How to Make a Home Theater in Your Condo

Sep 16, 2021

Condo living does not mean that you have to give up your dream of setting up a home theater. Of course, having a small space is a limitation to this dream. For instance, getting that 100-inch projector screen you have been raving might not be a wise choice considering the tiny area in your condo. However, it is not impossible to set up a home theater in condos. Instead of purchasing the 100-inch projector, you might compromise and wind up having a small type projector just so you could have a lovely time watching movies, Netflix, or concerts. Setting up home theaters in your condo has, in fact, a lot of advantages like the sound system being compact and significantly lower costing. Thus, this article will help you make your dream home theater in your condo. 

But first, let us first understand the Condo’s Room Layout. 

Understanding Condo Room Layout

There are a lot of condo designs and layouts in the market and Vista Residences offers ready for occupancy condo units with various designs and layouts. So, whether you live in a studio, a one-bedroom, or even a loft-type condo unit, there is a perfect space for your home theater if you just plot everything strategically. 

Studio Condo Unit 

A studio unit has one whole area with an open floor plan. Aside from the bathroom, the living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom all share the same space. With this type of condo unit, your creativity and critical thinking capacity will be put to test especially if you are setting up your home theater. Since the studio unit has a single floor plan, it is best to place your home theater setup right across your bed area. 

One-, Two-, Three-Bedroom Condo Unit 

Having this type of condo is best for having a home theater setup because of the luxurious space you have in your unit. If you have a one-bedroom unit, you can opt to use the bedroom as your home theater. For two bedrooms, the one is for your sleeping area and the other is for the home theater. 

Loft-Type Condo Unit 

Loft-types are high-ceiling units that separate common areas from the bedroom. Usually, the kitchen, dining, living area, and bathroom are located on the lower floor while the bedroom is located on the upper floor overlooking the view from the living area. Your home theater can be situated in either the living area, but it is great if it is put across your bed. 

Now that you are familiar with the unit and you understand their layouts, it is time to list everything that is needed for your home theater in your condo! 

Home Theater Essentials 


A home theater setup will not function if it does not have a projector. A projector is an output device that can take images from a computer and display it on a screen, wall, or other surfaces. Since movie theaters are not an option for most people right now because of the pandemic, having a projector in your condo is a great tool for your movie dates. There are a lot of projectors in the market right now. Everything varies from specs, price, durability, size, and others. That is why it is important to know which is the best projector for your home theater setup in your condo. 

If you do not have a projector because of its price or it does not have enough space in your condo or for whatever reason, television is a perfect substitute. Just make sure it is LED to achieve optimum movie experience just like projectors. 

Projector Screen 

Another home theater essential is Projector Screen. A projector Screen is a surface upon which the image from the projector is being displayed on. Home theaters usually have a large surface to attain the best cinematic experience. However, since condo living is for you, a smaller choice on projector screen is recommended. Just make sure to take note of the right measurements before buying. One great deal about projector screens is that it is space-friendly because of its pull-down feature; thus, it is perfect for condo living. 

An absolute alternative and a cheaper choice that works just like ​​a projector screen is a wall. If your condo has a plain smooth wall, you can turn this area into your projector screen. Have it painted white, and you are good to go! 

Home Theater Receiver and Speakers 

Sound is an important aspect of any movie, and speakers are the best way to deliver this aspect. For you to create a real home theater system in your condo, you need at least a center speaker, right and left rear speakers. But if you have the budget to go on the high route, you need a center speaker, right and left forward speakers, right and left rear speakers, special effects for Dolby Atmos, and a subwoofer. 

However, in a condo, it is the most crucial part because you want to make sure that the sound is not too loud that it disturbs your neighbors. Soundproof wallpaper is the solution to this; thus, a good soundproof wallpaper is a good investment for you and the benefit of your neighbors. 


For your home theater to be finally set up, you need cables that operate properly. You will be needing video cables like HDMI cable, composite video cables, and DVI cables. Aside from these, audio cables like stereo RCA cables, Coax digital S/PDIF cables, and speaker wires are also essential. 

In addition, extension cords and other plugs are also needed for your home theater setup. Also, this is just optional but you might also want to have a wire organizer for less clutter in your condo space. 

Other Essential Tools 

There are a lot of other tools to include in your home theater setup in your condo if you want a theater experience just like in cinemas. Home theater seats are recommended only if you have enough space for them. If you do not have enough space, the coach in your living area or your bed with pillows can suffice. 

Blackout curtains are very important as well especially if you are planning to have a movie date during the day. It will make a cozy ambiance and it will give you instant cinema vibes. Not to mention that it will also improve your overall condo design. 

Having a universal remote to your home theater setup is not necessary but it will make a huge difference. Imagine having a centralized device for your projector, speakers, and lighting. Universal remotes bring 100% comfort and ease to your movie dates. 

Even though home theater is ideal for houses, there are ways on how to fit this into your condo. Planning out strategically to suit your condo space will make your home theater dreams come to life. Seek out expert help if possible especially in terms of installation so that things would not get messy for you. 

With all of these tips and tricks for you to achieve your home theater in your condo, all you need to do is sit back, and enjoy a cinematic viewing pleasure with your loved ones while eating popcorn. 

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