Best Indoor Plants in Your Vista Residences Condo

May 03, 2021

This pandemic has caused every Filipinos to experiment and discover new things inside the comfort of their homes. Despite all the hardships that it has brought, it also allows us to unleash our full potentials and showcase our interests in our ways.

Not only those who are fond of singing and dancing were able to foster their hobbies while being stuck inside our homes due to the restrictions of the Pandemic. Even those who are into movies, coffees, and plants.

As they say – planting is only a “tita thing”, but not in this time of the pandemic. Most people become more interested in planting their desired plants and utilizing them to make their home or condo design and interiors more pleasing and environmentally friendly. Due to this, being a “plantito” or a “plantita” becomes in nowadays – it is the term for young and old alike who discovered their green thumb and become interested in growing and maintain plants while stuck at their homes. With most of us just staying at home, due to quarantine restrictions, people began to try their hands on growing their indoor plants and even make it a business.

You can make your condo in Manila green. Here are some types of plants that you can grow inside your condo:


The Areca brings a hint of summer to your home, whatever the season. It will not thrive in shady spots, so make sure that it gets enough sun exposure. However, too much exposure such as direct sunlight will affect the growth of the Areca. Keep it away from heat sources like radiators or fireplaces as well. Regardless of the season, let its soil dry somewhat between two waterings, and so not leave any amount of water in its container. This type of plant needs a bit of humidity, so do not forget to mist its leaves with water regularly. Every 2-3 years, repot your Areca plant in a slightly larger pot. You may also add clay pebbles onto the bottom of the pot for easier drainage.


Your Monstera plant will grow better in a sunny spot or under a bit of shade – but keep it out of direct sunlight. The soil of the Monstera plant should be allowed to dry a bit between each watering. Do not allow the plant to sit in stagnant water and do frequent watering during the cold season. Young Monsteras can be repotted every spring, but as they get older, only repot your plant if its roots are cramped together. Don’t trim the aerial roots, but you can prune the base of their stems in the spring. Young leaves don’t have holes, as these will appear as your plant grows. If this doesn’t happen it means your plant isn’t getting enough light or water.


This plant is a favorite among plant loves, the Pilea is also known as the Chinese money plant. Your Pilea enjoys light so much, its leaves will turn towards it. To help it grow evenly, turn its pot regularly. It is also important to keep it out of direct sunlight, which can damage its leaves. The soil should remain slightly damp, but not completely saturated. Water your Pilea up to two times per week in colder seasons. Make sure to remove any excess water after every watering. To help your Pilea thrive, repot it every spring.


More than 12,000 types of Ferns can be grown in your garden – but each species must be approached individually for them to grow better. These plants are easy to grow especially in a place that is moist and humid. Ferns reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. Some types of Ferns should be placed or planted in dry soil, while some species prefer to grow in soil that is kept constantly moist.

Snake Plant

This plant is perfect for indoor planting because it requires less sunlight exposure and low water requirement. This type of plant is perfect for tight spaces since its leaves grow vertically. This is perfect for your bathroom, or as living room décor. When taking care of a snake plant, make sure that the soil it is planted on does not contain too much water. This plant can also grow just with a bright light. Make sure to keep your Snake Plant away from direct sunlight to avoid it getting burned.

Bird of Paradise

This plant is usually placed in a bright area but it can also strive in a low light setting. Bird of Paradise usually requires less water consumption but needs to be regularly fertilized for it to fully bloom.

Devil's Ivy

This plant is very versatile and very low maintenance. Devil’s Ivy’s heart-shaped leaves can look beautifully hanged on a cabinet, a shelf, or just anywhere you want it to be! This plant also requires less sunlight and can keep pollutants away from your house.

There are lots ofplants to grow inside your homes. While some only think that growing plants are intended only for the older ones, this hobby, when introduced while you are still young, can be helpful for our environment. Not just that as these indoor plants, cannot just help you foster your interests in plants, but they can also help your condo more conveniently to live at.

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