The Influence of TikTok on Home Design & Interior Trends

Mar 27, 2023

In addition to becoming one of the most popular and powerful social media channels, TikTok has grown significantly. It's obvious that TikTok trends have permeated every business, whether it's a booth in your own shop, neighborhood bookshop, food, or clothes displays that scream, "TikTok inspired me to do it."

The TikTok aesthetics universe is a large and frequently perplexing one. These Tiktok interior design range from traditional cottage-core to barbie-core and beyond, and they change shape almost continually as new trends appear. They give individuals a platform to express their styling tips and discover the information they're interested in every corner.

Development of trends and how Tiktok's platform data shapes creativity among users

TikTok is a beehive of visual inspiration, with a manner of searching that is fundamentally centered on a collection of quick, thought-provoking 60-second videos. So, it should come as no surprise that the interior design industry has developed a devoted and extraordinarily active community on this platform.

TikTok is an algorithmic tapestry that records and steers the newest interior trends as our own tastes shift on a dime. It is rich with crowdsourced recommendations, and influencer-led tips for DIY hacks (as well as a sprinkle of fan-favorite goods).

Get on board the TikTok frenzy and educate yourself on the trends and ideas that are dominating the internet if you sell furniture, accessories, and home décor items if your business concentrates on interior design. The platform has a significant impact on consumer behavior, driving consumers to obsess over particular goods and create other home decor trends.

TikTok is officially one of the fastest-growing social video platforms ever lived in itself, with a growth rate of 325% in 2020 alone. In reality, it has more than 1 billion users at this time worldwide (and growing).

Like other businesses, interior design has greatly benefited from TikTok aesthetics. A huge amount of interest and demand for things that meet that aesthetic is created when users begin to design tricks to produce content around it. This is one of the explanations for the rise in popularity of items like indoor plants, vintage decor, and colorful designs.

Top Home Trends of 2022


With more than 11.5 billion views, #cottagecore is by far the most well-liked interior design trend on TikTok. The cottage-core aesthetic is an example of a huge internet fad that frequently influences fashion and interior design.

Cottagecore celebrates nature and idealizes life in rural England and Europe. We frequently observe cottage-style interiors with exposed wooden beams, mild colors, deep-seated old fabric sofas, and cozy throws. The aesthetic is incomplete without the cozy glow of a fireplace made of natural stone and a bouquet of garden flowers tastefully arranged in a classic vase.


The second most popular interior design trend on TikTok, #maximalism, has garnered over 581 million views. Maximalism is boisterous, chic, aggressive, fun, and striking in a way that is similar to the distinct aesthetic of TikTok.

According to Laura Rich, a product designer for Furniturebox, "maximalism is a celebration of variety. Suppose you want to take a maximalist approach with the space feel of your area. In that case, I advise experimenting with a feature wall by adding patterned wallpaper, a giant mirror, and something quirky like a chair or a vintage room divider. This approach is lively and full of character, making it excellent for a TikTok audience.


The third most popular interior trend on TikTok is #minimalism, which has had almost 553.3 million views. The minimalist aesthetic emphasizes a less-is-more approach to home design ideas and is the complete opposite of maximalism.

According to Laura Rich, a product developer for Furniturebox, minimalism is a sense of purpose without excess. "A minimalist approach necessitates reducing your living space to its most fundamental uses. Therefore, smart storage solutions are your greatest friend. Wicker or cloth baskets work well for me because they conceal clutter and fit neatly within cabinets. Using the height and layout of the space will allow you to arrange display goods on shelves while leaving the floor space clear.

Kitchen Organization

About half (49%) of all TikTok users, it seems, have been motivated to arrange their refrigerators this year. The number of requests for general organizational project help on Taskrabbit increased by 37% year over year, and the number of bookings for cleaning services increased by 55%.

Covered walls

No more depressing, bare walls. Even though minimalism has enjoyed considerable attention, the TaskRabbit report reveals that she's a growing trend toward decorating our homes' walls with shelving and artwork. Due in part to the fact that 36 percent of users of BookTok were motivated to install shelving to display their book collections, TaskRabbit saw a 25 percent increase in mounting requests year over year. The study also discovered that ArtTok encouraged 40% of users to try DIY art projects and decorate their walls with original works.


Japandi is a fusion of modern Scandinavian and Japanese interior design trends. Hygge, a phrase from Scandinavia, and wabi-sabi, a concept from Japan, are the origins of the style. The former is a cozy idea house, but the latter holds that beauty is found in flaws.

The demand for this method of interior design is expected to rise by 212% between 2021 and 2022, indicating how well-liked it is by designers right now.

Home Trend Predictions for 2023


According to a survey, 22 percent of viewers want to replicate the #cluttercore trend in their own homes, which has received roughly 80 million views on TikTok. The maximalist style, according to Taskrabbit, will manifest itself through statement flooring, decorative accents, and clashing colors, textures, and patterns.


Many homeowners may want to update their interiors using what they already have to respond to reduced budgets and less budget. People will become even more frugal in the coming year, Taskrabbit forecasts, upcycling furniture rather than replacing it and discovering more cost-effective solutions for bathroom renovations, including applying tile stickers to update backsplashes.

#Energy-efficient Interiors

Ninety-eight percent of respondents to Taskrabbit's survey indicated that they intended to modify their homes to lower their energy costs. Requests for wall paneling to increase insulation are already up 83 percent in the United States.

#Biophilic Design

Requests mentioning houseplants have decreased, and consumers are now more interested in bringing the outside inside in more dramatic ways. In particular, requests for living walls have increased by 76%. Along with a growth in the desire for natural materials like wood, hemp, bamboo, and rattan in the home, TaskRabbit forecasts an increase in the installation of indoor water fountains.

#Cozy Aesthetics

TaskRabbit believes that interior design will use warmer tones in the coming year. Warm colors like terra cotta, sunset, and burnt orange are moving up in bookings for indoor painting, according to the business, with 38% of respondents stating they intend to use these hues on their walls next year.

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