Stress-Reducing Activities You Can Do in Condo

Jul 21, 2021

Do you know when you’re stressed out? Does your body feel tired and your thoughts spinning? Do you feel your shoulders tensed up? It would be helpful to know why your body reacts that way, and what you can do about it.

Our bodies are designed to handle calm situations as well as exciting and dangerous ones. Have you observed yourself, when you’re in the middle of something frightening or challenging, your body reacts accordingly resulting in better handling of the situation? 

Have you ever been in a state of high energy and sharp senses, similar to what you feel when you’re playing a fun sport or doing really well on a test? When the situation seems uncontrollable and unmanageable, that’s when you start feeling the effects of stress. It’s the fight-or-flight response that we commonly know.

When our brain continues to feel that we’re in danger even when we’re not, that stress starts to create all kinds of physical and emotional problems, plus the anxiety makes it even worse.

We have asked some experts for the best stress-reducing activities that you can do in the condo. We hope this will help you. 

Do simple and quick exercises

If your stress is making you feel like your heart is beating faster than normal, then having some quick bursts of movement is a great way to reduce it. You can do a set of jumping jacks, push-ups, or running in place for a minute. 

According to experts, the burst of activity can get your heart rate up and will activate neurotransmitters that enhance your mood and help reduce anxiety and stress.

Activate your senses

Activating your senses is a good way to release stress. Getting it out of your head and into your senses can help you reduce anxiety. Whether it’s sorting your coin jar to cash in the bank, painting with the kids, or even popping bubble wrap, it brings you back into your body.

Give yourself a relaxing massage

Who says you cannot do a massage on your own? According to experts, there are sensory receptors in the skin that send messages to our brain, signaling that it’s safe to relax. Massage also makes you become more aware of which part of your body you’re feeling tense. 

Solve a problem

If the stress is more mental than physical and you feel your mind thinking about so many things, give yourself a task, such as organizing your shoes or solving a word puzzle. 

According to experts, when you’re stressed, your brain may trigger a problem, so it keeps spinning. That’s a good time to engage your mind - give yourself a task to focus on and observe. You will feel calmer and be better able to deal with the things that are actually stressing you out.

Dance like nobody's watching

Letting loose, playing your favorite songs, and dancing is a good exercise and stress-reliever, 

According to experts, dancing engages the mind and brings on feelings of inspiration. Dancing to music from a happy event in your life can trigger positive memories as well as take out stress. 

We understand that not everyone is into dancing but if you are the only one in the condo, you can simply let loose and get into the groove, and that’s fine. 

Take a shower

Run a bath and sink in. According to experts, when the body temperature changes, the full sensation slows down like rebooting a computer that has all these windows open doing too much processing. By turning it off and restarting, it will help to get unstuck. 

You can also add in some other calming sensory stimulators like fragrant soap or relaxing music.

Stress bake

Baking is stress-relieving. It can be a sensory experience, a project that requires planning, concentration, and mindfulness, which activates your brain; and if you enjoy it, it’s fun. 

Have a good stretch

You may or may not use your mat to get a good stretch. But if you enjoy doing this activity then get your mat, breathe, and stretch in any way that makes you feel good and soothing. There are a lot of yoga classes available online or you can also download some apps to guide you. 


Did you know that even a 2-minute meditation can already relieve your stress? It’s super simple and effective once you do it. Research shows that slow breathing has calming effects on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, and belly breathing specifically may improve attention, mood, and levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

You can try one of the apps with guided meditations, or just sit and breathe deeply from your diaphragm for a minute or two!


Take that stress away by cleaning your condo unit. Give inside of your pantry a good wipe-down or get into the sofa cushions with a vacuum attachment! These simple activities have multiple stress-reducing benefits and are likely to result in a sense of achievement that lifts your mood. Plus, working mindfully at it can reduce stress even more.

Draw and color

When you’re feeling stressed, get a pad, draw, and color. You don’t need any artistic skill, just let your pen have its way with the page, or pick up an adult coloring book

According to experts, anything that can get you out of your head, if you enjoy it, can be a stress reliever. 

Get lost in a good story

If you’re not fond of reading a book, you may opt to binge on a good podcast or TV series that will distract you and transport you out of your life, thereby relieving your stress.  

According to experts, whether it’s a podcast or TV series, the point isn’t simply to distract yourself but to make an active choice to place your attention elsewhere. 

As we grow older, life gradually made us realize that challenges and stress are just around. Thus, a break is essential especially for the ones who grind so much a day. Even in this time, we can still go back to our sanity just inside the comfort of our home. Perks is, you will get to experience your full potential and choose a perfect condo design for our resting spaces. 

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