Energy-Saving Tips Inside Your Condo

Aug 27, 2022

The Department of Energy reports that while the country's power reserves are enough for the next six months due to the chilly weather, this may not be the case if temperatures rise and demand increases throughout the summer. The Energy Secretary raised concern about the nation's power situation for the summer of next year during the Senate Committee on Energy's organizational meeting. 

Power demand typically rises during the summer months as temperatures rise, resulting in low power reserves on the grid. Yellow alerts were given in the Luzon Grid in June when numerous power units experienced unforeseen outages and capacity reductions. The energy secretary stated that the government should transition to hybrid systems to reduce its reliance on petroleum and petroleum-based fuels; otherwise, the country will always face price fluctuations.

He also stated that investments in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind and new technologies such as the ocean, thermal, hydrogen, and offshore wind energy are required.

Addressing the country's energy transition target and high electricity prices will not happen overnight.

How can we conserve energy in our daily life when the summer season comes? More energy equals increased bills. Utilizing energy effectively is a more practical strategy to lower your power usage, and there are several ways to do this. You may, for instance, choose energy-efficient appliances for your condo. By doing this, you are not only conserving energy costs, but it also begins a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Energy Saving Tips

You might wonder how we can conserve energy in our daily life, given that we live in a very humid country. Don't worry because here are a few additional ways to save energy for condo-living residents that will help you pay your bills a little bit more easily.

1. Use LED Lights

LEDs are now one of the most effective ways to light almost everything. Any hardware retailer offers LEDs. It functions identically to regular fluorescent light bulbs, except that LED is slightly better. Compared to standard fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. They represent the future lighting and will eventually replace existing light bulbs as the norm.

2. Always Unplug Appliances or Gadgets that are not Used

When connected, appliances with a clock, timer, memory, remote activation, or those that require a transformer typically consume a small amount of electricity. This is especially true for large condos that house numerous people or a family. Unplugging your chargers, TVs, PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices when not in use is a way of conserving energy inside your condo.

3. Choose an Energy Saving AC

Some ready-for-occupancy condos do not include an air conditioner, so you can purchase one that is energy efficient when you move in. Air conditioners will have an energy efficiency rating when shopping for refrigerators. Another factor to consider while selecting an air conditioner is the location. If you only have one bedroom, a small one that is only for your space may suffice. If you live in a studio condo, you should choose one large enough to cool the entire unit.

4. Put your AC on Timer

Remember to utilize your air conditioner's timer to limit the amount of time it runs. Many individuals leave their air conditioner on full power at night. So it keeps running even while they're sleeping and doesn't need the room to be as cool. If it's not summer, you might want to set the timer on your air conditioner before going to bed so that it goes off after two or three hours. This will save a significant amount of electricity, and you will not notice when it turns off.

5. Pick the Right Refrigerator for you

If you rank all of the equipment in your condo, your refrigerator will most likely be the largest consumer of electricity. It is always switched on and must maintain a particular temperature to accomplish its function efficiently, which needs some power. First and foremost, you must select one that is energy efficient. When shopping around, look for newer models with an energy star or an energy efficiency rating. If possible, choose the most energy-efficient option. 

6. Keep Several Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are always welcome to any home, adding a touch of natural beauty and breaking up the sensation of artificial dullness. Some people are unaware that they also have the minor benefit of providing interior cooling, making it one of the ways to save electricity. Household plants' overall contributions may not be as significant as those of an electric fan or an air conditioner. However, they are still better than nothing and can cool your condo living. 

7. Open your Windows

The windows significantly influence the cost of heating and cooling a condo. In the summer, heat escapes through the windows, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Cold air travels through the windows throughout the winter, reducing the temperature inside your flat. Window treatments may add elegance to the interior of your condo while also making it more energy-efficient. Drapes, blinds, and shades can help insulate your windows and keep cold air out in the cold season and hot air out in the summer by keeping the sun out.

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Why is Conserving Energy Important?

Energy conservation is vital and valuable for a variety of reasons. Simple energy-saving steps can help you save money, raise the value of your home, and protect the environment. These are excellent advantages to conserving energy, regardless of your initial purpose. Simply by taking a small step towards a more energy-conscious lifestyle, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of being energy efficient.

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