Level Up Condo Living With These New Apple Products

Nov 01, 2021

Good news to all the apple fans! One of the world’s largest tech companies unveils their 2021 flagship models and gadgets. Last September, Apple revealed their much anticipated iPhone 13. A new generation of iPhones with massive updates and much awaited upgrades (like much of the leakes). Last month, they also introduced a newly calibrated Macbook and Macbook Pro with powerful chips that can cater to full blown tasks. The company also introduced a new generation of Airpods: the Airpods 3. Here are some of the salient features of the new Apple products that can be relevant to condo living.

The all new super power iPhones perfect for smart condo living

Much like the trend in smart homes in some of the condos in the Philippines, Apple also continues its trend in producing highly acclaimed iPhone series. The iPhone 13 series is composed of four models (like the previous series): the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. All of which is powered with new chips, better battery life, a more spacious storage, and refined cameras. Such powerful phones can be used to have a smart condo design - achieving an efficient Apple ecosystem and complete condo living experience at the same time .

Powerful chip

The new iPhone series is powered by Apple's A15 Bionic chip that is claimed to have 50% faster CPU and 30% faster graphics than competing brands, and basically the fastest smartphone chip ever. Such a lightning-fast chipset, thanks to its 16-core Neural Engine, gives the most advanced dual camera system, efficient batteries, speed-boosting gaming experience, and impressive displays. This means the new iPhones can cater not only to faster user experience but also to a smart condo living - thanks to the device’s ecosystem, controlling other devices is made easy.

Bigger storage

Looking for bigger storage because some smart apps consume a lot? The new iPhone models are available starting with 128 GB up to the tremendous 1TB of storage. Worry no more in looking for extra space to download smart apps. Indeed, achieving a labor-saving condo living with these iPhones.

Bigger batteries

Work from home setup is not just physically draining but is also battery draining for most of the gadgets. Most people often use their phones for zoom meetings, even students for their online classes. Nobody wants a condo design full of wires and cords due to endless charging. Thanks to the new iPhones with bigger batteries and a powerful chip that improves battery life, constantly charging the device will never be a problem.


One of the best, if not the best, feature of the 13 series is the camera. A15 Bionic chips introduced the newest features ever in a smartphone - thanks to its super power ability. Such features include cinematic mode, Dolby vision HDR, close-to-perfection night mode and portrait mode, new Photographic styles, and TrueDepth camera system that enhances deep fusion and powers Face ID for a more secure facial authentication.

Speaking of cameras, most of the condo in the Philippines offers picturesque landscapes that are perfect for such a powerful camera. It is one of the factors that property buyers consider when looking for a pre selling condo. Level up condo living experience by staying in a place not only with close access to basic services and business hubs but also to a place with scenic city skylines. There is no other place to look for than Manila.

There are numerous pre selling condo and condo for sale in Manila to choose to satisfy city dreams. Sky Arts Manila highlights the city’s historical value and is standing in one of the busiest areas in the capital. It is located near collegiate centers, historical sites, nightlife outlets, and business establishments, indeed perfect for a walk and capturing every bit of the moment, may it be day or night - thanks to iPhone’s sophisticated night mode.

Airpods 3: You don’t need noise cancellation in a noiseless condo living

Everyone wants a focus-capable condo living, and to achieve this, people invest in noise cancellation headphones to keep them away from distraction. For those who are fans of active noise-cancelling features, the new generation of Airpods might be “odd”. But despite the unpopular clamor, most of the fans still appreciate Apple’s move to “erase” it since it finally removed the silicone which some fans find uncomfortable.

A newly improved wireless experience

The new Airpods 3 is just a level up Airpods and Airpods pro combined. The only new thing for this new generation of Apple’s wireless earphone is its sound quality and performance. This new Airpods is equipped with HD Voice Quality for better Facetime and an Adaptive EQ system to optimize sound quality. Design wise, the Airpods 3 is an Airpods 2 (2nd generation) shaped like an Airpods pro minus the silicone. For a more personal touch, the new Airpods are now customizable by engraving names in its case for free. The new Airpods is also equipped with wireless charging capability as an upgrade and is compatible with the well-known Apple Magsafe feature.

Wireless experience is deemed to be addictive because of the trends not only with user experience but also in condo living. Most of the devices available in the market nowadays support, if not totally powered, by wireless technology. This, indeed, signifies the emerging trends and evolution of the tech industry.

Improved battery life

The new Airpods 3 also have an improved battery life. It can now last up to six hours on a single charge, instead of five, at moderate volume levels. This means the Airpods experience is extended from outdoors and even within  condo living.

Upgrade condo design with the popping Home Pod mini

Accessorize the condo with the popping colors of the new Home Pod mini. Equipped with the same features of the previous versions, the newly released Home Pod mini only differs in colors. Apple did the same thing with the release of the new iMacs earlier this year, with catchy yet sleek designs and colors. Level up condo design by accentuating the interior with new bright and funky Home Pods mini and still experience the best surround-sound  condo living.

Condo living like a pro with the newest Macbooks

The release of the new Macbook and Macbook Pro is the much anticipated and most awaited announcement for Apple fans. These new models of laptops happen to be a great leap from last year’s big announcement of the M1 Chip. This year, the tech company elevated the game even further with their new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors that are claimed to be the fastest laptop CPUs to this date.

New design

This year, Apple ditched the infamous touch bar which some find not so user-friendly and instead brought back the previous keyboard setup. New Macbook and Macbook Pro redesigned their displays by introducing the “notch”, allowing users to have larger displays - 14.2 inch for the base models and an enormous 16.2 inch for the Pros.

The most powerful Macbooks, yet

Last year’s M1 processor has been recognized to be one of the fastest CPUs in every laptop, but Apple seems to push their game even more; thus the release of new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that is believed to perform even on big projects. Following the ditch of Intel chips, Macbooks are now claimed to be the fastest laptop ever by running their products with their own chips. M1 Pro and M1 Max are equipped with 16-core GPU and 32-core GPU respectively, compared to the previous chip which only runs with 8-core GPU.

To give a glimpse on how fast a laptop’s GPU can be, the more the number of cores means the more processes can be done in a span of time, meaning the more cores can lead to a faster performance since it lessens the time of encoding - in this case, graphics. Apple's chips are already composed of the fundamental parts, having three kinds of processor cores - efficiency, performance, and GPU - compared to other brands which are assembled separately.

Bringing back the ports… and adding some more

Also a good news to the fans, mag safe charging ports are back! The new Macbook and Macbook Pro models brought back HDMI ports and SD Cards slots and have further added new ports. This is one of the problems that every Macbook user faces. They are forced to settle with countless “dongles” to connect to. It can also be a breath of fresh air especially for people who hate having third-party connectors which are not visually appealing to the workstation and to the condo design as a whole.

Improved visuals

The Macbook’s trend-setter displays also have faster refresh rates with 120Hz just like the recent iPhone models. Apple also said that the newest set of Macbooks will have “brighter, higher contrast displays” - a result of boosting the number of pixels on the displays. Both of the models can sustain brightness of 1,000 nits and a max peak brightness of 1,600 nits.

Doing home-based tasks can never be so efficient with these new Apple products - from a wide variety of iPhones, Airpods, accessories like Home Pods, and super power giants like the Macbooks, working efficiently with these technologies, indeed, completes a more productive condo living experience.

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