Let the Earth Breathe: Going Green for Condo Living

Apr 20, 2022

Climate change is here, and while there is nothing we can do to undo the damage that has already been done, we can prevent further increases in global temperature that will benefit the environment and our existence on it for future generations. 

What can an individual do to combat climate change? Individual actions, I believe, are significant. Our acts can have a cascading impact, inspiring and motivating collective action and bringing us closer to the systemic change required to address a problem like a climate change. Having a sustainable lifestyle is not just a trend that we should follow because it's "patok" or click right now, everyone should embody and take part in being sustainable to the world that we live in.

Condo corporations in the Philippines may be questioning and looking for ways and sustainable solutions on how they can fight climate change that may better adapt to the approaching wave of more violent weather events as a result of climate change, and if this is even something they should explore in the near future. Yes, according to climate experts. If condos haven't already done so, some are already urging them to do so. Because it requires energy to heat and cool them, as well as to power all the electronics we have plugged in, homes and commercial buildings account for nearly a third of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Much of that energy comes from burning fossil fuels, which generate greenhouse gases, whether it's electricity from a distant power plant or heat from a gas heater in your basement.

With the increased awareness of global warming and climate change challenges, it is critical for current and future condo dwellers to be mindful of their carbon footprint and contribute to solutions. However, you have the ability to alter this. 

Your home is one of the most important areas to examine if you want to do something about climate change. Here’s are some ways to stop climate change at your condo home;

Banish the Bottles. 

One of the simplest and most important things we can do to fight climate change is to reduce to plastics we used. Plastic water bottles take up a lot of space in landfills. Install a faucet water filter and carry stainless steel water bottles with you when you're on the go to avoid contributing to the problem. If you have an older faucet that won't accept a modern filter, you can get the same effects by using a filter pitcher.

Unplug the Plugs. 

Turned-off but still plugged-in appliances continue to take power from your outlets. What can an individual do to combat climate change is to unplug cell phone chargers, coffee machines, and other appliances you only use for a portion of the day to save money on your electricity bill. This might save up to 40% in the average home, resulting in a significant reduction in our electricity consumption. 

Heating and Cooling. 

In the cold weather, lower the temperature and raise it in the summer. By lowering your room temperature by just two degrees, you can save a significant amount of energy and money on your next power statement. Wearing a sweater in the winter is free, but it can save you a lot of money in the long term on utility bills.

Maximize the Use of Machines. 

Going green doesn't mean you have to give up modern amenities like washing machines and dishwashers, but it does mean you shouldn't waste them. Turn the machine on only when you have a full load. If you only generate two or three filthy items per day, you don't have to do the dishes every night. Wait a few days until your machine is completely full before continuing with the load.

Cover the Windows. 

You may have chosen your apartment in part because of the breathtaking view, but keeping it on show all of the time could cost you money and resources. Drapes or shades should be used to cover any large windows. In the winter, covering windows can assist prevent heat loss, and in the summer, keeping out harsh sunshine can help keep your apartment cool.

Change lightbulbs to LED. 

Quality LED lightbulbs can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, are more durable, and consume up to 75% less energy. This way, you can have a much brighter room without paying too much money and at the same time, you can help in conserving energy. 

Use appliances with Energy Star Label. 

When it's time to replace your refrigerator or dishwasher, look for an Energy Star certified model. Energy Star items are more efficient, which means they can help you save money on energy while also lowering your carbon footprint.

Design your Workspace around Natural Light. 

Due to the pandemic, many individuals are working from home full-time. Rethink your workspace. Do you need a light on all day? Is there another location where you could receive more natural light? By turning off a few lights, you may save money on power and increase the life of your lightbulbs.

Reduce your Waste. 

Reduce your consumption, you can also recycle and compost whenever possible. You can ask your apartment or condominium building to incorporate recycling or composting; if composting is not an option where you live, speak with your local representatives about starting a composting program.

Make your Space Green. 

Take use of any possibility to grow plants in your apartment, whether you have a balcony, a patio, or even a sunny window. Greenery in your home can assist in air purification, minimizing the demand for electric air purifiers. Learn how to grow veggies in containers and set up a balcony garden to cultivate your favorites. You may build a green oasis that will feed you for months by using intense planting, trellises, and hanging pots.

These are just some of the ways we can do to stop climate change at home. Even though your condo does not officially belong to you, there are still things you can do to live more sustainably. Climate change has the potential to be overpowering. The science is complicated, and there are still many unknowns when it comes to future consequences. While true answers will necessitate global action, there are choices you can make in your daily life to reduce your personal environmental effect. Going green doesn't have to entail putting up permanent structures in your yard or building. You can still have a good impact on the environment by changing your lifestyle rather than your structure.

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