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Jan 19, 2022

2022 is truly a year that everyone hopes to be amazing. We are all very optimistic that this year will offer us a lot of new things, new hobbies, new careers for some, and new flavors that we will experience and enjoy in this life. But of course, being someone who lives in the busy corners of the urban cities makes it more challenging to add colors to their busy schedules. For some entertainment means music and people, but for others, it can be silence, peaceful nature, or an ambiance that is very different from just a basic condo life.  

Most of the population in the City of Manila is comprised of immigrants from different provinces in the Philippines. Most of them are breadwinners or young professionals who are so devoted to their chosen careers and are grinding hard to sustain their own life and of the family, they left in their faraway homes. Most of them live in studio-type apartments and condominiums that seem most suitable for them and are very much accessible to both work and necessities. But we cannot put away the fact that everyone that grinds craves rest. We are all thirsty for something relaxing and cozy – a gem in this very loud and busy city life. 

It is many years ago when one of the very popular tourist destinations in the City of Manila has been operating well – the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden. But because of the tropical weather here in our country, and a little problem in the management of both tourists and the place itself, animals in the said zoo later became so hard to breed. And with the desire to take care of them, the operation of the said zoo became limited. Tourism also became a little shaky for the City. And in 2019, then Manila mayor Joseph Estrada ordered Manila Zoo to temporarily shut down after Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu appended the zoo’s sewage as a major pollutant of Manila Bay due to its lack of a sewage treatment plant. But since many of us still believes and hope for the Manila Zoo’s reborn, we are all expectant that 2022 will continue giving us great news. 

Today’s Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Damagoso announced last July 15, 2021, on the soft opening of the said Zoo that his office allotted a budget of P1.7 billion to rehabilitate the 62-year-old zoo that will cover 51,000 sqm of the recreation facility. Although it is a great project for the city and the country, it also requires a good game plan on how to start and execute the said renovation. Also, what are the plans to make sure that it will be suitable be placed in the city considering the air and water it has once polluted?

When you enter the Zoo’s facility, you will see a replica of Mali, the Zoo’s famous elephant who has been a resident since 1977. Also, there is a sign with a flowchart outside the facility showing the process of waste treatment which is one of the priorities of the renovation which is to draft a plan for a sewage treatment facility, which has since been installed since it is the major concern of the Zoo’s closure back then. The redevelopment plan will address this problem by having a sewage treatment plant, a materials recovery facility, and a new veterinary hospital. The project also includes the construction of new habitats for the different animals, gardens, public toilets, a museum, a restaurant, and a new parking area. They will make sure that the ambiance of the Zoo will be welcoming to everyone, cozy, and comfortable to stay in most especially when you are spending just a one-day break.

Apart from habitat enclosures for the different animals, the project will feature a botanical garden and amphitheater. Also, there is a plan for the construction of a modern reception lobby. The design of the project was done by the city in collaboration with Jose T. Manosa and Associates and Nathan Savage Lighting Design. According to Mayor Domagoso, upon the completion of the project, the zoo will be “similar and competitive to Singapore Zoo.” He also confidently said in his speech that this zoo will soon be the best in Asia. 

“I am happy that we are not only going to build a zoo, a clean zoo but a healthier zoo for our animals. I want the best for you, mga Batang Maynila,” he said.

The rehabilitation project began on the 61st founding anniversary of the Manila Zoo. The Manila Department of Engineering and Public Works said the target duration for the completion of the zoo’s rehabilitation is 19 just months and we are very near to its final opening date.

Currently, at Manila Zoo’s care, apart from Mali, are a couple of lions, tigers, crocodiles, monkeys, turtles, snakes, and flightless birds, among others. Mayor Damagoso also said that he wants to have a connection and partnership with Cebu Safari and Adventure Park to provide animals for the zoo. Also, the city invites many donors most especially from groups and personalities that advocates for animals, nature, and a green city.

With this very amazing project of the City of Manila Government, we are all very pleased to know that a break in this busy city life can soon be very handy as we look forward to an amazing zoological and botanical experience just one mile from our loving condominiums. Sooner, just a ride from home, we can already be experiencing jungle and an adventure we never thought we can enjoy between the noisy streets of Manila, all with the amazing initiation of the Manila government and active cooperation of the community. We are all hoping that this beautiful reborn be a long-term solution for tourism and most especially for the people. We also hope that this lovely gift of nature will be much appreciated and far from being exploited once more by everyone.

As the country begins to rise from the hardships of the pandemic, industries such as e-commerce, technology, and even real estate also start appreciating. 

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