Happy and Pet-Safe New Year: Condo Tips to Protect your Pets on New Year

Dec 31, 2022

Celebrations on New Year's Eve can be quite loud. Parties with a large number of attendees, cheering, horn honking at night, some people even let off fireworks on the field of their homes or it can be in places such as condominiums since there's so much condo for sale in the Philippines. As we ring in a year full of possibilities, New Year's Eve is an amazing moment. We frequently associate it with joyous occasions spent with family and friends.

This can be a lot of fun if you're a person. If you're not, things won't be as good. Because the New Year's Eve celebrations can cause our dogs a great deal of worry and anxiety. It's vital to keep in mind our animal friends as 2022 draws to an end and as we celebrate the fresh starts that 2023 will offer because they might not enjoy the loud noises or other features of the occasion. How do I protect my pets on New Year's? There are a few easy steps you can do that will assist safeguard your pet and give it a sense of security. Here are some warning signs to look out for on how to calm a dog in new year as well as some advice to maintain your pet safe, content, and healthy as we welcome throughout the new year!

Dogs generally use body language to communicate, thus it's crucial for people to comprehend that they are attempting to convey. Learning our dogs' unique communication methods can help to ease their discomfort and avert potentially dangerous situations. To determine whether your dog is stressed, there are a number of warning signals to watch for.


Growling is a clear sign that your dog is uneasy. It might imply that they feel threatened, that someone is invading their personal space, or that they are in pain. It's normally not meant to be hostile, but it's frequently a sign that your dog is anxious.

Whining or Barking 

When stressed, a lot of dogs can't stop whining because it's more of an instinctual reaction. For humans, it is a sign that something within the environment is worrying them. Similar to how puppies can't always control their howling when they bark, they are trying to communicate their worry to you.


Pacing back and forth is a symptom that something is stressing out a dog and making it difficult for them to relax. It might not be a significant concern if this just occurs around mealtimes or for brief periods of time. However, observing when your dog exhibits this behavior might help you figure out what is making them anxious.

Now that we know some of the signs when our dog is stressed, we should also learn the right action on how to calm a dog in new year. 

  1. Keep your dog Indoors- The best spot that your dog to spend New Year's Eve is inside your home, even if they generally like being outside. Especially if you're looking for a condo for sale in the Philippines, make sure to look for pet-friendly condominiums. Your dog might flee in search of safety if there are loud noises, like fireworks. As a result, many pets go missing during this season each year. When a fireworks display is in progress, take your dog out for brief potty breaks.
  2. Create a Safe Space- How do I protect my pets on New Years? Creating a safe space for them is one of the best solutions. Ensure your dog does have a secure area where they may hide out if they become frightened or uncomfortable. This ought to be a room or area that is separate from the activity if you are throwing a New Year's Eve celebration. To assist, muffle the sound of explosions and fireworks inside the neighborhood, and keep any windows closed. Include items like your dog's bed or a favorite blanket that will help them feel more relaxed and at ease. You can also turn on the TV or radio in the room if you want a soothing diversion from outside noises.
  3. Offer a Distraction- By providing a distraction, you can aid your dog in overcoming any tension or anxiety they may be experiencing. Your dog can focus on something constructive with the help of food puzzle toys and interacting dog toys, such as a toy freeze with some yummy snacks.
  4. Keep Pets away from human food and alcohol- Animals cannot consume alcoholic beverages. Officials advise keeping human food and drink out of pets' reach at all times. When dogs and cats eat too much rich, fatty foods like chocolate and yeast bread, as well as when they just overeat, the results can be quite serious and even fatal.
  5. Double Check the Identification- Ensure that your pet is wearing current identification. It's crucial that your pet wears a collar with a proper license and/or ID number in case they escape or become lost. Make sure the information on your dog's ID tag is legible and current by taking the time to review it. 
  6. Consider Anti-Anxiety Supplements- Your dog may be able to unwind and enjoy New Year's Eve safely with the help of one of the many excellent anti-anxiety medicines and relaxing treats currently available. There are alternatives if you don't feel at ease providing your dog a supplement. For your dog's natural calming, think about utilizing Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP). Perhaps you might try a soothing blanket like the Thundershirt.

Another suggestion is to take your dog for a walk during the daytime to prevent moments when fireworks are more likely to be set out. They will likely become more exhausted from the outdoor exercise, which will enable them to unwind and fall asleep later indoors.

New Year's Eve features a variety of loud, ominous noises, including fireworks, poppers, and noisemakers. A startled dog may try to escape through the tiniest gap in a fence due to the loud noises made by pyrotechnics. Make absolutely sure your pet has a quiet spot to hide throughout the holiday and is always safe and comfortable. To maintain their quiet, try keeping them in a room with no screens and plenty of warm blankets. Make sure that your home is a pet-friendly place for your small ones.    

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