Condo Tips: Essential Bike Accessories for Every Cyclist

Nov 23, 2021

If you’re just a cycling beginner, biking accessories can seem complicated and overwhelming. The more you hear about cycling essentials, the more expensive cycling seems to be.

Those who are new to the sport or are keen to know what accessories to get, keep in mind that there’s no need to drown in cycling accessories. 

If you are wondering what accessories you should take, we have come up with a list of cycling must-have accessories. These are essential items for your personal safety and the longevity of the bicycle. So, what are you waiting for? You’re off to a solid start with these must-haves!


One of the non-negotiables when it comes to cycling is the helmet. Even if cycling without a helmet is allowed in your area, remember that you are responsible for your own safety. You have to protect yourself no matter how short the distance is or how slow your cycling speed is. 

Keep in mind that you cannot control the choices made by motorists, pedestrians, and animals that you might encounter while on the road. When choosing a bike helmet, make sure to match it with your head size and riding style. 

According to cycling enthusiasts, there are different types of bike helmet: recreational bike helmets that can be an affordable option for most cyclists; mountain bike helmets that offer great ventilation and rear head coverage; and road bike helmets that are lightweight, aerodynamic, and well ventilated.


Gloves are also one of the must-have bike accessories because of several benefits such as protecting your hands in the event of an accident, preventing friction and blisters, and protecting the ulnar nerve. 

The ulnar nerve runs through the palm of your hand and when there’s an ongoing pressure on the ulnar nerve, you can experience pain or numbness in your pinkie, ring finger, or throughout the entire hand. Cycling gloves come with padded palms to prevent these concerns.

When choosing cycling gloves, you have to check the webbing between the thumb and index finger. It should not be tight so you can grip the handlebar comfortably. 

Quality Cycling Shorts 

If you’re planning to pursue this sport, consider investing in some quality cycling shorts. These shorts are designed to make you feel comfortable while riding, so you don’t deal with chafing and rubbing after a series of repetitive exercises. Cycling shorts are also padded to give you a little more cushion between your backside and the saddle.

Cycling shorts also come in a variety of styles, so you can choose which best suits your preference.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

Just like helmets, a water bottle is a must-have accessory that keeps every cyclist hydrated. Imagine running out of water mid-ride - inconvenient, right? 

According to experts, the standard rule of thumb is to take three big gulps every twenty minutes when cycling. Your need will vary depending on how strenuous your ride is, but the bottom line is to keep yourself hydrated. If you plan to head out on a mountain bike, grab a reservoir. When purchasing a hydration pack, choose a size that’s bigger than you expect to need. 


Whether you're cycling in one of the city streets or a dusty path, the road is always an unpredictable place. Even the pros can be caught off guard by a bolt loosened by vibration. This is why a multi-tool should be on your list of must-have accessories.

Multi-tools come in various sizes, quality, and function. There are bulkier ones that are designed to be kept at home and lightweight that can be carried in your pocket or saddlebag. A portable cycling multi-tool will not only save you in case of emergency; it can also help you in case you plan to pick up a rental bike while on vacation.

Bike Pumps

When it comes to unexpected disasters, you will need a bike pump. Keep a track pump at home and use it weekly to keep your tire pressure up and prevent punctures on the road.

It’s also good to bring along with you a mini pump when you ride. However, keep in mind that a pocket-sized pump is not ideal for long-term maintenance. But at least it would help you get home if ever you have a flat tire while on the road. 

Chain Lube

All you need is a quality chain lubricant to keep you safe and maintain the longevity of your chain, which saves you money in the long run.

It is best to know which type of lube suits your local climate and typical rides. 

Wet lube is oily and harder to wash away with water, which makes it an ideal option for rainy conditions. Meanwhile, if you’re riding in a dry, dusty climate, try to skip the wet lube and opt for dry lube instead. This lubricant  should dry before your ride. It washes off easily in wet weather, but it keeps your bike chain cleaner in the long run.

Bike Lock

We got that. You put a lot of money into your bike, so make sure you keep it safe and secure with a lock that is a must-have bike accessory.

The lock you choose should depend on how concerned you are about bicycle theft. There are cable locks that are convenient but only advisable in low-crime areas, but for a tougher steal, try chain locks or U-locks.

Lights and Reflectors

Have you ever thought of other means to illuminate your bicycle? Well, there are a lot of options to choose from. Try Googling bike lights and bike reflectors, and you’ll discover there are countless ways to do it.

From tire spoke reflectors to pedal strips to LED rear lights, whichever option you choose, make sure that you know what your typical night ride is like, including the balance of shadows and ambient light.

Bike accessories are numerous and serve different functions. But more than anything, they can make your two-wheeled adventures safer, easier, and more fun. 

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