How to Get a Good Lighting for Your Condo

Jul 26, 2021

There is nothing that could make or break a condo unit quite like lighting. Having good lighting changes the mood, sets the ambiance, and helps define living spaces. If you think about it, your condo space will turn out differently when you customize it with the perfect lighting.

With various types of lamps, flush mounts, pendants, and task lights available, you can purposefully transform your condo living space, but be ready dealing with the most challenging part of the job -  picking out styles that work with your preferred condo design.

If your living space is looking less than brilliant, check out these tips and remember them when you shop for a new lighting fixture or try to reconfigure your lighting situation in the condo.

To get a sense of what to look for when you’re shopping for new lighting fixtures and installing them in your space, it is best to do the following.

  • Include at least three sources of light in your living space. Consider general lighting (overhead or pendant), specific lighting (task or table), and ambient lighting (decorative or candles).
  • Get enough natural light and keep your windows clean
  • Choose the right lighting shade for your fixtures. Keep in mind that white shades let more light pass through but can create a colder tone, while colored shades will tint light, making it appear creamier, warmer, or cooler, depending on the hue you choose.
  • Add reflective surfaces into your condo such as mirrors, glossy floors, and metallic finishes that will bounce light around your living space.
  • Bring in more decorative lighting to change the look of your condo unit.

Living Area

Whether you use your living area for hosting friends or chilling after work, this area is definitely the most versatile part of your condo space. That’s why it is important that your lighting is just as adaptable as this area.

You should consider scale, add a dimmer switch to your overheads, which allows you to easily change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day. It is also best to light darker corners of your condo unit, especially on the divided areas, by adding a lamp that will instantly cozy up your space.

Bedroom/Sleeping Area

Your bedroom or sleeping area is the most important part of your condo. It is important to get the lighting right in order to have a comfortable and relaxing space to rest and sleep.

You can do so by using candles safely for ambiance. Placing a scented candle on your nightstand can help set the mood. You can also have a bedside lamp with a warm bulb.

There are also the latest techy alarm clock lights that serve as a unique way to wake you up in the morning.


When it comes to your kitchen, keep in mind that your lighting should not only set the mood but also help you see properly for all your kitchen activities.

Remember to light the dark corners of your kitchen so they become more functional and beautiful. You can also have a pendant lamp above kitchen sinks, islands, and breakfast nooks.


Your bathroom is probably the least you think of when it comes to lighting. You can bring a sense of calmness back to your bath by simply installing vanity lighting around your mirror.

Opt for daylight-simulating light bulbs and you can also bring in scented candles to use for bath time and unwinding.

General Tips to Add Light to Your Condo

Add Recessed Lighting

Whatever you call recessed lights, they are one of the most versatile lighting options you can have for your condo, whether you’re using them for downlighting or wall lighting.

Recessed lights are great for providing ambient light as well as accent lighting to highlight your condo furniture, artwork, or the wall itself. Adding recessed lighting in your condo can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space.

Make a Statement

There is no better way to enhance your lighting than to make a statement. A unique light fixture will naturally draw the eye to the light it emits, so consider adding a piece to your living space, dining area, or entryway.

Choose the Right Bulb

You have to choose your bulbs carefully to make your condo a lot more welcoming and functional.

Remember that when buying light bulbs, you will see three key variables such lumens, watts and Kelvin. Lumens measures output or brightness, watts measures energy consumption and Kelvin (K) measures color temperature, which is the mood setter.

According to lighting experts, bulbs in the 2700K to 3000K range emit an inviting warm-yellow color perfect for creating ambiance, while those in the 5500K to 6500K range have a crisp-blue tint, and are good for task lighting and reading. Meanwhile, in between are bright, neutral whites in the 3500K to 4100K range, which are recommended for ceiling lights in kitchens and bathrooms.

Add Light to New Spaces

Adding lighting to new spaces that are not usually bright is a great way to emphasize interesting features and create more light. Try accent lighting on artwork, which is another excellent way to bring in extra light.

Lights inside our condo is essential. It not just adds a positive vibe in your unit, but it can also help you come up with a good condo design for your own space. Plus, it conserves your energy consumption and it brings a light feel for a comfortable condo living.

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