Reasons Why the Island of Boracay is Famous to Foreigners

Nov 09, 2022

Boracay Island, in the Visayan region of the Philippines, is a well-known travel destination known for its fine white sand and pristine beaches. It is only a short flight from Manila. Countless exhilarating pursuits and adventures are waiting to be discovered on this idyllic island sanctuary. To describe the beauty of Boracay, read more in this article. 

The entire resort island is there. Boracay is the place to go if you want a vacation comparable to going practically anywhere in Europe in summer. It benefits everyone. Families and groups of friends may enjoy a variety of day tours and activities in Boracay. There are plenty of romantic activities in Boracay, even for couples.

Naturally, Boracay will let you down if your goal is to visit the island for some peaceful solitude and a return to your roots. Boracay is unquestionably still worth including on your schedule for the Philippines if you want to vacation where Filipinos and people of all nationalities vacation.

It has evolved into a second home for foreigners, a safe haven from their daily lives. That's exactly what tourists say about Boracay. Here are a few of the explanations for why Boracay is constantly crowded with foreign visitors.

What makes Boracay famous?

Incredible Natural Resources. 

On Boracay Island, there is so much natural beauty to appreciate. At Baling Hai Beach, you can find foreigners looking to unwind with a little snorkeling thrown in. Mount Luho, which is 100 meters above sea level, provides a breathtaking view for those who want to take in the full scope of Boracay's splendor.

However, nothing is more natural than Boracay's renowned powdery white sand. You can stroll along the shoreline without sandals because the sand is so fine and powdery.

Beautiful Beaches. 

Why do tourists visit Boracay? Well, if you have yet to visit the adjacent islands, you haven't truly experienced Boracay. Plan an island-hopping journey to explore Boracay's top beaches. Spend an entire day discovering the natural splendor of the adjacent islands and beaches, such as Carabao Island, Hinugtan Beach, Magic Island, Piknikan Island, and Crystal Cove Island, to name a few.

You may do a number of things at each attraction, such as exploring secret coves and caves, jumping off limestone cliffs, marveling at fantastic rock formations, or just taking in vibrant marine life. This is a side of Boracay that you should take advantage of!

Nightlife scene. 

Boracay features both quiet and boisterous beach bars, depending on your preference. Alcohol consumption is no longer authorized on the beach and in the streets as of the 2018 closure, as previously announced.

However, the atmosphere is still suitable for sipping cocktails while relaxing on a bean bag in the sand. Be aware of the fact that the iconic party pub crawl somehow continues to take place.

Even on more remote and "tranquil" islands, the nightlife is starting to resemble a Thai Full Moon party. So don't let Boracay's busier nightlife turn you away; instead, relax with a drink and take in the stunning sunset.


Foreign visitors to Boracay can afford to go on a shopping frenzy thanks to the Philippines' favorable currency rate when compared to other nations. Looking past the pricey shops and tour packages at D'mall, Boracay's main commercial district, one can find other boutiques that offer goods and services at bargain prices and budget-friendly resorts and lodging options.

Foreign visitors can take a full-day tour that includes meals and snacks for as little as Php1,000, or about $25US. Don't be shocked if you see them in abundance at the evening's bars because beers and other beverages only cost fifty cents. Additionally, the affordable Boracay real estate market, like condo investment, has attracted foreigners who want to settle.

The foodie scene in Boracay. 

After Manila and Cebu, Boracay has the greatest selection of restaurants for foodies. While it is more difficult to locate local food carts and markets, Boracay is unquestionably the location to experience a ton of fantastic cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Many hotels and condo in Boracay along the White Beach set up their tables on the sand at night. It can definitely make for a special meal when combined with the sparkling lights and the sound of the ocean lapping at your feet. For its excellent staff, delectable cuisine, and awesome atmosphere, we highly recommend the Ambassador Hotel on White Beach! 

Exciting Water Sports Activities. 

What makes Boracay famous? In Boracay, adventure has no age restrictions. Feel the wind on your face, ride the waves in style, and try something new. The island provides a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities to satiate your yearning for something thrilling.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, stand-up paddling, and beach activities. Additionally, you may have a blast with your family and friends by participating in exciting water sports like helmet diving and riding a banana boat or UFO. If you want to take things to the limit, you may try parasailing, which gives you a bird's-eye view of the entire island while being pushed by a boat. Your trip to Boracay will be unforgettable for sure if you participate in these activities!

Aklanon Culture.

Every January, the celebrated Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan is held in honor of Santo Nio. It features a lively parade, as well as performances of tribal dance and music by indigenous ensembles. The Philippines' Mardi Gras is regarded as one of the best celebrations in the nation and could be one of the reasons why tourists visit Boracay. 

The Locals in Boracay. 

The people in Boracay were extremely wonderful (as with everywhere in the Philippines).

There is much less criminality and a sense of tourist money-grabbing in Boracay than in some of Thailand's well-known party islands. If a beach vendor approaches you and you aren't interested in what they have to sell, a smile and a kind "no" will suffice, and they won't bother you again.

We discovered that it was really simple to meet people because of staying at Diniwid Beach, which is next to White Beach. We would suddenly be greeting local families and moving over muddy streets.

And that's to describe the beauty of Boracay.

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