How To Make Your Condo Look Modern

Aug 18, 2021

Condo units are usually small, especially the condos here in Baguio City and the best way to turn that around is to make your space feel bigger and brighter. A modern look or style for your condo unit will open up space and give it a sense of airiness. The best way to do that is to declutter, and as much as possible heighten up your space with long furniture and decor. Choosing a good and bright color palette will complete the modern look for your condo. Considering good window treatment will bring in as much as light in your condo unit, and bringing in multipurpose furniture will save you so much space. 

Bringing a modern look to your condo here in Baguio will be a great complement to the City's cool breeze. With that, here are steps on how to give your condo in Baguio City a modern look!

Incorporate new furniture and decorations

If you want a modern look for your condo unit, take the time and look around. There are plenty of furnishings for all kinds of needs and budget—purple velvet sofa sets, stool sets, big cushions in cheerful colors, low-key artwork, shelves with crown molding to hold photos or vases, and pretty mirrors to create a sense of space. Take note that it's important to choose a bright color palette for your room so that it won't appear too dark or dreary.

Paint the Walls White

Whatever you prefer, really! The point is not to have a color on the walls that distracts from what's inside. So use a light color and keep your condo look clean. If you're brave enough, cover those beautiful windows so your natural light doesn't show through all your clutter and unnecessary items. And in a cold and humid place like Baguio, White walls will make your condo feel less lonely and dark, which also attracts moss, and you don't want that. 

Avoid Carpeting

This goes for any room in the house but it's especially important in living spaces where there are usually multiple people coming into contact with it at once. Carpets create room division, and in a small condo space, visible divisions make your unit feel closed. Removing carpets out of the picture makes a continuity of space throughout your condo which widens your space. 

Reflect with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most efficient ways to open a small space, because they reflect light and create the illusion of more space. It's a classic trick!

Include Artwork

If you have a frame lying around, put your favorite words or inspirational quotes on there! You can also try finding things from thrift shops or use things like old family photos or small trinkets that make you happy, and frame those up as well. Just add some life to your wall! 

Use Multipurpose Furniture

A big couch is usually good enough for lounging but it takes up so much room, so opt for something that can store items inside it!

Open Shelving is the Way to Go

It's one of the best ways to see what you have and access your things quickly. Whether you're having a movie night and need to grab the remote, or looking for something to wear, open shelves are great for helping out in those situations! 

Get Rid of Some Things

The most important step in creating a more modern space is decluttering. Weigh whether you still be needing a specific item before disposing it, and create a plan first before throwing away your things - whether it will still be used or not.

Create Visual Elevation

You can create interesting visual elements by mixing textures, like painting a brick wall and then adding a velvet couch. 

Add Plants

The thing about making your space look modern is to add elements of nature in it. Plants add so much life and personality to a room—plus, they're great at creating an airy and natural feel since plants act as natural air purifiers! You can even go for faux plants if you want to save money on taking care of something alive (or just don't have the time). 

Add bookshelves on walls with glass panes for storage

This idea of making your own wall shelves is also a great way to save space since it uses the walls instead of taking up floor space. 

Hang Pictures Frame-Less

You can create frames by painting the edges of your picture with a color that suits your style. This is not only a bigger art statement, but it makes the pictures more modern and unique. More importantly, it saves you money! 

Use Floor Pillows if Space Allows—and if not, have them anyway

They add style and function to any room and because they're on the floor they won't take up any valuable tabletop or shelf space! 

Store Higher, Not Wider

When you're short on space, you definitely don't want to add things that take up room width-wise (like a big couch); that's just going to make a space feel smaller. Instead, store things higher! Opt for wall-mounted storage or floor to ceiling bookshelves. Remember small spaces require more storage, so it’s best to make use of your vertical space.

Even if you're on an upper floor unit here in Baguio City, you can still make your small space look bigger and brighter. A modern look is the best way to achieve that - just keep it light, bright and clutter-free! 

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