Condo Tips: How To Stay Safe In Your Travels During The Pandemic

Sep 08, 2021

The pandemic isn’t going away soon, and life goes on. You’ll need to attend meetings and other important matters that are necessary for you. But the real question is: how can you travel safely at the same time? With traveling, you’ve increased yourself in contracting the virus. But worry not, follow these eight steps to ensure maximum safety while traveling in these difficult times.

What Should You Consider First Before Traveling?

How old are you? You are at higher risk of getting the virus if you’re 80 years old and above, but I know that you, our fellow reader, aren’t near that age. Ages 10-39 have low fatality rates (around 0.2%), people in this age bracket have a lower chance of disease (in case you got one) becoming fatal. 

Do you have an existing medical condition? You have a higher chance of contracting the disease if you have pre-existing conditions such as any respiratory disease, diabetes, cardiovascular-related disease, hypertension, cancer, etc, you may want to reconsider your traveling plans and instead, stay in your home or condo for the meantime. If you get bored, why don’t you spice up your home or condo design so you still have exercise and activity while you’re unable to go out that much?

If you’re planning to go overseas, research first about the Coronavirus status in the country before planning to consider visiting the place. There are places open for tourists and there are countries that temporarily ban tourists to ensure the containment of the disease from spreading again.

Now that you’re all set and considered all the possible things above, let’s get down to the actual steps.

How to stay safe in your travels during the pandemic?

Wash your hands

The age-old practice is still relevant up to this day after all! Washing your hands frequently can go a long way as we also frequently touch our faces and many objects every day without even noticing it. If you are wondering how long should you wash your hands, practice singing two full-length “Happy Birthday”s in your condo or home with soaps that specialize in germ protection. After that, you’re good to go. If you can’t find water, alcohol, or hand sanitizers with at least 60% solution is needed to keep your hands clean at all times. 

Keep your distance

Keep a distance of at least 1 meter if you notice anyone that is coughing or sneezing so you can avoid catching their airborne droplets. But if you don’t have your car or vehicle, or decided to leave it in your condo garage in favor of taking public transportation, you should find a transport provider with safety protocols and operate in a 50% capacity to prevent crowding. As much as possible, you don’t want someone to get close to you, if all else fails, be prepared to buy the next seat for you so you can stop worrying about someone seating next to you.

Avoid crowds

A lot of things can happen when you’re in the middle of a crowd, so you should avoid areas where there are lots of people around. If that’s the only way to your destination, find an alternative route that has fewer people, avoid places with high cases.

Don’t bring too many companions

Unless they are needed, bringing two or more companions will increase the risk of you getting the disease. 

Always bring a first aid kit with you. You’ll never know when accidents will occur, so it’s better to be prepared when the unexpected happens. Before leaving your condo, make sure you have the following in your first aid kit:

  • bandages
  • povidone-iodine
  • gauzes
  • at least five different types of medicine for motion sickness, headache, common cold, diarrhea, muscle pains
  • scissors 
  • cold/hot packet 

You can add optional items to your first aid kit, as long as it will still be lightweight enough to carry around. 

  1. Make sure that your destination has no serious Coronavirus cases there. The destination is half the journey, so is the way home. But you don’t want to come with the virus, right? Make sure that whatever destination you are planning to visit, the place shouldn’t have many cases, or you’ll risk yourself getting it.
  2. Plan ahead. If you want to go to a place, make sure you plan at least 2 weeks before going there. If you’re not vaccinated, get tested with a viral test three days before your trip. Contact your local government on how to get the test.
  3. Eat healthy and right. All your preparations can go to waste if your body is not in peak condition, making you vulnerable and at greater risk of getting the virus. Eat a wide variety of foods, primarily fruits, and vegetables to increase your immunity. We suggest that you prepare your meals beforehand in your home or condo, so you won’t end up eating unhealthy foods during your trip.

So that’s it, at least you can have peace of mind while traveling because you follow these eight essential rules so your travel will be as safe and enjoyable. Plus, you’ll return with more knowledge and caution about traveling during the pandemic that you can share with your loved ones in case they have to travel also. 

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