How to Destress Without Leaving Your Condo

Sep 21, 2021

With the pandemic, people lost sense of normalcy, they lost sense of time, they lost sense of peace and comfort. The amount of stress that they are feeling is overwhelming, and it has affected the way people live, most especially now that most people are stuck in four corners of the condo. Stress takes a toll on everyone’s well-being, which also affected one’s productivity

Being locked up in a condo during quarantine with a lot of triggering factors of stressors has got beyond one’s control. But despite its seeming lack of time and space to unwind, the good news is, de-stressing at the condo is still possible. People can take action in controlling stress, and here are ways to de-stress without leaving the condo.

Do a quick exercise every day

Having bursts of movement from time to time will help someone boost their sense of well-being and increases overall health, which will be helpful to start the day right. Having enough exercise for a day help in the production of endorphins, which then foster relaxation. Starting to exercise will also improve someone’s condo living by taking it to the next level.

One of the best exercises people would want to try now is yoga. Yoga is already a combination of physical movement, meditation, light exercise, and control breathing, which does not require so much physical work. There are available yoga sessions that can be watched over YouTube or some online programs which people could sign up for.

It doesn’t matter if it is only a set of twenty jumping jacks or a one-minute jump rope, this exercise will already help people activate their neurotransmitters. There is no not need for a yoga mat, let alone be physically active, to have the benefits of exercising. Starting from short exercises will help people develop a routine as part of their condo living.

Create art

Art creates a positive emotion that releases the tension brought by stress. Making time to create art help someone reconnect, express, and deepen their inner piece just because they are creating something beautiful and soothing. This is also a form of self-care because people get to leave their worries for the meantime and just focus on creating art. It helps people get back to their state of flow and takes their minds off whatever is stressing them. There are so many things that can be created within the condo, for instance, crocheting, knitting, coloring, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, etc. The art that can be created can be used as a part of the condo design or gift it to some close friends.

Write everything down

Journaling is a great way to gather thoughts. One of the best stress-reliever today is finding a way to express themselves to overcome overwhelming emotions. Writing in personal journals helps people prioritize their fears and concerns, and allows them to think of ways to manage these stressors. Identifying what causes them stress and help them eliminate it.

To start journaling, one must choose a place in the condo, pick the best place with the most pleasing view, then get a pen and a paper. The following are journaling prompts that can help those who want to start a journal:

  • Listing down daily the three things that they are grateful about. Consider writing even the smallest things that made them happy within the day
  • Answer the questions: What made you happy today? Also, what made you sad?
  • Start writing about your thoughts on random things. This can also help them think out of the box and exercise their creativity. 
  • Write or draw whatever feels right. People should have the freedom and should have a free flow on the writing to communicate better with the emotions.
  • Just write. Write whatever you want -- your dreams, your thoughts, your frustrations, your unsaid messages, your secrets, your stories -- basically anything you want to write.

Keeping a journal will help you create order even when the world goes a little bit chaotic.

Read books and get lost in the story

Condo living can be so stressful when there are no other activities that can be done. One of the ways to de-stress at the condo is by reading books, may it be the newly purchased books, the favorite books, or the long-overdue books, regardless, reading is quite fun as a stress-reliever. They can also start reading books that will teach them to cook in their condo or anything connected to condo design and condo living. Regardless of what book preferences one has, this will still help them get through their stress.

Reading can invite everyone to think of new ways and expand their imagination while indulging themselves in different words. The power the books hold has the ability to let people escape from reality in a while and experience something different. This will help people have a break from all the worrisome news that causes more stress to them. Aside from exploring different worlds and characters, people get to feed their minds, body, and soul.

Listen to music

usic has its ways to calm someone’s soul. People who get so stressed over work, relationships, or life, in general, depend on music in order for them to calm down. Plugging the earphones and playing their most favorite songs would soothe their soul and calm them down. Vibing or just dancing to the beats of the music could help someone release all the bad energy. Take some time daily to just listen to music and meditate. In this way, people get to change their condo living experience just by shifting their mood.

Take time to enjoy and just watch movies in your condo

Set free time to binge-watch the movies from the list and spend the day enjoying these. Allowing oneself to experience this kind of rest would be healthy for people and would help relieve the stress. Inviting friends to have a virtual bonding while watching movies would also be a great option, most especially for those people who get more joy from their families and friends. Making time for oneself is a form of self-care. This should become a practice to some, most especially in this time when everything just seems problematic. Condo living is becoming more worthwhile if homeowners have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Why not do it with some sip of coffee?

There are no one-size-fits-all stress relievers, but these that are listed could somehow help someone start de-stressing in their condo. Getting into their head and waking their senses is a struggle for everyone, but activating these senses is a grounding technique that should be adopted by everyone. Taking deep breaths and taking some pause is always a form of resting. May this be a reminder to everyone that we always have the choice to breathe and rest, so if they do get the choice, always choose to rest, because that is the best way to de-stress in your condo.

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