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How to Avoid Overspending During the Holiday Sales | Condo Tips

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The Philippines is one of the countries that have the longest celebration of Christmas all over the world. And from September to the late days of January, they would often encounter a lot of various holiday sales. Some would buy decorations for their condo designs for a more festive ambiance with their bright Christmas lights and themed Christmas trees while some would take the opportunity to buy their loved one’s gifts that were on their wish lists. But as they enjoy these bazaars and stalls, it would often become detrimental as they would usually be overwhelmed with what is in front of them where spending their money becomes the way out of their control. In a span of these months of celebration, they ended up spending all of their Christmas bonuses empty-handed. 

While it is true that there is nothing wrong if they spend money buying toys for their kids to enjoy, purchasing their cookware to improve their condo living, or getting new gadgets for their work, it is also good to be aware of how they spend their money while maintaining their regular lifestyle. But how should people spend their money amidst store sales everywhere? Below are some tips to avoid overspending during holiday sales.

Set a Budget

The said budget must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. This can be done by specifying the amount of money needed to spend during holidays and writing down transactions from the stores. In addition, an achievable and realistic budget for holiday sales is effective when the expectations of a person are already defined and delimited. Thus, at least be creative when creating a budget so it can be timely and relative to what is available yet trendy.

Be aware of how much they self-gift

As they receive their bonuses, it is okay to have a little present for themselves first just to show an appreciation of how much they have come before the year ends – “Self-Gifting” or people treating themselves. At least people should be aware of ample gifts for themselves so they can allocate their funds more with their other needs and priorities

Cut down “convenience consumables”

Some of the expenses that people do not notice are the “convenience costs” or “convenience consumables”. These are urgent expenses that are not considered on your initial budgeting but will make the process “more convenient” and “easier” per se. In the end, these convenience expenses make way more on other unnecessary purchases that might result in you being overwhelmed with the availability of chances with easier options. Hence, it is important to stick with your plan and avoid irrelevant items.

Preparing the gifts in advance

It is also okay to prepare your gifts as early as possible to have an idea of what is trending. Comparing prices will be an advantage when people get to prepare their gifts early. Some advise their recipient of gifts what presents they will be receiving so they can manage their expectations while at the same time working under their initial budget plan.

Tracking the expenses

Although some would not consider this as it makes them anxious with how much they spent, it is also important to be responsible for tracking not just with the holiday sale expenses but also with the daily basis expenses as well. If these people would follow their tracked budget diligently, there will be lesser chances of over-boarding with their expense threshold. It can be done by just listing on a simple piece of paper and just recording the items that were bought and compared with other items regularly with respect to your initial budget. In that way, people would get the idea of what costs less and what would be beneficial more.

Be Creative

Lastly, people should be creative in gift-giving. Especially for Filipinos, practicality should be a major factor in choosing gifts. Hence, they try to personalize some of their presents. After all, gifts are not just about how much money was spent on them but more of the idea that they were considered to be given.

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