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New Normal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Your Condo

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2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone. Since the holiday season is almost upon us, everyone is finding reasons to be thankful for despite what the pandemic has caused us.

This time last year, people are already preparing for the Christmas traditions and festive holiday celebrations, which include Christmas shopping and Christmas tree decorating, among others. However, that may not be the case this year as the world is still struggling from the pandemic.

This year may look a little different, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate in style and make lasting memories virtually from the comfort of your own condominium property.

Holidays can still be celebrated in simple ways, which is common among condo dwellers whose living space is limited. This 2020, why not make your holiday celebration a cozy, intimate, and safe experience for everyone? Check out some new normal ways to celebrate the holidays in your condo this year!

1.      Host an intimate lunch/dinner

Since there is only limited space in the condo unit, it would be good to limit the number of guests, wear face mask, and strictly observe social distancing.

Pot luck is always expected in intimate celebrations but you may also opt to have individually packed meals. For everyday meals made special and stress-free get-togethers at home, check out The Party Kitchen (

Don’t forget to disinfect too! Preparing sanitizers and other disinfecting materials like alcohol, disinfecting wipes and sprays, would always be a good idea.

Best to disinfect your condo unit too once guests have left as a precautionary measure.

2.      Virtual Celebration

One of the safest ways to celebrate any festivities would be to host a virtual gathering with your family and friends. This will surely be different (or even awkward for some) than celebrating together physically.

We all know how COVID-19 has put strain on our schedules, budgets, and sanity but that doesn’t limit us from celebrating this special time of the year!

Just like any family gatherings, everyone can eat noche buena, play games, and share stories together - virtually. This will be a different kind of memory to cherish for sure.

For a more exciting holiday activity, you can check out online games or solve mysteries virtually via Mystery Manila (

3.      Donation Drive

The true essence of the holiday season is giving and sharing with others. This year’s series of unfortunate events, like the Taal Volcano eruption, Covid-19 pandemic, and strong typhoons, have affected a lot of Filipinos.

This holiday season is the perfect time to share our blessings with those who were affected by these natural occurrences. This is a good time to organize a donation drive. 

Thankful for the times that brought technology to the world, there are now several ways to pay it forward, making donating a lot easier and more efficient.

You can donate from the safety of your own condo unit through G-Cash (


4.     Attend Online Simbang Gabi

Attending the Simbang Gabi has been a long-time Christmas tradition that Filipinos observe. People stay up late or wake up super early in hopes of having one wish granted to them when they complete the 9 nights of Simbang Gabi. Another thing people look forward to during this season is the memories they create when they bond over bibingka and puto bumbong outside the church before going home. 

This time, because of the pandemic, masses are now available on television and streamed live on the internet to limit the number of people physically going to churches. Eating bibingka and puto bumbong would still be possible as these could be delivered to your condo.

The holiday season might be a lot different from how we used to celebrate but you can make it more meaningful and remarkable even when you’re miles apart. Don’t let distance get in the way of celebrating with your friends and family this holiday season. After all, everyone has their own vision of what makes a perfect holiday, but there’s one thing that unites us all - coming together to celebrate with loved ones.

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