How to Make Your Condo Feel and Look Bigger

Sep 07, 2023

A single-family home's price these days can send shivers down your budget's spine. For some homebuyers, the idea of maintaining a full house and yard conjures up a little dread. Fortunately, there are various types of properties to pick from that require little maintenance and are also more affordable. Condominium living is one such alternative.

A condominium, sometimes abbreviated to "condo," is a privately owned individual unit located inside a community of other units. The structural elements of the outside walls and the inside of a condo unit are typically owned by the owner. Shared community amenities, including swimming pools, garages, elevators, outside halls, and fitness centers, to name a few, are owned equally by condo owners. While some condos are housed in high-rise structures, certain markets also provide detached condos.

One of the most common condominium types in the Philippines is the studio type. A studio apartment might have a floor area of as little as 18 square meters. The living area and dining area together, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are typically all combined into an open floor plan.

There are many ways to utilize space in a small condo design or small area, so don't worry if you're choosing a small condo unit design or a smaller floor plan.

Built-in cabinets and shelves

Instead of purchasing standard, huge cabinets, consider employing built-in cabinets and hanging shelves for convenience. Utilize the empty space that exists on your walls. By arranging furniture around your appliances and technology, you may add storage space to your small condo living room. By creating covers, you can also use this storage underneath to make your mismatched appliances match the style and color scheme of your small condo living room. Just make sure your walls can support the weight of your hanging shelves and that you're not drilling into any water or electricity lines or cables.

In order to attain a clutter-free room in a full condo, small condo unit design, or interior design show, we obviously need storage space and exhibition locations. Hanging and open shelves are the right furnishings for you if you have a lot of items you wish to save space for. One of the things you can do is implement this idea since, in addition to saving a lot of space, you can utilize it to create a display area that will gradually improve the aesthetic appeal of your room. Glass shelves are one example of this, and they can help you store and safeguard delicate items like vases and figurines. This type of furniture is fantastic since it serves the dual purposes of attractiveness and protection, in addition to providing protection.

Walls and vertical spaces

A single condominium unit typically has more walls than floor space. However, it is not a drawback; rather, it is advantageous, and the advantages it provides are beyond your wildest dreams. Use any large sliding doors that are available if your apartment has more than one wall. To make greater use of the walls, you may, for example, hang your TV or cabinet rather than purchase another TV stand and table. It not only creates the much-needed space, but it could also add another design element or an accent wall to your home, enhancing interior design services and its aesthetic appeal.

Emphasize the empty vertical space. Draw attention upward to make a small space appear larger. Including a tall bookcase will help. Install wallpaper with vertical stripes or vertical shiplap. Install a pendant light. Make the most of your walls. An alternative to purchasing a new TV stand that can take up room is to hang your TV on the wall. Additionally, you can mount your speakers or sound bars on the wall. Let's not forget that in a condo design, in addition to the floor area of your apartment, you also own the vertical space. If your condominium's height permits it, you can put bunk beds and other furniture there.

Additionally, you can use your walls to display any frames or artwork you may have. To create a lovely environment in the dining area of your home, hanging some decor is a fantastic idea. You can also paint it or add some framed artwork.

Multi-functional Furniture

Utilizing a variety of pieces to provide several zones or functions is a third technique for using multipurpose furniture in limited areas. You may use a bench that also serves as a shoe rack, a bookcase that divides a room, or a coffee table that also serves as a dining table. To designate various sections of living and dining areas and establish visual distinction, you can also use rugs, curtains, or plants. You can add more diversity, make the most of your limited space, and express your individual style with the aid of these multifunctional furniture components.

Install multipurpose furniture to make the most of your small living room space, such as a couch bed that can be transformed into a bed for guests. Another example would be a picture that, with the addition of brackets on the bottom, could be used as a table in your own living room and dining area. You could use your coffee table as your living room and dining area table. There is a wide variety of dual- and multi-purpose furniture on the market nowadays. And even the things you use on a daily basis could have other uses. Just use your imagination with it. Your dining room table may serve as an additional prep area for cooking.

Choosing furniture that is versatile and adjustable is one of the first steps to using it in limited spaces. Consider furniture that can be extended, folded, changed, or stacked depending on your needs. Sofa beds, nested tables, drop-leaf tables, storage ottomans, and modular shelving systems are a few examples of multifunctional furniture. You may minimize or reduce clutter further, increase flexibility, and conserve space with the use of these items.


Considering that condominium apartments are smaller than townhouses, Worry less because using mirrors is just a clever way, one of many techniques for giving small condo spaces the impression of a bigger space around them. Drywalls can be transformed into mirror walls. In addition to its functional purpose, this mirror also has visual interest and gives the impression of a larger space by reflecting the nearby wall. Use caution while installing mirrors, though, since they might not always create the desired illusion or effect. If it depicted a crowded, disorganized area, the room would essentially double in size and become cramped.

