aspires to have. As a result, the CBDs in the Philippines are constantly improved for better accessibility and chances for Filipinos' welfare. So, what are you waiting for? Experience and be near all the opportunities around the Business Districts of our country, especially here in Metro.

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