Condo Investing: Renting vs Buying – Which is for you?

Sep 09, 2021

As time goes by and as we grow old, our decisions become more pivotal in life. These decisions could be our chosen career path or even the selected home we want. Since there is no doubt that buying a home is a crucial life decision, however, is it the right one for you? Possibly you are a college student looking to be more independent for the first time and want to have your own space closer to your university. Perhaps you are a fresh graduate or a newlywed looking for a home to start developing your life or even your future family. Or maybe you simply want to move away from your past life and begin something new that is strategically closer to bigger and better opportunities. After all, this is an investment in which there are particular pros and cons of investing.

There may be plenty of reasons for making a crucial life decision, although you’re probably pondering which is the better option: should it be renting or buying? Obviously, there is plenty to consider when buying a property or renting one since there are particular benefits and drawbacks to both. One decision may vary from another. However, the decisions you make are dependent on numerous life conditions, such as your capacity to adapt, your life or family goals, and whether or not you want your own home. In this perspective, we could compare which is better, renting or buying? 


The common reasons for someone who wants to rent a house or an apartment boils down to three things - affordability, mobility, and avoiding a bad investment. Renting is considered a better option if the living conditions of the person renting requires mobility in their workplace. That is because, most of the time, if people are not troubled with their finances, the alternative reason for people wanting to rent is because of the unpredictability of their work. In other words, because the occupation of a person requires them to travel a lot. If this was the case, renting is obviously a better option than buying. However, people who are very precise with the taxes they pay also consider renting as a better investment than buying. That is because buying a condominium or an apartment builds up equity and requires a long-term commitment. 

Hence, if the reasoning behind choosing whether to buy or to rent is the flexibility of paying and the taxes added up to the property, then renting is a better option. Nevertheless, the problem in consistently choosing the renting method as a means of living precedes the fact that a person lives without stability. Which for some, is crucial for personal life and career growth. As previously mentioned, it honestly all really boils down to the conditions of a person’s reality. Buying and renting are dependent on the economic status and the mobility requirements of a person’s career. So, if you’re an adventurous person, with a job that requires traveling often and not being at one place for a long time, then renting is the best option for you. 


On the other hand, buying also has advantages and disadvantages. As previously explained, given that renting does not require you to invest in something long-term, buying obviously does. Another thing that sets the two apart aside from the conditions of a person’s reality is also a person’s values. Wherein a person’s house and living environment reflects a person’s ability to thrive in life. Given this, some believe that if you have a family, buying is a better option than renting because of the stability that ownership can offer. A distinct benefit of renting something in comparison to buying something, is that renting does not require you to pay maintenance and repair. 

More so, just as previously stated that the payment option of a property honestly depends on the conditions of a person’s reality and job, buying is usually a good investment. Because let us face it, the cost of living inside a property - a home as you can call it, is always something you cannot escape. It is a good investment because you are preventing future problems that renting could offer, such as the possibility of rent increasing, the lack of tax benefits, and the satisfaction and pride you get from owning the place where you live. Nevertheless, despite buying having more advantages than renting, it still boils down to the conditions of your reality and whether or not you are looking for a stable place to live.

How to determine if renting or buying is better for you?

Even if you end up saving more, renting or buying still depends on certain factors. For example, one depends on your particular location along with the prices of properties within that area. Another factor would be your credit score and whether a lender would find you suitable to receive credit. Now for comparison, once you factor in a property’s down payment, purchase price, monthly mortgage payments (if ever that is the case), and closing costs, compare those to the monthly rent cost and ensuing presupposed costs over a particular period. Hence, you will be able to see the specific distinctions between the two options. From that, examine your budget, move-in period, housing needs, property customization, and value of convenience when determining which options suit you. It is through the simple basis of "do the pros outweigh the cons", and if it does then all that is left is a decision to make.

Now, there is no absolute better choice between renting and buying. Ultimately, you have to decide what best suits your needs and lifestyle. Although if you have decided on which investment is for you, we invite you to explore the condo properties of Vista Residences since condominiums are one of the preferred homes of starting and growing families.

Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City located strategically within inner-city areas, close to premium universities and developed business districts.

Vista Residences has ready for occupancy condo projects in Manila such as Vista Taft, Vista Heights, Vista GL Taft, 878 Espana, and Crown Tower University Belt. It also has pre-selling projects in the said area, which include Vista Recto, Plumeria Heights, Tennyson Heights, Bradbury Heights, Sky Arts Manila, and Kizuna Heights.

Meanwhile, the ready for occupancy projects in Quezon City include Wil Tower, the Symphony Towers, Pine Crest, and Vista 309 Katipunan. It also has pre-selling condo projects in the said city, such as Hawthorne Heights and Vista Pointe.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.  

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