Easy-To-Cook Breakfast In Your Condo

Oct 07, 2021

Whether it is plain bread & butter, a bowl of cereals and oatmeal, or even just omelets and rice, breakfast fuels hungry minds. As the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That having a good breakfast is a start of a good day. 

Breakfast literally defines itself as a “break from fasting”, from your overnight abstinence, filling one’s famished stomach, and gives us the energy to face the day! Breakfast is known to have a lot of benefits, as most of the “typical” breakfast contains essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These kinds of meals provide a lot of your day’s recommended nutrient intake. It is also widely acknowledged that having breakfast helps with our cognitive performance and memory. It is also linked to weight control and encourages healthier eating patterns as you have already digested food nutrients that tend to restrict you from consuming more for your next meals. 

In this fast-paced environment we live in nowadays, people are usually in the rush and won’t be able to have the time to prepare breakfast. Hopefully, these quick and easy recipes can help you have a scrumptious first meal to start up your day. With breakfast varying from place to place, here are a few “traditional” breakfast ideas for the busiest mornings in your condo.

Spicy Fried Breakfast Rice

Our first dish is not your typical fried rice. It's salty, it is hot, and it fills you up. Aromatic Basmati rice topped with streaky long bacon, crunchy spring onions, freshly boiled eggs, and a little bit of spice make this dish erupt with flavor. 

To add to this, it’s perfect for time-pressed individuals as it’s not only easy to cook, but it also takes not more than twenty minutes(20) to prepare. With a Filipino’s love for rice & spice, this will definitely be your go-to dish. 

Check the recipe here.

Masala Omelette 

For our second dish, we have The Masala Omelette, which originated from the Indian Subcontinent. This dish is an all-time favorite breakfast dish in India and is popularly sold on Indian streets, with every vendor having its own authentic style and version of cooking it. 

This dish is decorated with sweet tomatoes, crunchy onions, flaming spicy powders that will surely make you crave for more. Besides the fact that its ingredients can be found anywhere, it is super easy to cook and can be done in just 30mins! 

Check the recipe here.

Lemongrass Chicken Bahn Mi

This sensational Vietnamese-inspired sandwich is great to prepare beforehand for your breakfast on the go. A traditional Bahn mi sandwich usually consists of baguette, meat, chopped vegetables, and spices. But like most sandwiches, it can have a variety of ingredients depending on your choice of flavor. 

Since some of the ingredients like the chicken needs to be marinated and rested for a period of time, usually 3-4 hours, it is better to prepare everything the day before, and just put it all together in the morning. Or you could pre-make the sandwich and eat it while you’re on the go. 

This 695 calorie dish can be prepared in less than 20 minutes, for which can also serve two people, as most sandwiches can be shared in half. Best consumed when it is mildly hot and a great dish to fill you up before lunchtime strikes.

Check the recipe here.

Ampalaya-Apple Smoothie

Ampalaya is known for its bitterness, whilst Apple is known to be sweet. More than likely this drink will be a bittersweet delight. This drink would be a great way to get your day going. Before you ask why one look at the ingredients will tell you the whole picture. Ampalaya has a wide range of benefits to offer. Maintaining blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and detoxifies our liver just to name a few. 

To add to this, it is a very versatile drink, as you can add any fruity ingredients you can to make it more flavorful. Tip this drink off with honey for an incredibly refreshing morning drink. 

Check the recipe here.

Protein Pancakes

Who can’t say no to pancakes? To those of you who are looking for a meal that you could easily integrate protein into your diet, this is the recipe to try out. Having a protein-filled breakfast is a perfect way to energize and help your body function throughout the day.  

Eggs, yogurts, and a plant-based or powder-based protein adds 15-30g of protein alone. Pancakes typically cook around one and a half minutes for each side, to give you that desired golden brown color. You can make stacks of pancakes all in ten minutes. Top it with sweet berries and luscious syrup for a mouth-watering sensation. 

Check the recipe here.

These are not only delicious recipes to fill your raging belly, yet it also offers an array of health benefits. They are a great quick fix for your hectic mornings, fast-moving schedules, and appointments, which will give you ample time to spend on your other morning agendas. Surely, you will enjoy these different recipes and maybe even have your own twist according to your preference.  

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