How to Turn Your Condo Balcony Into an Outdoor Summer Spot

Mar 23, 2022

Outdoor areas for relaxation are not just for those people with big backyards. City dwellers who have balconies in their apartments or condos may build their own small outdoor space where they can sit and drink refreshments at the end of the day especially now that summer is here! 

With a little imagination and a sunny Saturday, you can transform your balcony into a welcoming space where you can relax and enjoy the summer sun. Whether you are looking for a cozy spot for two or a space for entertaining friends, these condo design tips for outdoor summer space will surely inspire you to turn your balcony into an outdoor summer spot!

Add a Side Table and a Garden Stool

A beautiful balcony outdoor space must include a spot to set down a drink or your laptop. To get started, look through our selection of side tables, but you may need to get creative in many outdoor situations where space is limited. Using a ceramic garden stool as a smaller table option that is both attractive and functional is perfect especially if you have a small balcony. Condo design tip: Set out some coasters with a pitcher of fresh sangria on top, or place a few candles on top with a bouquet of flowers to make that outdoor summer vibes in your balcony! 

Choose the Perfect Rug 

By placing a rug in your outdoor space, you can ditch the shoes and dig your toes into a cozy underfoot experience. This can instantly transform your balcony and make it feel like a living room, encouraging you to spend more time outside! You can even lie or sit down to enjoy that summer weather outside. Choose a synthetic material such as polypropylene when searching for the perfect outdoor rug. If your outside space is covered and will not get wet from rain, a natural material rug, such as bamboo or sisal, is another option. 

Light up with Colorful String Lights

If you prefer nighttime over a day and want to enjoy the cold summer night on your balcony, you should definitely consider adding lighting, especially string lights. These charming string light bulbs create a luminous ambiance because they are both aesthetically beautiful and provide a mellow glow that is not too harsh compared to other light fixtures. Whether it's an old bundle of Christmas lights or the cute little round bulbs, the sparkle will make it appear as if you are in a sea of stars under the seashore. 

Create a Mini Garden

Lots of plants are the key to capturing the outdoor summer vibe. Choose the right set of plants and flowers with their pots and carefully plot them into your balcony to make a relaxing and fresh feeling. Smaller plants and flowers can be placed on a side table, and railing planters loaded with flowers or a fresh herb garden are a great way to add a little additional beauty to the balcony.  

While you may want to fill your space with as many plants as possible, the question of where to put them all remains. Use a shelf to keep a few smaller plants if you have available vertical space. This is extremely effective for plants that like to grow down walls, such as pothos or string of pearls, as it allows them to be on display without being pushed into a corner. 

Accessorize with Patterns and Textures 

Create a small bohemian paradise in this outdoor space by incorporating a mix of colorful patterns and textures. Pile on the textiles if you want your balcony to feel as luxurious as an indoor room. Layering soft outdoor fabric components, such as patterned rugs and fluffy cushions, will make your balcony extremely pleasant and super comfy. This bohemian summer vibe will absolutely add a notch to your condo design and condo living experience! 

Use Curtains for Extra Privacy 

Don't let a subpar view or prying eyes from your neighbor keep you from enjoying your valuable outdoor space. Add curtains to give drama and extra privacy to your small balcony. To appreciate the view while maintaining some privacy, hang the curtain higher from a frame or overhang, or simply drape it over the railing. Choosing a beautiful curtain to match the aesthetic of your tiny summer spot will make your balcony look fresh while keeping privacy. 

Have a Hammock or Install a Swing

When thinking of having a nap on a summer day, what could be better than to doze in a hammock? Imagine this: a gorgeous setup of a patterned hammock with throw pillows and good books while taking a sip of your favorite and quenching mango juice. If this does not make you want to spend the rest of the day relaxing in this delightful summer spot on your own balcony, what will?

Additionally, if you have a little budget, install a swing on your balcony. Swing benches are not just for porches because they can be in balconies too. Secure a swing so you can relax and take in the view from a higher vantage point. To make it more comfortable, add some throw pillows. 

Add a Cover for Wind and Sun Protection

On a beautiful sunny day, spending time outside feels great — until you have too much of a good thing. Staying outside will be more enjoyable if you have items that protect you from the sun. An outdoor umbrella or canopy, for example, will protect you from the sun's rays; alternatively, you can set up a white tent for a unique look. With a few pillows and a place to relax, you will be ready for an afternoon in the sun without the risk of damaging rays.

Summer is upon us and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. In condo living, you don’t have to go outside and enjoy the sunny weather. All you need is your balcony! But when it comes to making the most of your balcony, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you have a large or small space or are looking for ideas on how to decorate a tiny terrace without spending a small fortune, there is so much you can do to make your balcony look great and feel that summer vibe. 

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