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Importance of Having a Bucket List inside your Condo

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Indeed, anyone under the sun has had a point in life where their ultimate dream is to fulfill a bucket list or at least create one. In this lifetime, of course - we all need a bit of craziness from time to time, and more so, we all deserve a pause when we seem to be drowning in the world’s sleep, eat, and work cycle. With that said, bucket lists can be a great way to jump-start your journey in getting out of your comfort zone. 

For many years, people in the Philippines have not been open to the idea of creating a bucket list because, as we all know, Filipinos are very hard-working individuals. They will always put their jobs and needs first before giving themselves a token of appreciation. In addition, creating a bucket list is not a part of the Filipino culture, and it’s rarely brought up because we Filipinos are realists in nature; we get things done, take a short break, and go back to our routines. 

With that, let me enlighten you on how making a bucket list will significantly benefit your lifestyle here in the Philippines. 

Back to the Basic: What is a Bucket List?

In simple terms, a bucket list holds a record of all the things you want to accomplish in your life before it’s too late. Creating such a list can help you keep track of your milestones and crazy experiences over the years. Moreover, a bucket list can also prevent you from taking advantage of your life because you’ll also prioritize enjoyment and be willing to go the extra mile to fulfill your dreams.

Although bucket lists may not necessarily sound pleasing to some people because of its fear-defying nature, it doesn’t have to start from the extremes. The list is not about the gravity of the activity you’ll do; instead, it’s about trying new things and putting yourself out there to create lasting memories. May it be a simple hike up the mountains, settling down because you saw a condo for sale, going on an escapade alone to the beach, or any random thing you feel like doing at least once in your life. 

Benefits of Having a Bucket List

You will get to know the real “you.”

Building a bucket list will help you become more aware of your true core. Without a doubt, sometimes you may feel lost at a certain point in life, which is completely normal because it happens to everybody. In addition, many factors can contribute to feeling that way, like your environment and your nature of work. But making a bucket list might help ease your confusion.

In listing down the activities you want to do, you’ll see what you genuinely consider essential and valuable in life. What I mean is, you may be in a completely different setting you’re not happy with; that’s why you feel burnt out and stressed. With that said, writing a bucket list can help you de-stress and figure out where you want to be. 

Reminds you of your Goal

When you jot down the things you want to accomplish, it will help you remember where you want to be in a few years or more. With that said, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and know whether you’re on the right path or not. 

Growing up can come with a lot of pressure; that’s why you need to remain on course while still living in the moment. In doing so, you’ll reach your goals faster because you’ll make wise investment decisions. And who knows? Maybe in a short while, you’ll be able to afford your own space already.

Moreover, investing in a pre-selling condo would be wise because you’ll get the property lower than its market value. However, Vista Residences offers both a pre-selling condo and a ready for occupancy condo around Manila, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Pasig, Taguig, Makati, Baguio, and Cagayan De Oro.

With Vista Residences’ broad reach and exceptional amenities indeed, investing in their condominiums would be a wise move. 

Helps you enjoy life

Doing the activities inside your bucket list would give you an adventure. Not only will it drive you past your limits, but it will also help your mind get a pause from time to time.

Moreover, when you’re going through the list, you get to keep fun mementos that you’ll surely cherish forever. May it be a crazy photo of you skydiving, or a portrait of you alone, sipping a cup of coffee, just enjoying condo living; these moments are worth remembering.

Imagine living your life to the fullest, doing everything on your bucket list, and keeping priceless memories to look back on when you have the time.

Makes you creative

As normal human beings, we are all bound to grow up and not remain a child forever. However, holding on to your inner kid should never wear off. And in making your bucket list, that’s exactly what you’re doing! You nurture the creative and colorful dreams you had as a child. Moreover, a bucket list would inspire and motivate you to transform fantasy into reality.

Not only does creativity benefit you, but crossing out things on your bucket list also ensures you stay active in life. Meaning, you will not sit in bed all day and create a sedentary life. Of course, that’s not what you want!

When you’re on leave, you can pull out a few items on your bucket lists like going to a yoga class, attending dancing lessons, and anything that gets you off the bed in the morning.

Builds your legacy

Indeed, when you’re finally sitting on a rocking chair at home, surrounded by your grandchildren, pets, and your plants, what type of story do you want to have? You decide whether you’ll tell them about a life full of passion and adventure, or the opposite. Remember, you are the writer of your own story, so you get to decide how it’s lived and how it ends. 

Creating bucket lists will satisfy your legacy, and it will help you acquire properties that your children can inherit from your investments as a young adult. So as early as now, you can invest in Vista Residences’ condominium.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-selling condo or a ready for occupancy condo, at Vista Residences, they have it all. Feel free to check their website for inquiries and reservations.

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