The Common Reponsibilities of A Condo Owner

Apr 20, 2022

Condo living is unquestionably a dream come true, especially if it fulfills every feature and demand that you have in mind for your very own condo unit. The main benefits of owning a condominium unit are the convenience of location, reduced maintenance tasks, and increased security. But, after securing your unit and mending all of your belongings during the move-in process, you're not yet done—living in a condo in the Philippines is full of ongoing commitments and responsibilities. It is crucial to understand that owning or living in a condo comes with obligations that must be addressed seriously.

Some of the obligations that all of you, as condo owners or potential condo owners, must bear in mind are as follows:

Paying Condo Association Dues on Time

One of the most important condo owner's responsibilities is to pay the typical condo association fees on time. As a condo owner, you should be aware that you must include the payment of your association dues in your monthly budget.

Association dues support a large portion of the condo building's maintenance and repair expenses, which is why it's critical that all condo unit owners pay on time. It is collected monthly and covers your portion of condominium expenses such as the condominium corporation's operations expenses, permits and license fees paid to the government, utility expenses for common spaces, and salaries and wages of company workers (such as janitors, security guards, etc). The salaries of the property management corporation's personnel, contractor's fees, monthly bills in common areas, and rubbish collection are some of the expenses paid with the accumulating association dues. Delays in payments might hinder the completion of maintenance work, resulting in the degradation of the unit and the loss of basic utilities or the inability to access shared condo services and amenities. Pay it on time every month to avoid being placed on their list of delinquent accounts.

Check to see if your payment records have been updated to avoid any difficulty.

Settling Payments for Your Condo Utilities

To add to the typical condo associations fees stated above, you also have to keep the utilities in your condo in check—especially when it comes to payments.

You can have additional facilities or services, such as an internet connection or cable TV, in addition to the common utilities in your condo, such as water or electricity. These will assist you in having everything you require for day-to-day condo living. You can look into additional amenities or services for your property, but this is your responsibility—You are the one accountable for paying your monthly payments and dues for the facilities or services that you have used.

Maintaining Your Own Condo Unit

Condo dues cover the maintenance of the condominium building's common amenities, but you are ultimately responsible for the upkeep of your individual unit.

One of your primary obligations as a condo member is to keep your unit clean—this is a no-brainer; no one likes to live in a messy and disorganized environment. You also owe it to yourself and everyone else who is staying in the condo. You must clean your own condo unit on a regular basis and identify problems before they escalate in order to avoid affecting the entire complex. Cracks and leaks must be fixed immediately before they compromise the structural integrity of the building, and infestations must be stopped before they spread across the complex.

You are responsible for what’s inside your own living space.

Complying with Condo Rules

Once you've accepted the keys to your new condo unit, you have also accepted to check and commit to following all of the rules at all times to provide a safe, quiet, and orderly daily condo life. Once you've accepted the keys to your new condo unit, you have also accepted to check and commit to following all of the rules at all times to provide a safe, quiet, and orderly daily condo life.

Unlike your own home, where you rule the roost, condos frequently have house rules that must be obeyed regarding things like guests, dogs, smoking, usage of amenities, bringing in or removing furniture, changes to condo design, laundry on the balcony, and more. Stay away from fines, difficulty, and shame—make sure that you are well-aware and familiarized with the condo building’s rules and regulations. That way, you can properly comply and adjust to things accordingly.

For those interested in buying a condo unit in the Philippines, make sure you understand the rules that require your condo before you buy to avoid future complications and possible conflict.

Being Considerate to Your Condo Neighbors

Every condo owner has the right to privacy in their condo. However, don't forget to communicate with your neighbors while maintaining your privacy. When you see or meet your condo neighbors inside the elevator, a simple grin or hello might help you maintain a positive relationship.

Another thing is, that it's possible to irritate some of your neighbors with a few of your habits. One of the most common concerns from condo residents is noise, which can range from using your loud voice to doing loud work at night. Consequently, poor practices such as putting your waste out in the open or cooking food with strong odors will not be tolerated by others. If your apartment allows pets, not knowing how to control your pet's behavior can also be a source of worry. Small conflicts can quickly escalate if they are not addressed immediately, so learn to be respectful and mindful of your behavior.

Now, this may not actually be a responsibility to be strictly followed, but being at least civil with your condo neighbors wouldn’t hurt, right? Besides, Having a good relationship with people near you also lifts up the overall mood of the environment. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even make your neighbor’s gloomy day a little brighter with your respectfulness and friendliness.

Whether you own or rent a condo, a good and responsible condo resident respects the regulations and is aware of his rights and obligations. By adhering to and being aware of your condo owner's rights and responsibilities, you will be able to attain your ideal, day-to-day condo life while avoiding errors and problems.

So if you have plans of acquiring a condo in the Philippines, whether for personal use or as an investment, you might want to consider the condo owner's responsibilities.

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