Mirrors should usually be mentioned when discussing interior design ideas for making small spaces feel larger. In addition to reflecting light, they also improve eyesight by making it appear as though there is more space. You can give guests the impression that your apartment is larger by putting a big mirror on a wall. Mirrors can give the appearance of depth and space, which can make a room appear larger. When light reflects off of a mirror, it might give the impression that there is more room inside the mirror than there actually is.

However, other reflective surfaces that reflect light similarly provide a sense of volume, such as lacquered furniture, high-gloss painted ceilings, bathroom fixtures, and dazzling backsplash tiles. Just make sure there is enough light, whether it be natural or artificial, for your sparkling element to reflect well.


Have you heard that light enhances your room's overall aesthetic? It is also one of the tricks that can be used to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger and more open. Additionally, lighting brings your room's interior design ideas together; without it, the elegance of your whole kitchen interior design or small condo design ideas would be lost. Naturally, it will also depend on the type of lighting you employ. Even though LED lighting is already well-liked in this day and age, there are many different kinds available as well, giving you a wide range of possibilities from which to pick. As they give the impression of height, drop lights, pendant lights, and cove lights are ideal for small areas.

Ignore the drapes. Curtains make the living rooms of space appear smaller and darker because they obscure natural light and the view of the outside of the limited space. However, if you intend to purchase a condo, pick a unit with larger windows or perhaps a balcony so that your space has a source of natural light. Artificial light is never better or more useful in your life than natural light.

In a rich, full-spectrum hue that light bulbs cannot match, it purifies your living space too. Additionally, it can have an impact on you since it raises the levels of the happy hormone serotonin in your body. The best part is that since natural light is free, it won't be added to your electricity bill at the end of the month. Using light-colored floor lamps, sliding doors, and airy curtains can help you make the most of natural light in small condo spaces, as long as you are aware of its advantages and benefits.

Use of Light Paint and Vibrant Accents

Using bright, light colors can make a condo interior design room look bigger and more spacious. Use beige, white, and other more neutral tones and colors for the walls, ceilings, floor lamps, and furniture while designing the interior design of your condo.

Plain won't really make you want to work more, and it won't make you want to unwind. Therefore, you require some cool accents, patterns, and colors for your small space's décor. Your general health will be impacted by the hue of your decor. It is advisable to choose neutral colors or simple hues in your color scheme since they generate a distinct light that gives the impression of a larger space. Vertical lines are the best designs because they give the appearance of height. Bright, vivid patterns and accent colors can also be your friend and help your room look more cheerful as a whole. These things will contribute to making your room feel more visually appealing.

Another option is to add accents to the walls to increase visual interest and add depth to the space. Accent walls add color without being overbearing in the ornamental area. Use a color scheme and accent lighting that complement your painting technique as you begin.

What hues, then, make a space appear larger? Choose paint colors like off-white, sky blue, and pastel greens for the best results, and never forget that brighter condominiums appear larger and more homey. Another tip is to paint your wall moldings and trim a shade lighter than your walls. Your living space will appear larger as a result of the walls being farther back. Take a look at some of the best neutral colors to get you started.

Minimalistic Theme

The focus of the interior design services for these small spaces and areas is on editing. A small space's interior design will feel more cluttered with the more objects, furniture pieces, and patterns it has. Avoid using too many trinkets, or at least arrange them into groups that make sense as an installation. Similar advice applies to art: focus your framed works on one or two walls. Avoid bold colors and busy patterns. Or, if you must have that wallpaper that looks like it was designed by William Morris, think about using it on one accent wall. The same goes for color; try using a single shade on just one wall or door. The moment is not right to embrace the entire spectrum.

Select furniture that is simple, modern, and not overly huge. To avoid congestion and visual clutter, fewer accessories and decorative items should be used in the space. Minimalism can create the sense that a space is bigger and more open by eliminating visual clutter and other distractions. Minimalism generally creates an aura of simplicity and openness that can make a small space feel more substantial and less cramped. By focusing on the essentials and eliminating clutter and visual clutter, minimalism may help make a space feel more open and welcoming.

The bottom line is that anything that enters the small space interior design must be deliberate and rigorous with yourself (in fact, this principle applies to all spaces). Keep the remainder of the interior design of the space simple if you decide to go with an accent wall covered in wallpaper and white paint. If you must have that brick wall or enormous oil painting in your small living room, consider making it the only piece of decor there.

Any room with small bathrooms can appear larger physically and visually by maintaining order and cleanliness. The room will appear clean and open if everything is put away and out of the front entryway too. Keep the floor as free of objects as you can. To give the impression that there is more floor space, move large rugs and remove huge carpets.

The use of color psychology, furniture layout, mirror placement, task lighting, and inventive lighting design ideas can deceive the eye and give the impression that an interior is much larger than it actually is. Don't stop there, though. Let your inner interior designer loose and figure out what color palette suits your house the best.

Living in a tiny place can be difficult, especially if you need to accommodate several activities or have a lot of possessions. However, by employing versatile furniture, you can make the most of your small amount of space with a little imagination and preparation. Furniture that can be used for storage, seating, sleeping, working, or dining is called multifunctional furniture.

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