How to Deep Clean Your Condo Living Room

Mar 20, 2022

Cleaning may be a lot of work, but like people say: a clean environment helps purify the mind. Although living in a condo unit may seem easy in terms of cleaning because of its relatively small space, that doesn’t mean we should neglect it. It is important to be organized and maintain cleanliness because not only does it look presentable, but a clean home also greatly helps in naturally reducing the risk for allergies and other kinds of diseases we may get. It may seem clean at a glance, but believe me, you’ll change your mind once you finish deep cleaning. It is time to consider deep cleaning your condo living room and have a refreshing, spotless, and clutter-free home.

You may inquire with different deep cleaning services to save your time and energy but if you are to deep clean your condo living room, here is a checklist you can keep in mind to make sure you cover every nook and cranny.


Clutter is one of the many causes of messy environments. You may say that what’s important is that you know where every item you need is despite it looking poorly organized, but it’s better to both know where they are and keep them organized. The living room is generally the first thing you take sight of when you enter someone’s home, so it is important to keep it neat, spacious-looking, and clutter-free.

Before beginning to deep clean, take care of your clutter first. Look into all your belongings and start separating them into piles that you wish to keep and piles that you can throw away. We have belongings that may be considered a lot so it’s good to reduce them and who knows? Maybe you’ll be surprised by the number of things you can throw away without a hint of contemplation. Once you’re done with organizing your clutter, you are now one step closer to a clean and healthy condo space.

Dust, Wipe, then Vacuum

You should always dust first, then wipe, then proceed to vacuum the space. Now it may be a lot of work (and I admit, this takes the longest time to do compared to the others), but with the right determination and goal of living in a tidy home, you’ll end up smiling in satisfaction taking a look at your squeaky-clean living room.

After dusting the area, wipe every piece of furniture and appliances. Sometimes dusting them off isn’t enough to remove all the dirt. Especially with things that have a unique figure and are in tight spaces, it is important to attentively wipe all of them down and clean even the tightest spot inside your space. Once down with dusting a wiping, you can now proceed to vacuum the floors, carpets, and cushions.

Here’s an essential deep cleaning tip: start from top to bottom. Not to be scientific with it, but the dust from your ceiling, lights, and fans will fall due to gravity. This is why instead of starting from the floor up to the ceiling then back down to the floor, it is more efficient and time-saving to begin working your way from up to down—from ceilings, walls, windows, surfaces, and lastly, the floors. Another important tip is to work toward the door. Start at the farthest point from the entryway. This helps you avoid aimlessly walking all over your living room and end up stepping on your freshly cleaned floor or newly-vacuumed carpet with your dusty house-cleaning shoes.


While dusting the place, you can save time by throwing the sofa and pillow covers as well as the curtains into the washing machine (if you have no washing machine, you can soak them first in soapy water). It may seem like they don’t need cleaning, but you’ll know the difference once you finished washing and tidying them up. When deep cleaning, you want to make sure that you are cleaning even the unseen dirt. It’s good to have them cleaned because it prevents the bacteria and germs to build up. Remove the spill stains from the table cloth, the smell of a sweat from the sofa covers, and the dirt that your curtains got from the window. Might as well wash your rags while you are at it and reuse them for your next deep cleaning schedule. 

Keep your living room as good as new. I hope you have spare or extra curtains to replace the old ones while waiting for them to dry!

Check for Missed Spots

You’re nearly done with tidying up your condo living room! Like how your math teacher wants you to double-check your solutions and answers in problem-solving, it is also better to double-check your space after cleaning for missed spots and work on them. There may be places you forget to clean, especially those in the corners and tight spaces so taking a closer look at every area is important. It’s like making sure that all is well and neat without missing any dirty spots.

So go and give your condo living room and quick after-clean look and check for hidden clutter, dust, and stains that you may have missed on the first clean. If you are still feeling a bit energized this is your sign to clean them once more just to make sure that the space is now well-tidied. Don’t forget to throw away the garbage bags and put away your cleaning supplies in their proper places after you’re truly done!


Besides a clean environment, we want to make sure that it is also safe and free from diseases. Especially in this pandemic because of the COVID-19 situation, it is greatly essential to disinfect the place to prevent possible infections. The sofa, knobs, buttons, handles, furniture—spray some disinfectant throughout the room and kill all the germs!

There is nothing better than being confident that you are living in a neat and safe home.

Living in a Clean Home

Again, cleaning may be a hassle but the results will be truly worth it. Doesn’t it feel nice and satisfying to see your living room spotless and organized? Keeping the comfort of your own condo clutter and dirt-free is essential. Seeing a clean environment improves our mental state and the process of cleaning itself also has its own health benefits. Following this checklist will definitely make your condo living safer and cozier. However, let me remind you that deep cleaning isn’t a one-time activity and we should be consistent in keeping our environment neat. Why? Because maintaining cleanliness is a healthy commitment.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to schedule out a day and deep clean your home while blasting your favorite playlist! 

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