Muji-Inspired Minimalist Condo Interior Design

Nov 14, 2022

A home with plenty of natural light has a calming and inviting quality. The pleasant atmosphere of the place will immediately make you want to live there, allowing you not to give the size of the place any thought - this is the beauty of minimalist, Muji-style architecture.

The last few years have seen a rise in favor of minimalist condos. And individuals from all over the world, including Filipinos, are beginning to live in this manner. According to statistics, the trend for Muji-themed homes continues to rise, and it's on its way to becoming a standard.

Marie Kondo, who popularized minimalism, is a big factor in this trend. If you are one of her followers, then you are undoubtedly one of those who have experienced the transformative power of keeping things simple and organized and are considering investing in a minimalist condo.

What is Muji-style Architecture?

One of the most popular styles, minimalism, has developed into several varieties that fit different places and people. The Japanese Muji design can be your greatest minimalist option if you're trying to make your condo home into a serene retreat.

A well-known Japanese lifestyle brand selling simple, uncomplicated, yet useful goods and clothes are called Muji. The Muji style, often known as "No-Brand Quality Goods," is preferred among minimalists because the calmness and simplicity of Japanese Zen inspire it.

Now that you have an ample grasp of Muji-style architecture, you are off to start (or look for) a Muji-themed condo that suits your preference.

Start with your Muji living room ideas as a kickoff!

To paint a clear picture of the overall look of the condo, draw some of the ideas you've come up with and start from there. You can start conceptualizing how the living room should look!

One of the important elements of a Muji interior design is color. A neutral color scheme is essential to re-creating the Muji aesthetic in your home because it is based on serenity and minimalism. Select shades of white, gray, brown, and cream as your basic colors. Start with these hues, then utilize soft blues and greens for your accent colors. Earth tones are also excellent for giving your area more depth and liveliness.

Furniture and other items should also have a minimalist appearance to achieve the Muji design effect completely. Utilize a combination of certain synthetic elements to achieve a more rustic and natural effect. In a living room, for example, a couch with wooden frames is the one to go. Table corners with essential cabinets in them are also just right since it reflects the idea of efficiency. However, practicality must come first, whether you have wooden floors or some storage made of steel or plastic.

It is, after all, a fundamental component of Muji's philosophy. Therefore, even though it's an eye-catching and attention-grabbing decoration, only get it if you need it. Muji style is all about functionality and simplicity. So better keep those Muji living room ideas simple and reasonable. If you're into extravagant, space-grabbing home elements, then a Muji-style condo living is different for you.

Keep it less and clean with a Muji-inspired bedroom.

You can use colors like white, soft light gray, and light ceramic oak-shade tiles to maintain the Muji-inspired aesthetic. Or a piece of abstract art next to the bathroom door that complements the muted colors giving it a perfect contrast.

Having a designated workspace is crucial nowadays. Finish it with a floor-saving hanging work table and an upholstered chair with slender legs. Wall-mounted shelves can be used to contain books and other decor items to prevent the walls from looking too plain.

A piece of art acts as the headboard, and well-lit bookcases can make the bed more inviting. This will keep the space as simple as feasible and, at the same time, keeps the motif consistent. A lighted platform bed frame is a must-have feature because it casts a soft glow that is useful for reading or watching TV.

The gist: a clean and organized room is a Muji-inspired bedroom - you need to add striking additions to give it a little bit of punch.

Neat as a Muji house design exterior

Less is more - a defining feature of the Muji aesthetic and the cornerstone of Muji's philosophy. One important method to create a warm and calm atmosphere, as this architecture demands, is to eliminate any clutter. Overdoing it, though, could make your house appear lifeless and empty. So, balance is still required throughout. You might believe that maintaining a "clean look" is simple, but accomplishing the Muji style without becoming lifeless and uninteresting requires true talent.

That being said, simplicity and minimalism can also be applied to a Muji house design exterior. The keywords include "declutter" and "organized," so start by making sure the home's exterior is free of unnecessary displays and elements that might distract its overall appearance. Less intricate windows and outdoor plants are the ones to go.

Make sure that the exterior design must "compliment" what's inside. For minimalism to work, natural light is essential. For example, a condo with floor-to-ceiling windows is vital in letting the natural light in. Adding blinds or transparent drapes adds texture to it. Allowing plenty of natural light inside will make it appear larger than it seems, giving it a lively, airy, and inviting feel.

However, condos with fewer windows can simulate the illusion of abundant natural light by installing the appropriate lighting fixtures. For a more peaceful and calm appearance, pick artificial lighting that closely resembles natural lighting. Additionally, doing so keeps your space well-lit and welcoming.

Preferably, it is still best to stick to natural light. Not only does it give a more authentic natural light, but it can also help conserve energy, which is the main idea of Muji-inspired home - efficiency and practicality.

You are utterly mistaken if you believe that Muji is solely concerned with minimalism. The purpose of Muji is to improve the actual essence of Zen living by providing durable, high-quality furniture. Your home's interior should be flexible and adaptable to your family's changing needs and way of life.

The Muji aesthetic adds order, coziness, and natural elements to any setting. These days, when we spend the majority of our time at home, it is essential to keep a clean, roomy, and welcoming home. 

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