Tips on Condo Living and Real Estate Investing

Celebrating Our Everyday Heroes in Condominium Properties

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Condo living is one of the most popular home choices for students, young professionals and starting families who would want easy access to prime neighborhoods in the city that are close to school, work, transit, restaurants or shopping centers. It also enables condo residents to enjoy amenities just outside their doors and the added benefit of security services within the property.

Condo living is also ideal for those who want to live a low-maintenance life because someone else will will take care of the repair work. Thus, making life a lot easier and better!

So whether you've recently moved into your new condo or thinking about investing in a unit, you need to know that there are everyday heroes in the condo whom you can rely on and help make condo living easier, safe and secure.

The Security Personnel

Vista Residences makes sure that its condo unit owners and tenants are always safe and secure. Aside from having 24/7 security services and CCTV monitoring system, it also has a reliable team of security personnel who ensure the safety and security of the building and its occupants.

The security personnel screen the condo visitors, assist in case the unit owner or tenant would need the help of the maintenance personnel. In this time of pandemic, they have a crucial role in ensuring that all condo unit owners and tenants are abiding by the safety protocols. They require the use of face masks and face shields, they make people sanitize their hands, assure social distancing, and keep an eye on people showing symptoms.

The Property Manager

Vista Residences works hand in hand with Globalland Property Management in implementing the policies set by the Board. A Property Manager from Globalland is assigned in each Vista Residences property to ensure efficient daily operations and management of the condominium property.

Moreover, the Property Manager is also responsible for the supervision of the service providers, approval of renovation and minor construction projects in the unit as well as planning and implementation of programs that would involve the condo community.

The Housekeeping Staff

The Housekeeping Personnel manages the cleanliness and sanitation of common areas and upkeep of the condominium property.

With so many people coming in and out of the common areas in the condominium property, the floors, elevators and walls need preventive maintenance to ensure longevity. Vista Residences ensures that there is a team of housekeeping personnel who are trained to provide safe, sanitary and eco-friendly environment for condo unit owners and visitors.

The Maintenance Team

Condominium facilities require a certain amount of upkeep to look their best, maintain a safe environment and serve their intended function. Building maintenance and repair workers are responsible for maintaining the facilities by conducting regular inspections to determine areas that need attention and by repairing the fixtures and equipment in the condominium property.

In some condominiums, aside from overseeing the operation of facilities like water supply and elevators, the maintenance team can also help install brackets for paintings, fix a leaking faucet, and even replace a light bulb. Keep in mind that these services are usually free since the cost is included in the monthly association dues.

The Front Desk Personnel

We all know the importance of first impression and by being the “face” of the condominium property, the front desk personnel serves as the first person of contact for residents and guests.

The front desk personnel shapes the perceptions and experiences of everyone who enters the property  by providing information and notification to residents, making appointments, assisting first responders in case of emergencies and even recommending for dining and recreational options for residents and their guests.

Vista Residences ensures that its front desk personnel creates a culture of exceptional service and professionalism by providing a good level of attention and responsiveness that will satisfy its residents and guests and enhance their condo lifestyles.

The Leasing Personnel

The Leasing Personnel is responsible for enforcing leases, handling tenant relations and ensuring efficient daily operations and meeting financial objectives.

Vista Residences has a dedicated team of leasing personnel that helps customers find the perfect property to match their needs and requirements. Aside from this, the leasing team may also take care of renting the property of Vista Residences unit owners.

Especially in times like this, we find ourselves surrounded by heroes in the condo – the everyday heroes we never considered but are always there to extend the essential services we need in condo living.

Now is the time to thank our everyday heroes in the condominium community for what they are doing to keep the property safe, clean and secure during this difficult period. Now is the time to step up with random acts of kindness and recognize the efforts of these people whose everyday goal is make sure everyone in the building is safe.