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Jan 27, 2022

Garments that are fabric-less, body wrapping, over the top are the new fashion trend.

T’is the season for new fashion trends. The type of clothes, style of shoes, and hues are put into the critical analysis based on fresh releases and fashion shows of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Fashion powerhouses like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar already released their forecast on what to expect this 2022 for fashion, much like a guide on the Do’s and Don'ts, and a rule book on what to wear and NOT to wear.

So what’s IN and what’s OUT?

There is a roster of fabric-less trends in the fashion scene. Tule and see-through are making an appearance this year, bringing the next-to-skin phenomena on the table. Filling the closet with short shorts and mini skirts is definitely a good choice. Showing some skin, sexy backs are expected in this year’s garments; this will be a sheer-dominated year of fabrics, indeed.

On the contrary, body-fitting ensembles are also building waves this year. That tight-wrapping, thin-like design can definitely make headlines this 2022. Over the top and oversize fashion is still at its peak this year.

The 2022 fashion trend has a lot to offer; from an absolute translucency to huge, exaggerated pieces covering the entire skin. Much like condo design, some huge changes must have to be made - specifically in the closet.

Top 8 Fashion Trends for 2022

Micro Madness

Looking for an excuse to wear those mini skirts with low hips cut? This year is the time! As hemlines go higher, mini skirts go minnier, too. There is no room for censorship this time, anyone can pull off skirts that can only cover a strip. There is no middle ground for the length as skirts embrace micro designs, as micro that people cannot possibly imagine.

Come 2022, there are an uprising of less laid-back cutoffs and more polished tailored shorts pieces. A more show of legs is indeed expected.

Leather and Denim Outdoors

Outdoor condo living experience can never be complete without the touch of leather and/or denim. The perfect accent, or perhaps a combination, will surely add an exceptional taste to an outdoor ensemble. 

This look, giving more of a 90’s bad-boy mood, can be in the form of combined slim-fit jeans, tight free jackets, and motorcycle-style finish. It can also be pulled off with multiple zipped accents. 

A subtle touch of funkiness and edginess for an out-of-the-condo living errand.

No room for neutrals

Although condo design this year prefers a more neutral vibe, the fashion scene prefers otherwise. The year embraces a colorful fashion and is geared towards vibrant, electric hues. Furthermore, color combinations must not settle in a “black and white” fusion but instead should look juicy. Chocolate brown mixed with raspberry and cerulean blue is the one needed. It can also be a mixture of tangerine and Fuschia - the louder color the better.

Fill the closet with bold shades of clothes. It will surely be used anytime this year. 

The need for movement

Much like moving from the old place to a ready for occupancy condo, 2022 fashion needs big movements on the plate. Vertical stripes and synchronized fringes are all-in this year. This season will be welcomed by the tantalizing movements of shiny fringe dresses that flow synchronously with the body - a pleasing sight in the eyes and tasteful choice, too.

Vertical stripes also marked its entrance, again, to the print scene. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Balmain all execute such a trend, all patterned with the 70’s diagonals and libertine lines. 

Classic Y2K

Fashion moves forward with the start of the Millenium on its side. Remember the early 2000’s school girl vibe or vibrant low-waist skirts matched with perfectly fit shirts and crop tops? This 2022 they are making a comeback. It is a Paris Hilton-ish fever again with the classic midriff show off, over-the-top yet tasteful accessories, and of course, the timeless cute bags, chunky belts, and hair accents. Butterflies, skinnies, body chains, and scarves that are only used as an addendum to the ensemble, are also expecting a fair entrance this year.

Minimal plains

So fresh and so clean, minimal plains are noted to be a delight this year. Although not as bold as electric colors, a glimpse of a head-to-toe porcelain white can be a head-turner, too. It embarks a vibe of sophistication and neatness; hence the impact of wearing such.

After all, a clean white can be matched to every type and cut of clothes. It fits as a trouser suit, long back tops, square pants, puffy-shoulder blouse, pencil skirts, or just a plain, simple, straight cut dress, not to mention anything can be worn with white - a multi-colored bag, or elegant black pump shoes.

Just like the trend in condo design, no one can ever go with minimalism - plain and simple.

Sheer so bare

As mentioned, 2022 is anything bare and daring. Key phrases for fashion this year are: super sheer, super tight, and super short. This trend offers a taste for flesh, from see-through lingerie, underwear becoming an outerwear rendition, and dresses only covered with crystals and minimal sequins.

Although quite daring, this uptrend is a call for both utmost sophistication and body positivity. It has been so outdated to call out someone with his/her fashion choice, it's already 2022 and there is nothing wrong with it.

Go Big or Go Home

The likes of Prada, Chanel, and Peter Do are all for bigger jackets, garments. The trend “bigger, the better” found its way to this season. An oversize blazer, huge pantsuits are becoming an incredible choice and taste. 

“Big pants, big plans” means a direction towards wide, slouchy trousers, which is by the way perfectly paired with oversize jackets, coats, or blouses. Volume is the key; the puffier, the more attractive. 

This year is the perfect time to curate the closet, separate all the wide and oversize stuff, and schedule them for a city-wide tour (or just wearing it within condo living, such clothes feel comfortable after all).

“Fashion is comfort before style” is still a living mantra and no one can ever go wrong with their own choice of fashion. Look for the best, expertly-crafted pieces using this guide and wear them later this year, or forever.

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