Housing Types in the Philippines

Jun 25, 2022

For every Filipino, purchasing a home is a beautiful event. A house is a symbol of one's hard work throughout life. It is more than a financial investment; it provides comfort and security and brings family members together. However, with so many types of housing in the Philippines, finding one that fits your preferred size, price, design, and lifestyle might be difficult. 

What are the different types of houses in the Philippines? We've compiled a summary of the five various house types in the Philippines, from residential homes, apartments, houses, and lot to condos, to assist you in making the best decision. Bungalows, condominiums, townhouses, single attached, and duplexes are examples.

Bungalow or House and Lot

The bungalow is derived from the word "Bangla" or (Bangala), which refers to a modest, low-cost single-story hut or cottage erected by Indian laborers for British officers during the colonial period of India. "Belonging to Bengal" means the word "Bangla." 

A bungalow is a modest cottage-style dwelling with broad, sheltered porches low to the ground. Bungalows are characterized by slanted roofs, open floor designs, and huge, broad front porches. It can range from one to two stories.

The Bungalows were built low to the earth with wide, sheltered porches to protect the English officers from the scorching sun of Bengal, India. 

During the early 1900s, this style of house and lot became popular. After being copied from England, it became a dominating architectural style in the Philippines. Because of the bungalow's simplicity, aesthetic and architectural style, it became a hit for three decades thanks to the influence of the American Arts and Crafts movement in the Philippines colonial era.

Single attached, two-story

A single-attached two-story dwelling that shares walls with another residence on both sides. A duplex is a two-story residence with only one entrance.

Here are the following benefits of this housing type:

It fosters a strong sense of belonging. 

Because of the closeness of the houses, neighbors tend to form strong bonds and relationships when they live in a subdivision, primarily when they dwell in single-attached homes. When a neighbor goes on vacation, most members in a single connected neighborhood keep an eye on each other's property.


Because the house and lot proportions are lower, single-detached two-story houses are less expensive than two-story detached houses. This house also requires less care. It is easy to maintain because there is no extra space to manage, such as grass to mow or a pool and playground to clean.

Resale Value

The other units' conditions and value might directly impact the value of the attached properties. Your single-attached home's value and charm can be increased through remodeling and home improvements. 


Filipinos planning to start a family are more likely to buy townhouses. According to a survey, 80% of Filipinos between the ages of 35 and 45 wish to live in a townhouse.

A townhouse is a form of residence in the Philippines where the houses are all lined up in a row and share a shared wall. There are also designated carports and front yards on these properties. 

Townhouses are noted for being cheaper than other property kinds in the country (such as condominiums, single-family detached homes, and single-family attached homes). A townhouse can be excellent for you if you're on a budget but don't want to lose the quality of your living space. In addition to being more affordable, townhouses are ideal for small and medium families requiring more space than condominiums. Renting out your townhouse before moving into a much larger home is an option for people who want to make passive money.


A duplex is a home with two separate apartments for two families, particularly a two-story house with an entire apartment on each floor and two separate entrances. 

Duplexes are two separate houses on one land with separate entrances. It would be ideal for a family house. A duplex is not to be confused with a twin home; a duplex is a property on one land. You can have multiple owners, but they all share ownership of the lot, just like condo owners.

What are the benefits of living in a duplex?

Proximity and bonding

Living in a duplex will allow you to maintain your privacy while caring for your senior loved one, which is common among Filipinos. You live next door to one another. In addition, living in a duplex is one of the most significant ways to start your married life because you can live with your wife on one side and your parents and siblings on the other.

Best for first home

A duplex is commonly thought of like a first house for newlyweds. Duplexes can provide you with the benefits of living in a detached home without the high cost.

A possible source of income

Buying a duplex is an excellent supplement to your income by living on one side and renting out the other. You may track whether the lessee is taking care of your unit by living there. But make sure you're an excellent landlord so you and your family can benefit from the extra cash.


One of the unspoken laws of living in a subdivision and community is to keep an eye on your neighbor. Neighbors can find one other more easily, especially in an emergency.


Because of their affordability, many are drawn to investing in duplexes. It is less expensive than two-story single-family homes. As a result, for would-be home buyers, this is a prudent property investment alternative. You can live in one unit and rent the other out.


A condominium is a space in a structure or a real estate development divided into units. This could be a studio apartment or a unit with one, two, or three bedrooms. Each unit can be owned by multiple people and has its own condominium title. As a condo owner, you have a shared stake in the building's amenities and other common areas and access to them. It can also be a mixed-use condominium that houses various commercial and retail shops for the accessibility of the residents. Urban cities and core business districts are the most common locations for these project initiatives.

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