Condo vs Dorm Checklist to Take Note

May 26, 2022

There has long been a dispute about whether students should live in condos or dormitories while still in school. Choosing between the two has recently become a lot easier. If you're a student who can't decide whether to hunt for a condo for sale in BGC or a suitable dorm somewhere else in Taguig, this article might help.

Many college students have started saving for their college fees sooner than expected. As a result, they can now afford to live in top condo living areas in the Philippines while attending college, providing them with a higher quality of life than they could have gained from living in a dorm. However, there are still advantages and disadvantages of living in a dorm and a condo.

Numerous tenants may be surprised to learn that condos and apartments are not the same, despite their many similarities. The distinctions between a condo and a dorm are numerous (from ownership). While a landlord owns and manages a condo, an apartment is usually owned and operated by a firm called a property management company.

Dorm vs. Condo

Personal Comfort

One of the advantages of living in a condo is that condominiums offer you the convenience of living in an ample space. They are completely furnished to ensure your comfort. You do, however, have the option of adding more ornamental items to suit your preferences. You can also choose to live alone or invite your friends to join you.

On the other hand, dormitory life is living with several strangers in a place that is barely large enough to accommodate everyone. As previously stated, you'll have to share the majority of your belongings, including the bathroom. You also have many options for your own space to look at.

If you place high importance on your personal space, a condo may be the ideal option for you. Condominiums are the most excellent option if you value comfort and control of your surroundings.

Safety Issues

You'll have all the security you'll ever need when you rent a condo instead of a dorm. Faulty electrical installations, inadequate fire exits, and fire extinguishers, and sanitation issues have grown frequent in many dorms around Metro Manila. These are only a few disadvantages of living in a dorm. According to Jaymee Gamil of, 3,700 of the 4,850 fire occurrences in the Philippines in 2010 were in dorms throughout Metro Manila. Electrical installation mistakes started the majority of these fires.

When you live in a condo, you can rest assured that the administration will take care of every aspect of your safety throughout your stay. This is because condo developers typically have the financial and human resources to ensure that your safety is prioritized above all else. Vista Residences is an example of a condo developer in the Philippines that provides you with the security you need, whether buying or renting a unit.

Cost-efficiency of your Stay

The cost is the first thing to think about while deciding on a dorm vs. condo. In particular, condos for sale in BGC can fetch premium prices due to the area's affluence. The expense of living in a dorm could seem more tempting at first. 

However, this only takes into account the initial costs. When choosing to stay in a dormitory, keep in mind that you will most likely just be paying for bed space. The rest would be shared among you and your roommates. Most dorms will not have adequate space for you to store your culinary equipment. You'd generally have to eat outside every time, which would add to your costs. 

Condos for sale in BGC, particularly in the Fort, are completely furnished and have cooking appliances to make you feel at ease. Many of the featured amenities, such as usage of their pool, gym, spas, and other amenities, are included in the price, depending on the location you choose.


Living in condominiums provides you with the freedom to do numerous things, which is perhaps the number one reason people choose condos over dormitories. You merely need to follow the management's minimal guidelines. Invite your buddies over to undertake group studies or hang out and relax. 

There are no curfews, so you can stay up as late as you want. This is something dorm-goers can never do. However, you are under the management's monitoring in dormitories. The establishment of curfews is usually one of the rigorous rules and restrictions in these dormitories. Dorms rarely allow visitors, and most of the time, dorms restrict what you can do within their boundaries. 

A Quieter Place to Live

Expect a peaceful environment surrounding the metro because commercial real estate properties are located in high-end metropolitan regions. Most condos in the country are located in areas where rowdy slum communities are easily visible. Many dorms are located near accident-prone regions across the country. 

When it comes to property purchases, work with the most excellent condo developer in the Philippines. Remember that you'll probably want to stay in your condo for the long haul. As a result, you must ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Choosing Between a Condo and An Apartment

In a condo, the Home Owner's Association will most likely set the residential norms for the building in a condo. There may be laws prohibiting you from leaving trash outside your front door, picking up pet waste, or leaving personal goods in the neighborhood, making some of the advantages of living in a condo. When it comes to pets, just because the condo complex is pet-friendly doesn't imply the condo you're interested in renting is. If you want to bring your pet along on your rental journey, check with the landlord to see if this unit is pet-friendly.

In a dorm, you'll find trash and pet waste requirements in the community with an apartment's property management firm, but every renter must follow the same laws regarding the apartment's interior. Though you are not allowed to paint the walls, hang heavy items that may harm the walls, or perform permanent decorating in an apartment, dorm owners frequently have more permissive rules. It all depends on the proprietor!

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