How to Keep Yourself Busy Inside the Condo

Apr 22, 2021

With the recent implementation of stricter protocols to curb the spread of the virus, more and more people are left with no choice but to stay at home. A lot of us have started thinking about fun, creative, and productive ways to keep ourselves busy at home.

For some people, home leisure activities quickly shifted from killing boredom to crossing things off checklists and making the most of staying at home. Sure there are times that you still feel blue while staying in your condo. But you can do a lot of things - from the ones you have when the Wi-Fi is down to online entertainment ideas that are trending these days, we have listed down some of the ways to keep yourself busy within the comfort of your own condo unit.

Use time wisely by finding new content online

You do not need to join the bandwagon of those who binge-watch on Netflix or those who show their dance moves on Tiktok. We understand that online entertainment preferences vary, so it is really up to you to choose which social media platforms, digital services or apps you will try and enjoy.

Try to move away from your daily routine of scrolling through the same old timelines and news feeds. Take this opportunity to use your time wisely by expanding your preferences and looking for new and exciting content online. Who knows? You might just discover new worlds and new online communities that are perfect fit for you?

Choose self-care

Being stuck inside your condo unit may trick you into thinking that there is nothing worth getting ready for or wondering why you should put any effort into your appearance or why you should improve yourself when no one even sees you.

What you can do is to think of how nice it sounds to soak your feet in warm water right about now. Think about that hair mask that you need to keep on for two hours or the body scrub you have been planning to do at your favorite skin station. Now is the time to do it.

If pampering has always been an afterthought, now is your chance to make it more of a priority. In this period of quarantine,choose self-care.

Read and learn

Maybe you have that one book that you have been postponing to read or a magazine on condo interior that you have been meaning to explore. Whatever it is, there is nothing like reading to take your mind off of things and keep your brain active and engaged. So, every now and then, turn off those notifications and find something that would enhance your knowledge and take you on an intellectual journey.

Cook, cook, cook

There’s no excuse now for not learning how to cook or getting around to cooking more. Besides the current need to cook at home, there are a lot of online resources that would help you improve your cooking skills or try out new and exciting dishes for you and your loved ones.

Cooking is also a great way to relieve stress. Not only does it calm us down, but it also serves as a great creative outlet. You can make it more fun by setting up a virtual cooking activity with your family and friends where you can learn recipes from each other and cook together while chatting online. You can take this time to learn new skills and bond with your family and friends even if you are miles and miles apart.

Get fit and exercise

This quarantine period might make you feel lazy to move and exercise. While hitting the gym is not the best option at this time, you can still do some quick exercises by joining virtual group exercises or fitness tutorials. It just takes self-discipline to make that decision to get healthy and fit in the comfort of your own unit.

All you need is enough space to move around and the willingness to get started. To get you on vibe, pick up those athleisure items and put on your workout gear to get into the right active mindset


A clean living space is always nice to return home to. Besides the regular scrubbing and dusting, pay attention to other areas that need a bit of decluttering. Tidy up your area - check on your closet and sort out the items in your unit to see which ones you have to keep and those that you have to get rid of.

Stay in touch

It is important to tend to your mental and spiritual health especially during this time. Waste no time in calling your family and friends, check on them regularly, catch up, and bond. This is a good opportunity for you to communicate with your loved ones.

You can do a lot of things to relax, be productive, and enjoy your time at home. It is really up to each and every one of us how we will maximize our time indoors and at the same time keep ourselves safe and healthy especially this time of pandemic.

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