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Oct 31, 2022

With the modern day movement towards fast growth and development, the benefits of investing in real estate have multiplied tenfold. Through exploring and choosing from a variety of different property assets, young professionals, families, and other interested individuals can enjoy opportunities of low risks and high returns, which are sure to increase their wealth and add value to their financial reserves. 

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been some obstacles in finding quick and efficient ways to begin one’s investment journey. Particularly, there have been struggles in finding the best strategies to integrate virtual modes of communication into a field as interactive as real estate. Thankfully, because of the new financing options made available by Vista Residences’ flexibility and adaptability, investing in real-estate has never been easier. As the company has been readily preparing for the optimistic real estate outlook this year, they have diversified their online payment solutions to increase convenience and enhance the customer experience.


Vista Residences’ Various Payment Methods

As mentioned, Vista Residences provides its customers with a variety of different payment options to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transaction. From card payments to over-the-counter payments, Vista has ensured that they are able to cater to every customer’s individual needs. Here, one can only expect the easiest start to an investment journey.


Online and Card Payments

Firstly, Vista has recently begun to offer credit/debit card payments through an online payment gateway powered by Maya Philippines. Here, customers are provided with an easily navigated interface wherein they can fill out necessary details and pay their monthly amortization, reservation fee, and much more. As for Vista’s online payment options, customers can firstly choose to execute their transactions through either Security Bank, BDO, or UnionBank. InstaPay is also available through AllBank for payments below Php 50,000 and through AllBank PESONet for transactions Above Php 50,000. Additionally, customers can also choose to proceed with their payment through another online payment gateway, this time powered by dragonpay, which is another recent addition to Vista’s payment options..

Most interestingly, Vista Residences has also partnered with Aqwire to add to their online payment options. Aqwire is a financial company centered on easing real estate transactions between developers, real estate companies, and their customer base. Here, customers are given access to global banking payment facilities through a simple 2-step process. Additionally, the platform allows internationally-located customers to pay for real estate properties located within the Philippines, truly catering to a fast and flexible experience.

For customers who prefer to pay through an e-wallet, Vista has made this possible through the use of the AllEasy platform and mobile app. Given how essential e-wallets have become due to the pandemic, this specific payment option is definitely one of the most convenient among what Vista offers.


Over-the-counter Payments

As for over-the-counter payments, customers can carry out the payment through banks such as BDO, Security Bank, and UnionBank. The customer must simply fill out the payment slip at their preferred bank and branch and then email the proof of payment to Vista Residences at [email protected].


Auto Debit Arrangements

In the spirit of providing a smooth and convenient financial experience for its customers, Vista Residences has also partnered with Security Bank and BDO for auto debit arrangements. Here, customers can fill out the enrollment form for the arrangement and submit it to the appropriate agents. From here, payments are automatically and directly deducted from a customer’s bank account without any additional cost or effort on their end.


International Payment Options

Given Vista’s commitment to providing global opportunities for developers and investors alike, those outside of the Philippines are still strongly welcome and encouraged to partake in real-estate investment and development together with the company. With this goal of mutual growth in mind, Vista Land International has made it possible for the company to branch out to different parts of the world.

In particular, Vista is partnered with the following banks for their international remittance and payment options: Philippine National Bank (PNB), Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC),  and Robinsons Bank. Through these channels, customers need only go to the nearest branch to their location and carry out their transactions at those specific overseas offices. For easy reference, Vista Residences has incorporated a branch locator at their website, located here.

For residents of Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hongkong, and more, Vista has created an easy transaction option through Optimum Exchange Remit Inc., which is a worldwide corporation dedicated to the provision of fast and efficient money remittance, foreign exchange, and bills payment services. With this, customers seeking to complete their transactions with Vista Land need only go to remittance centers which are connected to Optimum Exchange Remit Inc., and inform the tellers that they will be paying bills to Vista Land Housing.


More to Come with Vista Residences

It’s no secret that Vista Residences and Vista Land in general are formidable players in the development arena of the Philippines. With their unique capabilities to adapt to difficult situations and find truly innovative opportunities that puts the needs and demands of the customer at the top of their priorities, one can only expect that Vista will continue to branch out and diversify their company processes.

Given the selection of top-tier and ready for occupancy properties, combined with the convenient and efficient methods with which the customer can carry out the transaction, Vista continues to dominate in the field of Philippine development in more than one aspect. Therefore, whether it be payments, developments, or business as usual, Vista is the one to seek out if you’re thinking about starting your real estate investment journey.

For those interested in partnering with Vista Residences for their investment journey, more information on available payment options are available here, together with detailed instructions and information on how to best start your real estate ventures.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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