Sports and Recreational Activities You Can Do In Your Condo in Baguio City

Oct 20, 2021

Baguio City as the Summer Capital of the Philippines is known for its recreational activities and outdoor sports facilities. Because of its cool weather, a lot of individuals from different regions travel to the city to do their sports and fitness training. The big lion's head along Kennon road that represents baguio in the cordillera mountains and one of the best tourist attraction in the city of pine trees. Baguio is one of the famous attraction in the Cordillera region and one of the best things in Benguet.

One of the known personalities who travel to Baguio for his sports training is Manny Pacquiao. He stays in the city for months just to complete his preparation for his upcoming boxing fights. For him, the weather of Baguio City is perfect for a training avenue and the climate is similar to the United States. If you are a sports or fitness enthusiast who is planning to visit or stay in a conducive place like Baguio City, here is the list of sports and recreational activities you can do for your lifestyle and fitness journey.

Running and Walking

If you plan to visit or settle for good in a condominium in Baguio City, one of the perks of living here is to run and walk in the city freely. Athletes, runners, and bikers prefer Baguio City for its high level of altitude. The city has a perfect slope for running a marathon. This is also the reason why the city is also suited for triathlon events. Residents or tourists like to walk and take a stroll around various parks without having to pay for the entrance fee such as Mines View Park, La Trinidad Strawberry Farm for strawberry picking, Baguio Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay and other places to visit around Baguio.

The favorite jogging paths in the city are south Drive, Leonard Wood Road, and Burnham Park. The slope in these spots is perfect for building your resistance. While running or walking, you also get the chance to see the breathtaking mountain views of the city and enjoy the breeze from the mountains and sound of the pine trees while walking or jogging. Camp John Hay also has a cemetery of negativism wherein tourists can bury all the negative thing in life.

Moreover, tourists, travelers, or residents who love to travel go for art museum or parks with entrance fee such as bencab museum by Benedicto Cabrera is a family friendly museum that even children would love to go around and check. Aside from that, people can also go to tam-awan village to see the culture and tradition of baguio. Furthermore, if the tourist wants to spice up their walk, they can go to the diplomat hotel or visit the baguio cathedral to pray and contemplate.

Horseback Riding

Many tourists enjoy exploring Baguio City by trying horseback riding. So, if you are visiting here or staying here for good, then you can try this recreational activity any time of the day. You can choose from 200 different horses and ponies of different colors and sizes. You will be guided by a “pony boy” who is in charge of giving you tutorials and accompanying you on your ride. To start your trail rides, you can go to Mines View Park, Country Club Trail, Marlboro Country, and Japanese Trails. You have the option to travel on short or long trails depending on your “pony boy”.

In Mines View Park, your route will start from climbing up Wright Park where you can enjoy the panoramic view and passing through Gibraltar Road. You will enter through some residential roads from Outlook Drive to the park and vice versa and also passby the famous pasalubong or popular tourist place to go to is Good Shepherd Convent for Strawberry jam and Ube jam. The overall time of the trail is about one hour.  


Playing golf in Baguio City is one of the very popular recreational sports activities for both visitors and residents. And there are only two golf courses you can play at. The first is in Camp John Hay and the second one is in Baguio Country Club. Camp John Hay Golf Course is said to be the only golf course in the Philippines with bent grass greens. It is considered to be a superior golf course in the city and a world-class facility in the world. That is why this place was also the venue of the Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament where it is participated by golf enthusiasts around the world. In Baguio Country Club, the golf course here is considered to be the oldest ones in the city. The place is designed by the famous Luis Golem Silverio. Aside from being a playing ground, you can also see different types of grasses here such as Carabao and Bermuda grass varieties.   

Bowling and Billiards

If you want to try bowling or play billiards, Baguio has some alleys you can go to. One is at Puyat Sports Baguio. This place is located on the 5th Floor, Baguio Center Mall, Magsaysay Avenue. Here, you can play both bowling and billiards. It is considered to be a good sports avenue for those residents who are living in the city since it has a shopping mall and food stalls. There are also bowling and billiards places at Baguio Country club and Green Valley. 

Paintball, Target Shooting, and Rappelling

For those who are into action-packed outdoor adventures, there are go-to destinations for the thrilling team and individual sports in Baguio City. Go to Camp John Hay and experience the popular Extreme Outdoor Adventure Park the famous one in the city is the tree top adventure. Go with your friends and play paintball. If you want more exciting activities, you can also try target shooting. This is a tourist destination and activity in Baguio. Every tourist guide will make sure to recommend to try these recreational activities.

One of the famous tourist spots in baguio where people would try and enjoy the recreational activities that is extreme and fun. They will give you options to have different ammunitions. Airsoft and paintball gun are both available. For the most thrilling experience here, try a 45-meter rappelling wall and a 60-meter zip line. Staff will assist you to ensure your safety. 


The Burnham Park in the city is also a great place to skate at. It is a go-to place for local and foreign skaters. The pavement there is wide and decently made. You can hold into and out of the road based on how comfortable you are with traffic. The good thing is the place here is that there is a huge collection of quad skates for hire. And these skates are in good shape and quality. And most importantly, the price of these ready-to-rent skates is affordable. Aside from Burnham Park, there are also up and down roads in the city that you can use for your skating experience. After skating, tourist also have the option to see or ride the swan boats.   


The next time you visit Baguio City, do not be surprised if you see an influx of cyclists. The City of Pines is slowly becoming a haven for bikers and cyclists. The local government units opened new bike lanes in the main streets of the city. With this initiative, the bikers have formed a community. This group that composed of almost 500 riders has been organizing a weekly bike marathon in the city. This recreational activity is also promoting wellness for both Baguio City residents and tourists. If you are wondering if you can join this activity, the Sunday organized ride is open to the public. You just have to go to Burnham Park at 6 am. Your tour around the city for an average of 20 to 25 kilometers. Baguio City offers both its visitors and residents a conducive environment for all sports and recreational activities. It gives people their wellness and fitness spaces. Aside from the activities mentioned above, you can also do racket sports, dance Zumba, play basketball and volleyball, or just have an exercise through the parks.  

If you are planning to have a condo living in Baguio City, health and fitness experience in the city will no longer be a concern for you. Consider Baguio City as your next dream home and choose the Baguio condo properties of Vista Residences. Vista Residences has pre-selling condo projects in Baguio City such as Pinehill Baguio and Canyon Hill Baguio. There are also tourist spots, museums, and other activities in the region without entrance fee so make sure to make the most out of your stay and have a fun stay in Benguet. 

It also has a ready for occupancy project in the said area with variety of units which is the Brenthill Baguio. Living in Vista Residences enables you to enjoy convenience, where everything is pretty much within walking distance or a few minutes away from the property; comfort because the project features and amenities are designed to deliver comfort at all times, which makes condo living a worthy investment; security that is 24/7 and CCTV monitoring, which makes the residents safe and secure within the property. 

In line with Vista Residences’ thrust to offer convenience among its residents, it also features an AllDay Convenience Store and Coffee Project in all its projects. 

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