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Tips in Preparing your Condo in case of Super Typhoon

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Storms in the country have gotten stronger just like the recent super typhoon Ulysses (Vamco) which left us with devastating consequences of getting caught unprepared. However, have you ever asked yourself if there is such thing as being too ready when preparing our homes for natural disasters?

In case of super typhoon, keeping your condo clean gets a little bit challenging. Expect to be bugged by water, mud, and dirt which surprisingly find their way into the condo building despite all the efforts to prevent them.

Check out some of the things that may be causing your cleaning problems as well as some tips on how you can manage your condo easily and stress-free this rainy season.

1.      Designate a Mudroom Area

In small spaces like a condo unit, you cannot expect a designated mudroom but it’s quite easy to create one without renovating the place. All you have to do is to designate a place in your condo where everyone can take off their wet footwear before they enter the unit.  Better yet, bring some extra footwear so you don’t have to use the one you used outside in the interior of your condo unit. Secure a rack just by the front of your door where you can put the footwear leaving all the water and dirt away from your unit. This way, you can clean it later on without spreading the dirt across your condo floor.

2.      Ready a mop by the door

A certain amount of wetness during the rainy season or a super typhoon is unavoidable. You can keep your condo clean especially the entrance area by placing a mop next to the door. Aside from this, you should also place a mat at the door both on the outside and inside so that people entering your unit would have to wipe their feet twice, thereby keeping your condo floor clean.

3.      Check your condo unit for leaks and stagnant water

Even before the typhoon, you should check your condo unit regularly for any leaks, and report to the property manager as these may turn out bad if ignored for a long time. Stagnant water stored in different areas might cause accidents and can become nesting grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and pests. Moreover, it may also cause unpleasant odor in your condo unit, so make sure to regularly check the windows or walls of your unit for leakages.

4.      Manage wet clothes in a drying cage or the bathroom

Properly segregate and manage your wet clothes especially during a typhoon or rainy season. If not properly handled, these wet clothes may get ruined, and cause unpleasant odor as well when stored for a long period of time.

Make sure that you just don’t toss your wet clothes into a hamper. Instead, hang them to dry or directly wash and dry them with the washing machine.

This rainy season, or even an impending typhoon, doesn’t have to cause any hassle for condo unit owners. With preparedness and proper management, you will be able to keep your living space clean and comfortable despite the heavy rains and wet surroundings.

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