Condo Investing: To Commute or To Stay Put?

Mar 30, 2022

Ahh, Another day, another news flash about the never-ending oil price hike in the Philippines. With that, it seems like people nowadays dread looking at their social media feeds and hearing about the latest reports on television. Well, who can blame the Filipinos, right? With the economy dropping and the rates of unemployment increasing in the country, it is only fitting to complain about the recent rise in expenses. Not to mention there are a lot of citizens who switched from corporate jobs to working as a driver and delivery riders when the pandemic hit to suffice for their family’s needs. Given that, it is without a doubt that they are the ones most suffering in our situation now. 

However, although the Filipino people are drowning in the madness of oil price hikes, there is, in fact, a reason behind it all that everyone should be aware of. With that, this is where the impending war between Russia and Ukraine swoops into the picture. On that note, this phenomenon is happening not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world! And given that this is an uncontrollable situation, you may be wondering if it is easier and more convenient to stay at a condo in Manila or wherever.

The reason behind the Oil Price Hike

The news of the heating feud between Russia and Ukraine is not totally “brand new” to the world. In fact, there has been steam blowing off between the two countries since February this year regarding Putin wanting to occupy Ukraine. But, the Philippines is thousands of miles away from this conflict - so one may wonder, why are we affected in the first place? Well, to start with, the Philippines has diplomatic relations with both Ukraine and Russia. For instance, Russia is the largest country globally, holding some of the world’s biggest nuclear superpowers. What is more, Russia is the second-largest source of oil and gas worldwide. 

On the other hand, Ukraine is filled with bountiful natural resources as they are strategically positioned between Russia and Europe. So, in a nutshell, the country exports a lot worldwide, and to be specific, the Philippines imports 60% of wheat from Ukraine. With everything mentioned, you now surely see how the Philippines and other countries are affected by the conflict between these two powerful and rich countries. But sadly, the effects do not stop there. In particular, the oil price hike is just the beginning of the falling domino. To illustrate, there will be a price increase in almost all products that fill the market if Russia decides to escalate the invasion further. 

On that note, you may already be growing weary of the continuous increase in gas prices nationwide. Five pesos, 10 pesos, and who knows, maybe it may even increase by 20 pesos per liter in the future, unfortunately. With that, investing in a condo in Pasig, a condo in Mandaluyong, or a condo in Manila can be your next wise decision instead of allotting 1,000 pesos a day for merely gas and transportation. 

The Upsides of staying in a condo rather than travel

You may still be half-hearted when it comes to investing in a condo because you are so used to commuting or traveling to and fro from your workplace to your home. With that, let this article liberate you on the benefits of staying in a condo instead. 

Price hike or not, you will not be bothered

Indeed, walking to work sounds better with the recent oil price hikes nationwide. However, you cannot entirely do that if you live hundreds of miles away from the city. On that note, investing in a condo is a great way not to let this price increase beat you! To illustrate, you can spend 1,000 pesos a day just for gas - and when you think about it, that is 30,000 pesos worth of expenses just for petrol. Crazy, right? But when you put that money into a condo, you will be paying for something that will benefit you now and even in the long run! 

With everything mentioned, you can stay unbothered by the price hike when you opt to stay at a condo near your workplace. Luckily, Vista Residences offers strategically located condos nationwide. For instance, they have a condo in Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Makati, Quezon City, Taguig, and most significantly, they have a condo in Manila, a condo in Pasig, and a condo in Mandaluyong, where there is much hustle and bustle! 

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You will have another space you can call home

Aside from having a home in the province, it can be nice to have a space in the city! That way, you will be able to enjoy both the buzz and night lights of the city and the calm breeze that your hometown offers. What is more, you can hold fun slumber parties with your buddies after a long, stressful week! 

Additionally, there is a certain beauty and tranquillity in living alone. For instance, you will have more freedom, longer quiet times, and better reconnection with yourself. Not to mention when you buy a condo, you can finally pat yourself on the back as you can finally say that you have a place of your own. Hence, you are no longer a caterpillar, my friend! You are now a butterfly flying free. On that note, you can totally make this oil price hike a blessing in disguise when you allow yourself to fully embrace independence. 

Buying a condo is a wise investment

Aside from reaping the benefits of living alone, buying a condo can be a wise investment in the long run as well. In particular, you can have the space rented when you finally decide to go back to your hometown or when gasoline prices lower back to a normal range. On the other hand, if you choose not to vacate after some time, condos are still wise investments compared to purchasing a residential house. And among the many things that make a condo a wise investment, an evident one is with condos; you can cut on your furniture expenses as you will not need that many, in particular! 

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