Is it Better to Live on Higher Floors or Lower Floors?

Oct 03, 2022

If you plan to buy a new home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably "how high is it?" or "what floor do I live on?" While the location of your home will impact many aspects of life, like school districts and shopping centers, it also matters whether you live on higher floors or lower ones. This article will explore why some people prefer living in high-rise condos while others prefer low-rise buildings and what factors go into making this decision.

An excellent way to balance out the odds is to weigh the pros and cons of owning a high floor vs a low level. With that said, here is a list of the benefits and disadvantages of each:

High Floor Pros

A high floor means more privacy

If you are all about privacy, then consider investing in higher floors. Since it takes walking up countless flights of stairs and long rides in the elevators, higher condo units are less prone to break-ins, thus securing you and your family. 

Higher floors have better views

Suppose you are asking why top-floor condos are worth more. The outstanding panoramic views of the city if one of the reasons. For instance, the higher you are in the building, the better the idea! Additionally, the city lights and calming sunsets will undoubtedly bring you serenity.

Protection from Floods

If you are still unsure about which floor is best to live in a condo, this benefit may help you decide! After all, the Philippines is prone to typhoons, and thus you will save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after floods if you purchase higher-level condo units! 

High Floor Cons

Higher floors are more expensive.

One of the disadvantages of living in high-rise flats is the cost. However, it is often expected since owning a unit on the higher floors gives countless perks. With that said, if you wish to cut off an additional 10-20% increase in price, then opt for a flat on the lower floors.

Higher floors are more exposed to heat.

As the heat rises, your higher-floor flat may consume more energy in cooling down the temperature inside your unit. And since the Philippines is known to have humid, hot weather, many might find this factor a disadvantage if you will compare high-floor vs low-floor accommodation. 

Higher floors may be harder to get around in

Those living on higher floors might find getting around the building quickly and safely quite tricky during an emergency. For instance, higher floors face more threats when under an earthquake strike. Thus, this adds to the list of the disadvantages of living in high-rise flats.

Lower floors have easier access compared to higher ones

Since reaching units on the lower floors does not require long elevator rides and walking flights of stairs, they tend to be more accessible. Lower floors are a better choice if you want something that is easy to navigate and has great views of nature (like trees) and city lights. With that said, if you are still asking, "are top-floor condos worth more" ponder on these pros and cons!

Pros of Living on the Lower Level Floors in a Condo Building

The lower floors in a condo building are more private and less noisy, especially if you live on the top level. If you want privacy, this is something to consider when choosing your home.

Lower levels are also easier to maintain than higher levels because they do not get as much traffic from other tenants or visitors. Thus, it is easier for maintenance staff to access lower units without going through an entire floor of people's homes (the top floors can be jam-packed).

More importantly, lower-level units often sell at lower prices than higher-floor units—this may not be true everywhere, but it certainly seems true in the Philippines, where many high-rise condos are being built right now! With fewer people living inside them, these buildings tend to be low-rise ones that will cost less every month. 

Cons of Living on the Lower Level Floors in a Condo Building

While it is true that you may have more privacy and quiet on the lower levels, there are some drawbacks to living this way. First, your neighbors may be pretty loud—especially during the day when they use their balconies or patios to socialize. You might also hear them through your window if they have children who play outside often.

If you live above a common area, such as an elevator shaft or staircase, you may find that noise from these areas travels throughout your condo building and into your unit. It can make sleeping difficult because of how loud things are outside your door! As well as being annoying for yourself, this kind of noise could disturb other tenants in adjoining units who do not want to hear such sounds either (or even worse - loud music).

Another major downside? If something were ever damaged on the lower floors (such as falling debris), getting up there would be much more complex than going up higher levels where stairs are already built into rooms rather than being attached directly onto landings between floors. With everything mentioned, the question of which floor is best to live in a condo lies in what you look for in a home.

Condo Investing

Investing in a condo offers a multitude of benefits for the owner. After all, real estate investments are insisted on nowadays due to the selling price's continuous rise. On top of that, skipping traffic and having a second home are just some of the main benefits of owning a condo. But best of all, you can make more money out of the purchase as you can have the unit rented!

In the end, you should consider all your options and decide based on your own needs. If you are looking for a place to call home in the city or neighborhood, then high-rise condominiums might be suitable! These buildings offer luxury living at an affordable price point that can not be beaten. With all these benefits combined with some unique amenities like courtyards and roof decks available only on higher floors (or at least ones with square footage), there is no reason why anyone would not want to live here! On the other hand, lower-level homes can make quite the home too. But what Vista Residences can assure you is how condo investing in their buildings, whether on the top floors or lower ones, will give you the best second or primary home possible. Check out Vista Residences' outstanding properties in Manila

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