How to Design Your Condo Dining Room This New Year’s Eve

Dec 26, 2021

There may not typically be presents involved, but for many people, New Year's Eve is still one of the most eagerly awaited holidays of the year whether you're out and about in your province or staying in from your humble condo living in the Metro. The new year offers a chance to start fresh and set new goals, and with 2022 just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate (and perhaps come up with some New Year's resolutions as well). If you're hosting people to watch the ball drop on December 31 this year, then you'll need some New Year's table decorations to help you celebrate in style, and these party decor ideas may just give you some inspiration.

Toast-Worthy Table

You don't have to buy a ton of new decor items for your New Year's tablescape. If it looks fresh enough, simply reuse your holiday greenery! Line it down the center of the table, then sprinkle in a few sparkling votives for an upscale look.

Colorful Confetti

No time to create an elaborate tablescape before the party? No problem! New Year's Eve is the perfect time to sprinkle a hefty handful of confetti over the table, add a tray (or two!) of drinks, and call it good. Add a New Year's headband and noisemaker to each place at the table for an extra festive touch

DIY Burlap Wine Bag

Play up your New Year's countdown with painted burlap wine bags. To make them, use a crafts store stencil and spray paint in order to keep the numbers consistent. Be sure to craft the bags a few days ahead, so they can dry completely before the party.

Champagne Tasting

Set the table with a fun activity that'll help guests get to know each other as the party begins. Print our free champagne tasting cards and have guests sip on different varieties of bubbly and compare notes. Just don't forget to chill several kinds of champagne before the party starts!

Wine Glass Charms for a New Year’s Party

With everyone drinking bubbly on New Year's Eve, add a decorative wine charm to each place setting so guests can keep track of their glass. Craft these pretty wine charms using 4-inch jewelry eye pins string with your choice of beads or tiny ornaments, keeping to one color per wire.

Elegant New Year’s Dinner Party

Start the New Year on the right foot with an elegant dinner party with taper candles and gold accents. These metallic utensils and napkin rings add a sophisticated feel to any New Year's dinner party.

Go with Gold

Coming up with a New Year's theme is easy—a gold and glitter theme makes decorating a breeze, and the sparkling elements will help guests ring in the new year in style. Grab gold-accented plates, napkins, cups, and accents with a few fun poppers, and your casual table setting is done!

Confetti Champagne Bottles

Set the table with miniature bottles of confetti-covered champagne as party favors for your guests. They're so easy to make; use spray adhesive to coat each bottle, then roll them in confetti and add our free printable gift tag.

Set the Table with Good Fortune

Gold leaf is said to bring good fortune, which makes it the perfect place card for a prosperous new year. Hand-cut leaves from cardstock, fold once to the crease, then write the name of your guest in cursive with a metallic marker. Set each leaf on a plate or punch a hole in the corner and string it with a metallic ribbon that can be tied around a champagne glass.

Crisp White New Year’s Table

A handful of sparkling star-shaped embellishments are nearly the only color on this festive table fit for a snowy winter wonderland theme. White linens and china always provide an elegant look for your New Year's dinner party.

Simple Sparkle as New Year’s Decoration

Touches of sparkle will carry ordinary table or shelf displays into the holidays. Glass ornaments are an inexpensive way to give a New Year's party look, and a great way to repurpose your Christmas decor before packing it up for the season.

Contemporary New Year’s Table Decoration

Forget waiting for the ball to drop! These blue glass globes provide a festive addition to your New Year's table decoration, and you don't have to wait until midnight to set them out! Bottles of champagne are elegantly displayed alongside coordinating blue and silver place settings.

Dresses-Up Bottle Bags

All dressed up with nowhere to go? This adorable champagne-bottle tuxedo is a fresh take on traditional bottle bags. Give your bottle a touch of glam with gold-brad buttons and an adorable bow tie.

Go Graphic

Use black-and-white clock faces as inspiration for your color scheme. Fill vases with black-eyed peas, meant to bring good fortune, to help silk flowers stand tall. To add to the look, Google "clock faces" and print out a few to use as decorations.

Cinch Cloth Napkins

If you're throwing a New Year's Eve dinner party, you'll want the vibe to be fun and festive. To make this cool place setting, use adhesive number stickers on the ribbon, tableware, and more for a chic countdown theme.

Keep the Old

Fancy up everyday dinnerware with leftover tree trimmings and post-holiday sale finds (like bells at each setting to "ring in" 2022). Get a luxe look for less by spray painting a few branches silver to lend sparkle

Prepare for Toasting Time

Update your disposable champagne flutes with a quick dose of glitz: Use a small paintbrush to coat the base with craft glue, then sprinkle on glitter to coat it. Tap off the excess, then let it dry.

Pro Tip: Have flutes ready on a tray, but fill them no more than 5 minutes before serving to keep the bubbly.

We hope that the above gave you great inspos, whether you want to keep your New Year's party theme classy with a black and gold color scheme or go all out with sparkles and sequins, there's no wrong way to kick off the new year. But if you want your New Year's tabletop decor to really shine, then these DIY decor ideas will help get you started (as will a spread of yummy New Year's foods) to set a festive tone for your night. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating, Good Luck!

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