Condo Living: 30 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Was 30

Sep 06, 2021

Experiences in your life teach you a lot. Regardless of how harsh it may appear, things happen for a reason. The same is true for positive experiences. If you don't learn from your experiences, you're limiting your potential to adapt and grow in a constantly changing world. Below are 30 things I wish I knew before I was 30.

Be the student, not the expert. 

It's far more fun to be a student in life. Conflicts and missteps should be embraced as chances for growth.

Your friends will change.

Your friends when you’re a teenager or in your 20s, change. One minute you're spending every single day with your friends, and the next you're fortunate if you can find any time to spend together. Friends drift apart for various reasons. While it’s a painful realization that your friendship is changing, it may also be a chance to find which friends you can count on and to determine which among them truly reflect the person you are today.

You are not your mistakes.

You may have done rebellious things in the past or have committed big mistakes during your teenage years or in your 20s. Let it go. Each one of us can reinvent ourselves. There's no need for anyone to cling to their sad past when a beautiful future awaits them.

Self-care is not selfish.

Fulfilling our own needs makes us better able to help others. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of your mind and body. Strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it will help you feel better and have a more positive view of life.

You're not perfect. You don't have to be.

Your 20s is the age when you are pressured to have a picture-perfect personal and professional life. Give up on being perfect and instead live a life that feels right to you. 

You are good enough.

The pressure to hit adult milestones may knock you out and tell you are not enough. Or you may have doubted yourself in the past and refused to apply for a job position you wanted. Be kind to yourself and believe in yourself.

Mindset is everything.

Mindset is everything when it comes to your success and happiness because it determines how you view yourself and your role in the world. A strong positive mindset is just as essential as having physical strength. Positive thinking can lead to greater success because the body will do whatever the mindsets. 

It’s okay to say No.

By saying “no” to people and circumstances you don’t want, you are saying “yes” to yourself. Setting boundaries is respecting yourself, as a result, others will respect you too.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Small things drive us crazy - traffic, awful customer service, overbearing coworker, etc. We get irritated and disoriented and we stress over these little things. Before you reach 30, learn the art of knowing when to let go and what to focus on. It is crucial that we focus our attention and efforts on the most essential stuff and not spend our time on unimportant and incidental matters.

No one is always right.

Neither you nor anybody else will ever know the answers in life. Life is all about learning from your own experiences. You are the one who makes the decisions in your life, and you are the one who determines the facts in your life. 

Expect people to disagree with you.

There will inevitably be disagreements in any kind of relationship, whether personal or professional. A place where everyone always agrees and understands each other is impossible to come by. What matters is how you reach an agreement. It's possible to have a healthy disagreement if you have a positive mindset and a good attitude.

You are responsible for your happiness. 

You are the only person that can make decisions and changes to living a happy and meaningful life. If you depend on achieving a happy and meaningful life on other people, environment, or job, you will likely never achieve it. 

Don’t pretend to be better than who you are. 

Exaggerating your skills and appearing to know stuff you don’t know will prevent you from learning from other people. You may fool someone, but you’ll learn nothing. Never pretend to be someone you're not. Instead, be yourself while improving yourself.

Kindness goes a long way.

Adulthood is hard and you may just be trying hard to simply get by. But you must bear in mind that others may not have the same resources as you do. You should also think about how you can help others who don't have as much even in simple little ways.

Take risks.

It's easier to take risks when you're younger. When you turn 30, you may have more people depending on you or more obligations than you did in your 20s. Try to take as many risks as you can withstand while young. New possibilities are unlocked by taking risks, and mistakes teach us valuable lessons we wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Relationships matter.

We need a variety of experiences in life to survive and flourish, but the most significant and crucial one is relating to others.

Start Taking Care of Your Health Now

We usually take our bodies for granted until we’re sick or in pain. Don’t live your life in fear of doctor appointments, eating unhealthy food, and neglecting mental health. The choices you make now determine your future. 

Be organized as much as possible.

Organize your stuff: bed, phone contact lists, paper boxes, kitchen cabinets, etc. This will assist you in creating a system. Systems can help increase efficiency, which can lead to increased production. That's because the more mundane activities you can complete quickly, the more time you have for other things.

Social media is not real life.

The finest parts of people's lives are frequently shared on social media, and you may find yourself being jealous and insecure. But social media portrays people's lives in an airbrushed manner. This curated selected content gives the idea that everyone else has it together, but that's simply the impression that's provided.

Hard work beats talent.

There's no use in having all the skills and talent in the world if you don't put in the effort to keep that talent active and showcase it off. 

Chill as hard as you hustle.

While working hard, it's important to take a break from time to time to relax and unwind. Being honest with yourself and establishing limits and saying no to cultivate inner balance will help you feel better. You'll make better judgments and build stronger relationships, become more productive, and in turn, make more money.

Everything is a trade-off.

You can't have it all. You can’t take a lot of risks and enjoy life with security. You can’t have a hectic weekend and get hours of rest. You can’t take the role of the leader and be free of obligations and responsibilities. Many things in life don’t go together. 

Love has no timeline if you’re open to it.

There is no deadline in love and no expiration date. You don't have to hit particular milestones by a certain age to find love, and if you don't, that doesn't imply you'll never.

Live within your means.

This means earning more than you spend. This allows you to save money for emergencies, and your future goals.

Financial literacy is important.

Understanding financial concepts such as saving, investing and debt with confidence contributes to a sense of financial well-being and self-trust. With financial literacy, you may feel more in charge of your finances and make more informed decisions that will build greater life satisfaction.

Getting Insurance is necessary.

With the right strategy, insurance can be an effective tool to ensure that you won’t be needing to carry the burden of getting a loan when an accident or certain medical problems happen.

You need to budget, even if you make big money.

Those financial decisions you make in your 20s might have a long-term impact on your financial future. To reap the rewards later, you must start forming good financial habits today. Learning how to budget your income and having good spending and saving habits will help you avoid unnecessary debt, and save money for the things that matter to you.

Start saving early.

To achieve your short and long-term financial goals, you need to start saving early, whether it be for a down payment on your first home, for retirement plans, or a long-wanted vacation. Establish a saving habit because it will develop responsible financial behavior that will benefit you far into your 20s.

Invest a portion of every single paycheck, but do it wisely.

A great approach to build wealth and achieve financial goals is to invest. Aside from saving for retirement, it may help you accomplish many other financial milestones along the road. Your money may increase considerably faster and you'll be able to take advantage of technology advances and take on a little more risk if you start early.

Invest in properties.

Investing in real estate pays off nicely if you take the time to learn the process and the best ways to maximize your returns.

Buying a home instead of renting is a great way to save money and build a valuable asset for the future. However, renting it out can pay down your mortgage and provide you some additional cash on top, hence, a greater source of income.

But what type of property should you invest in? A ready for occupancy condo is the best type of property due to its many financial advantages. They are cheaper, easy to maintain, they can become your rental business, and independence- guaranteed, meaning you have the freedom to decide the condo design and enjoy the condo living the way you like. 

And if you’re not quite ready to move out yet, investing in a pre-selling condo can give you more time to save up for other expenses such as furniture, and appliances.

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