Live a Healthy Condo Lifestyle at The Courtyard by Vista Residences

Apr 23, 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world ceased to a halt. We started to change the way we lived and focused on how we can get through the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

One thing that helps us to avoid the harmful effects of the virus is to stay indoors. However, staying inside the comfort of your condominium isn’t that ample to keep ourselves immune.

Several health organizations released guides on how everyone can stay safe to protect themselves and to reduce the dreaded effect of the virus. Now, every individual around the world rapidly adapted to ways to stay healthy, and it worked.

People have gotten used to strengthening their immune systems and the lifestyle became the norm for everybody. This also affected the way businesses marketed their services and products, especially the real estate industry. As such, the demand for most properties are convenient-locations to necessities (supermarkets, shops), mixed-use and integrated communities, and the promotion of wellness and health. The latter of which is the core design for the majority of developers in their condominiums, as the quality of life stems from the utilization of urban spaces and amenities.

The perfect way to experience a safe and healthy lifestyle with the conveniences of an urban setting is through condos in Manila. The surge of interest in investing in a condominium during the pandemic was considered an opportunity ripe for the taking. Real estate remains to be one of the most stable investments in the Philippines, as evident by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Furthermore, there are a lot of condos for sale in Metro Manila that can provide everything that you wish for, but be sure to research your desired condo and location before your investment. Choosing your next prime real estate investment this year should have the reasons to support a healthy lifestyle that is capable of long-term living in the New Normal and beyond.

You should choose a property developer who can provide you with everything that you need and Vista Residences is one of the better choices out there. One of their highly-coveted properties is The Courtyard by Vista Residences, located in Taguig City. 

Here's how you can achieve a healthy condo lifestyle at The Courtyard:

You get ample amounts of sunshine in your unit

The Courtyard’s premium condo units are included in the high-rise towers of the property. The three interconnected towers surround each other and at every point of the early sunrise and the later afternoon sunset, our future residents are constantly greeted by the sun’s natural light.

The sunlight is good for maintaining your health. It strengthens bones, skin, and your immune system by giving you Vitamin D, the latter being the most beneficial nowadays. Additionally, multiple researchers have found that one hour of being exposed to natural light can help people sleep better. The best time to get ample amounts of sunshine is around 8 to 9 a.m., which is usually right around the time most people get up from bed.

A Resort-Inspired Atmosphere

The Courtyard has the allure of a resort-inspired atmosphere in its amenities. Every day is a vacation in this upscale pre selling condominium development and it is one of the highlights upon searching condo for sale in Taguig.

Swimming in itself is a great workout. It requires you to use your entire body and it is considered another type of cardio workout. It builds endurance, flexibility, tones muscles, and trains your heart rate. It is recommended for at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted swimming to fully reap the benefits of a swimming-oriented exercise.

Or if you are not in the mood for some cardio, it’s fine. Cool water is beneficial for your mental health and you can relax as you float in the pool. Additionally, all amenities were designed with a resort in mind, so the appeal of escape to a well-deserved vacation is felt throughout this upscale condo in Taguig.

Championing Fitness

Besides the previous two reasons, The Courtyard by Vista Residences also has a fitness gym and jogging path, where our residents will have an active condo living at their convenience within the property.

Nothing beats a classic workout in the gym. The Fitness Gym is adequately equipped with barbells, dumbbells, benches, exercise bikes, and more to target every muscle group in your body: biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, core, and legs.

Furthermore, cool off and re-energize after an intense gym session through our jogging path on the ground floor of the condo. Take in the warm breeze and sounds of the calm city or listen to your favorite playlist during your cardio/cool down workout. Or you can even add it to your workout days, specifically as the last day for cardio-focus.

If you are considering to start working out, here are some tips for beginners:

● Dedicate yourself to a strict diet (High Protein, Low Carbs). Be sure to check your calorie intake if you want to bulk up for increasing your muscle mass or toning your fat.

● Each day is focused on one muscle group. Not at all together.

● The duration of your workout should depend on your fitness level. Hit at least a minimum of 25 minutes to a maximum of an hour.

● Quality over quantity. Be sure to check your proper form to avoid injuries, instead of matching your desired reps of each set a day.

● The pain should be felt in your targeted muscle and never your joints.

● Remember to stretch before, as a warm-up, and after, to cool down.

● Practice your breathing, per your exercising motion.

● Lastly, take a sip of water during your 30-second breaks in between your sets.

Conveniently Located Stores

As mentioned prior, your diet is important. Note that exercising is just 30% of the effort to stay fit, while 70% starts in the kitchen.

Don't worry, there are a lot of reputable websites that give you the necessary information regarding food nutrients and guides on building muscle or toning your body.

Plus, the benefit of living in The Courtyard by Vista Residences is the convenience of a supermarket with access to the freshest goods. All Day Supermarket and AllGreen are your nearest stores that you can go to purchase the healthiest foods and ingredients during your 6-day healthy diet, which are both located in Vista Mall Taguig.

What is interesting is that those two establishments are just a 5-minute walk from the condominium. When you decide to purchase your essentials for the month, enjoy a brisk walk to the mall and it is ensured that you are safe as Taguig City establishes bike lanes and dedicated sidewalks for its citizens.

Green Spaces to nurture your mental health

Lastly, The Courtyard has established a green and sustainable space, which is filled with luscious palm trees and comfortable seats to take in the garden-like experience at the end of a long day. This is a significant addition to your healthy lifestyle in this condo in Taguig.

We need to take care of our mental health and the past year or so has proven to affect everyone’s mindset. Green space is needed as an escape to breathe and relax the mind. Plus, The Courtyard’s green space is open for every resident and could be used as a ground to chat with your neighbors within a soothing ambiance.

Your Long-Term Investment in the New Normal

The project prides itself on being a convenience to its residences while delivering a premium and modern experience to your condo living.

The Courtyard by Vista Residences is a pre selling condo and it is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard in Taguig City. The property will house three high-rise towers with an excellent view of Bonifacio Global City, which is only a 15-minute drive to one of the bustling commercial and world-class business districts in the Metro.

This condo for sale property is well-poised to appreciate, given the surrounding area’s continued infrastructure developments. Some developments will be completed in 2021, particularly the South East Metro Manila Expressway and the BGC-Ortigas Link Road.

For more information on Vista Residences, visit, follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.    

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