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Smart Ways to Achieve an Energy-efficient Condo

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Sustainability is one of the in-demand factors that real estate developers consider in terms of condo design and condo living in general. It is hand in hand together with the concept of efficiency in making every residents’ stay comfortable and secure. This modern time demands a more well-ordered, labor-saving, and cost-effective lifestyle as a response to the fast-changing world, most especially in terms of energy consumption.

There are ways in ensuring that every condo can save a huge amount of energy by following these simple yet worthy advice. With these easy steps, one can determine the amount of energy that is wasted and can be saved which is essential in managing one’s home.

A clean condo design is an energy-efficient condo

Commonly unknown mostly to everyone, regular cleaning of appliances and the entire condo unit helps in saving energy. Most of the devices, gadgets, and other home essentials, mostly powered by electricity, consume more electricity if they are not in a good condition - for example when the air conditioner is full of dust, the tendency is that it will use more power to function at its best. So it is important to monitor every appliance if it is clean, inside and out, to achieve a condo design that is energy efficient. 

Ensure a dust-free condo living

As has been mentioned, dust and other dirt that goes inside every appliance, on washing machines, driers, AC units, can result in a bigger power usage which leads to a costly monthly bill. Therefore, ensuring a dust-free condo unit helps in achieving a more comfortable and cost-saving condo living.

Clean the condo units regularly, preferably weekly. This is to make sure dust cannot enter the circuits inside appliances that result in greater power use. Also a tip: keep the windows shut if it is not necessary. The dust outside may come inside if windows are always open. It is important to keep them close, if not limit which to open, to get rid of tiring cleaning now and then.

Also, every ready for occupancy condo and rent to own condo, once new and is not occupied yet, doesn’t mean it's clean. Make sure to clean every corner of it, get rid of every dust that can harm both the health and home devices.

Clean all the appliances regularly

Aside from cleaning the outer portion of home devices (also, keep monitoring the holes or spots that can be an airway for dust, keep them out from exposure as much as possible) it is also recommended to open and clean the inner portions of it once in a while. But remember to ask for help or contact qualified personnel to do the task. Regular cleaning of the condo unit doesn’t mean the appliances’ inner parts are not exposed to dirt and dust. It is a fact that if some wires, fans, airways, and other inner parts of a specific machine are full of dust and are not regularly cleaned, such machines will exert more power to still function properly.

Check the lint traps of the dryers if it is needed to be cleansed. Monitor all of the AC units’ filters if it is full of dust if so wipe those dust to help the unit work easily. Clean those ovens that are full of grease. Scrub it to remove every piece of dirt if needed. Do not only depend on the energy-efficient features of the appliances. proper maintenance is still recommended to both save for a more pleasant condo design and lengthen the appliances’ lifespan.

Invest in a smart condo design

Smart homes are a constant trend nowadays. It is a trend associated with condo design in the sense that investing in it can lead to larger and greater benefits in terms of condo living. Most of the rent-to-own condo and ready for occupancy condo offers in-built smart devices and smart appliances features that are expected to attract more investors - thanks to the high level of efficiency it can bring to the table.

Taguig, also known as the country’s next biggest business district, is a place for those who are looking for a premium condo living experience. Various ready for occupancy condo and rent to own condo properties are around the area, catering to individuals who seek an open door of opportunities. The Courtyard Taguig is one of the best choices to choose from, offering a highly spacious condo design that is recommended especially for families.

Such a strategic location and a highly urbanized place demand an extreme usage of electricity. With the place’s large spaces, investing in smart devices and appliances is not a challenge, using its best features, fully - indeed an efficient choice of condo design.

Set your indoor appliances with smart devices

The trend doesn’t stop when it comes to technology and smart devices - big thanks to the minds behind it, the dream of having futuristic homes is now viable. The use of small smart devices as a main controller to the entire condo unit is indeed a revolution to condo design. Such smart devices include smart lights, smart plugs, smart home security, smart locks (for a highly secured condo living), and many more that can help set up an efficient and smart condo design.

The use of smart appliances

Aside from smart devices, another worthy investment is smart appliances. Compared to regular appliances, smart-featured ones save greater energy that is best for budget-strict people. There are a variety of smart appliances to choose from, may it be an AC unit, television, washing machines, refrigerators, and cookers, all energy-saving, perfect for a cost-efficient condo design and living.

Other energy-saving tips essential for condo living.

Get away with ovens

One tip that can result in a big difference to a monthly electric bill is often getting rid of ovens. Use ovens only when it is needed, like for heavy baking. If it is just a small meal, heat it on a usual stove. With this, heating the food will not only conserve energy but also time since it will heat faster.

Dry laundry outside

Another tip is to dry laundry outside instead of using a dryer machine. If the sun rises strongly, it is better yet to hang those wet laundry in the veranda of the condo unit. It is also good to lessen the unpleasant odor of clothes once exposed to direct heat from the sun.

Unplug appliances/devices when not in use

Another fact: appliances, devices, gadgets, and extension wires that are plugged but not fully in use still consume 25% of electricity. This is also referred to as “phantom power” and this may hurt the cost of one’s condo living. If not in use, remove the plugs to get rid of the extra electric charge. Take for example the gaming consoles, electric kettle, and phone chargers, commonly plugged in even not in use. There are ways in tracking energy usage in a condo unit or home which is also a helpful tool in determining the “real culprit” behind this phantom power.

Go out!

Maybe the recommended, if not the best, way in making sure a condo is saving electricity is by allowing oneself to go out. A condo without people, often, is a condo that doesn’t use energy. Explore the neighborhood, experience the conveniences of living in the city where essentials are accessible. Go shopping, or better yet go to establishments to do tasks, like doing some work tasks in a nearby coffee shop - but remember to purchase their goods first before sitting there for a long time!

Modern times demand a huge chunk of power consumption. Living every day is incomplete without the gadgets and phones which are used both for personal and work. It is important to know and learn ways to conserve energy in a condo to ensure a more comfortable life, worrying less on bills, attaining an efficient and cost-effective condo living experience. All of these can be feasible once invested in a smart condo design.

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