How to Spice Up your Condo Interior with Curves and Arches?

Mar 16, 2022

Interior design is quite a challenge, especially for people who are not into home styling. Others opt to hire professional interior designers to help them build a comfy condo living.

No extra budget for an interior designer? Worry no more! Here are some interior design ideas, tips, types, and trends to help spice up your condo interior.

Renaissance of the Modern Arch Interior Design

Archways have always been an important architectural and structural component of home styling throughout history. From the East to the West, practically every country has its version of these unique traits. Interior designers are rediscovering the elegance of arches as part of interior design ideas for living rooms nowadays.

Interior design ideas are vast and diverse. Some people prefer edgy straight lines, while others consider a more flexible, fluid finish. The following are the reasons why homeowners should consider curved lines in interior design:

It gives an organic feeling.

Having curves and arches in the interior spaces always gives it an organic atmosphere. Curves also connect the interior to nature - like the ones nature naturally creates. As a result, it provides a sense of comfort and calms the place's inhabitants. To achieve a more comfortable condo living, considering curvy elements as part of the living room's interior design ideas might help.

Added contrast

Most of our living areas are rectilinear, with distinct lines and borders. As a result, adding curves in the form of arches contrasts the linear pieces, making the space more intriguing and dynamic.

Defines the space

Arches define big spaces without entirely excluding the link between rooms. As a result, there is still a sense of boundaries for each area while still obtaining the impression that they combine to form a broader environment.

Infinite types of shapes

Because there are so many different forms and types of arches, there is a big chance that one can nearly find a style that matches their desire. Curved lines in interior design also provide additional possibilities because of the range of materials one can utilize.

Modern arches from different perspectives

Arches can be found in various places, including wall niches, entrances, doorways, and furniture. In addition, the use of solid colors that give contrast to the design further highlights the arches, which provide the area with a unique character.

Interior design ideas: Ways how to use curves in the interior

Curves can direct focus to a focal point or to a specific feature by removing the edge from the line of sight. It can also be quite effective for lengthening the space. Curves and arches not only define the design of the room but also improves its overall look of it - make sure to effectively employ the power of curves attractively.

Curves and arches are the most practical solution for sharp corners that would otherwise be unusable. Add curves as one of the interior design ideas for the living room to make the space look invitingly warm and comfy. Their ability to bend around corners makes them a versatile alternative for condo design.

Puzzling about how to place those curves? Here are some tips to help achieve a more natural placing of such elements:

Start subtly… and the eyes will follow.

The application of the curving lines must be discreet to make them appear as if they are complementing the interior space. Round tables, curving lights, and even area rugs with this design are all on the deck. Applying such a technique of curved lines in the interior design will make the space appear soft with a particular flow, even though it may appear slim.

Invest in curved furniture

The circular bookshelf, for example, is a beautiful combination of curves and colors that adds flair to the space. Placing it around a circular window makes a person's eyes immediately drawn to the stunning view. Circle-shaped windows may provide a lot of character to a room and can also serve as a focal point - one of the most beautiful interior design ideas for the living room!

Adding curvy furniture in the living room can instantly become a state-of-the-art piece that will definitely pull attention - make sure to pick the right hues to pull it off.

The use of distinct shapes

The curvaceous base of an elegant center island table gives it a unique design and provides the kitchen with an entirely different perspective. When used in moderation, simple curves can have a timeless impact on the condo design.

Another example is a curved daybed employed in its design may serve as a subtle break from clean outdoor's strong linear aspect. The bed's color is being accepted by the flooring (wooden flooring, for example), and a hanging light fixture can be viewed to be part of the overall concept.

Bolder shapes

There are a wide variety of places to implement curved lines in the interior design. One might be in a planter. Who says that planters cannot attract attention? With effective color and, of course, the eye-catching curvy shape, it can become a center of attraction that helps divide outdoor space through its positioning and well-defined abstract lines.

Another interior design idea for the living room is to incorporate well-balanced curves through a mixture of bold and soft shapes at the same time. It also provides a trendy finish with its latest and modern design, which further adds a sense of coziness. Choosing a more soft palette perfectly complements these curved lines, drawing a holistic attractiveness.

Using a curvy interior element also jives with ceilings. Thanks to its visual appeal, a mixture of arches and a variety of straight lines helps improve the homeowner experience. Ensure to embed a proper combination of lines and curves and avoid exploiting it. The curves will accommodate the flexible finish, while the straight lines deal with the strange angles.

Integrating curved lines in interior design will add a tasteful finish to condo living. Make sure to apply these tips to spice up condo design.

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