How to Avoid the Holiday Rush This Christmas Season

Nov 11, 2022

The holiday is fast approaching and just around the corner. Christmas is just less than a hundred days left. The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines is a bit extra. Since the beginning of the ‘-BER’ months, some have started to build their Christmas tree. Here in the Philippines, people start hanging their ‘parol’ (Christmas lantern) on their houses, and in some establishments, they do this too. Other say that the holiday season, the Christmas season to be specific, is the most wonderful season or time of the year. On the contrary with that, the holiday season is considered one of the most stressful days for some, especially adults. People are busy; cars are here and there, all streets are busy, traffic-jammed everywhere on the streets – everyone always seems in a rush. People are experiencing the holiday rush. Holiday rush for some means hustle, crowds, chaos, or congestion associated with the holiday. The holiday rush also means that people are excited about the upcoming holiday season. 

With this, here are some tips for you to avoid the holiday rush!

Tips to Avoid Holiday Rush This Christmas Season

Shop early 

If you want to avoid the holiday rush, personally going to the mall early and checking the stores out there is the best thing to do. One of the tips for you to avoid the rush is not to wait for it. The breeze of the season of Christmas in the Philippines starts as early as September, so even as early as September, some stores already have items for Christmas for you to grab. You won’t have a hard time shopping and hustling for the items you wanted since the crowd at this early season is usually less than in December.  

Decorate early

For a more practical Christmas decoration, artificial Christmas trees are very popular. In fact, in the Philippines, having a real Christmas tree during Christmas is not the usual Christmas tree you’ll see at every Filipino’s home. As the ‘-BER’ months started, some establishments set up their grand Christmas trees in a different style; white Christmas-themed, red, pink, colorful trees with many colorful decorations. Buy your decorations as advance as you can able by those. Having your home decorated with such Christmas ornaments you’ve wanted can add more excitement for you and your family this coming holiday season.

Staying at home and shop your Christmas gifts online

Shopping online can save you a lot of everything; time, rest, gas, and money! Since the strict implementation of safety guidelines due to the pandemic lifted, so many people, adults and even children, have wanted to go outside to eat, shop, and explore. Some are tired and bored at home, but others prefer this setup.

Online shopping these days is a very convenient way to avoid the holiday rush. And if you prefer staying at home instead of going outside, you can still shop and choose what items you prefer to give to your loved ones. This can save a lot of your energy; on the other hand, there are so many shops you can choose your gift from, from jewelry, cosmetics, books, and those items that you can only find online. Remember to be cautious online. It is important to check that you are buying things from known brands or trusted vendors by checking their reviews, especially when the shops deliver the correct items and if they deliver on time.

Make your Christmas gift list.

Having a list of those Christmas gift lists will help maintain your time and help to avoid the holiday rush. With this list of Christmas gifts for your loved ones, you can buy these gifts throughout the year. This can help you to save and prepare financially. You have the whole year to think and prepare for these gifts. Speaking of buying gifts for loved ones – small or big gifts doesn’t matter. Cliché, this may sound, but it’s the thought that count.

Shop all year round for Christmas gifts or at least start at the beginning of ‘-BER’ months

Since your goal Is to avoid the holiday rush, one of the most effective strategies for this is once you find an item or you think that a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones, take it, grab it, and buy it. This can help you to purchase gifts for them, one by one. This will help you avoid the rush for the holiday season since you are already prepared for the gifts.  

Transport hubs

The streets are congested with different kinds of road transportation during the holiday season. So that instead of contributing to road congestion and riding in your vehicle, take public transportation instead. There are so many options for public transportation these days that you can access, especially if you live in the Metro. A condo living in a Metro can help you access a convenient transport hub. Vista GL Taft from Vista Residences is accessible to transportation, and near different establishments, so you don’t have to bring your car and ride public transportation instead.  

Shop independent brands and small business 

One of the best tips to avoid the holiday rush is to shop for independent brands and small businesses. Why? Because aside from you can easily reach out to their brand and business compared to shopping in a huge and mainstream mall – where a lot of people go, their product is also unique and quirky items. Aside from that, these brands and businesses shops are usually specialized, and you cannot see some items sold anywhere else.

Finish medical stuff by the first week of December 

If you need to go to the doctor for a checkup, take a blood test, or go to your dentist for your dental care, or whatever is related to any medical stuff, avoid scheduling it starting the second week of December. You can schedule it in advance and finish everything off by the first week of December; the last week of November is also a better option. 

Withdraw cash as early as possible

Withdrawing cash in advance before the holiday season is one of the best tips to avoid the holiday rush. But since we are now living in a slightly advanced culture and technology, we can directly quickly transfer money thru mobile banking or by using a different platform for money transfer like GCash. But only some have the account, so you will still need cash.  

The Christmas season or holiday season is also known as the season of giving. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes, so you don’t have to put back the fun by not joining the stressful holiday rush. You’ll have the whole year round to spread out everything, so that enjoy you’ll enjoy condo living and other things this holiday than worrying about joining the holiday rush. Happy Holidays!

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