Condo Swimming Pool Etiquette

Mar 21, 2022

Now that summer is upon us, you can finally enjoy your condo complex’s community pool. A refreshing swim is a terrific way to remain cool while having fun on a hot day. However, a day of pleasure at the pool may sometimes be marred by overcrowding, loud music, and screaming children. To make your summer pool experience more pleasurable for you and your fellow tenants, practice the following swimming pool etiquette.

Limit your guests.

There's no need to go wild even if the condo policy permits guests to come and go as they choose. Your condo pool is a great place to bring a few friends, but don't bring your entire family, neighborhood, or friends. A maximum of three to four visitors is often recommended. If you'd want to expand your guest list and have a private party, contact your complex's management office. You can arrange a reservation if you want to invite several guests to a party.

Ensure your guests are oriented with the community policies.

Respect your neighbors and make sure your guests are informed of any community rules. Keep an eye on them and supervise their behavior around the swimming facility. 

Supervise children and pets. Children and pets bring joy to our lives, but they may also cause trouble in pool areas. Ensure the kids understand the pool regulations (usually, no running, diving, leaping, or splashing other guests). They should also not yell or throw items. 

If your dog is allowed on the swimming facility, keep him or her tied to your lounge chair or table and out of the water. Dogs swimming in pools can be unsanitary and their hair can clog pool filters. Also, there may be tenants with allergies, so you may want to limit or restrict animals on the patio itself.

Keep your noise level at a manageable level.

There may be a few areas in your condo building that open directly to the swimming facility or at least have a window or two facing it, depending on the arrangement. If that's the case, it's reasonable to presume that individuals in the pool area would enjoy the noise being maintained to a manageable level.

Noise concerns originating from communal pools are quite typical in condo management. People prefer to have a good time, invite their friends over, share with their families, and just generally have a good time and party by the pool, which can result in a lot of noise and other problems.

It's crucial to remember that there's no need to stop having a good time. Just keep it at a volume that you could tolerate if you lived next door.

Before diving into the pool, make sure you've showered.

Nobody likes to see a layer of your own dirt floating and swirling about the pool. It's particularly necessary to rinse off after working or jogging outside all day before going for a swim. 

By eliminating sweat, body oils, and perhaps even traces of urine and feces from our bodies before entering the pool, we may help avoid the spread of water-borne infections. We can assist in preventing the occurrence of recreational water illnesses including diarrhea, skin infections, and others by flushing these items down the shower drain.

Respect Hygiene. Do not pee in the pool.

Use the authorized restrooms to relieve yourself. No one wants to swim in it. 

It is not only disgusting, but it may also be harmful to your health. Because urine contains a range of substances and it can react with the chemicals in the pool. As a result of the chemical reactions, fumes are produced, which can cause respiratory issues and skin irritations.

Wear an appropriate swimming outfit.

For those of you who have spent the previous months working on your bikini body, show it off, but keep your G-strings and Speedos for beaches or private pools. 

Do not wear street clothes (particularly those made of cotton) as they can transfer contaminants into the pool. Their fibers can also clog pool filters and their dyed materials might bleed into the pool, changing the water chemistry.

No glass.

A trip to the pool isn't complete without your favorite ice-cold beer or soda, but glass containers are not permitted in the pool area. Only carry cans or move your beverages to plastic containers before heading to the pool. Broken glass and bare feet are a terrible combination.

Clean up.

It is your obligation to clean up after yourself and maintain a clean and enjoyable pool and deck. Dispose of drink cans, as well as food containers and any other objects that have been left behind. Also, any pool furniture you've used should be straightened or replaced.

Before entering the elevator, make sure you're completely dry.

Some people like to believe that riding the elevator with wet clothing swimwear or towel and letting water drip everywhere is OK. It's definitely NOT. Expecting the janitor to mop up your wet path leading to the elevator and condo unit is rude and inconsiderate. Moreover, other tenants and visitors may slip and fall if the floor is wet from all your water drippings.

Make sure your things are complete before starting the pool party.

Assuming you're not on the first level, this is extremely useful advice. It would be a major nuisance if you were stuck to riding the elevator over and over to get on a higher floor because you forgot your towels or sunscreen. Make a list of everything you'll need in advance, from personal belongings to food and drink so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the party more.

During the summer, the only option to escape the stifling heat is to cool down in cold beach waters or visit your condo complex pool. Make sure you and your visitors obey all of the pool rules set forth by the office management while at the swimming facility. Sure, following swimming pool etiquette may seem tedious at first, but you'll be glad you did once you realize the comfort and safety it will provide not just for you, but for your guests and other tenants in the condo too.

If you observe that individuals are not adhering to the swimming pool rules, don't hesitate to remind them so that everyone may enjoy the pool safely.

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