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Best Tips to Decorate Your Condo from Scratch

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So, you just bought a new condo unit? Brand new, bare, and empty. For sure you can’t help but think about the interior design ideas to transform your condo into a character-filled living space.

Styling and decorating your condo from scratch is a little bit challenging and holds so much promise. Admit it or not, as you begin your styling journey, everything becomes a bit stressful and panic quickly follows. You might be asking yourself – which theme you should adopt for your space, how to achieve a minimalist look, where to find the best rattan-inspired furniture pieces, and how to make your small space very functional. It all depends on how you strategize especially when it comes to maximizing your condo space.

Why not leave those worries behind, trade in that hesitation for inspiration and motivation to transform your own little home into a beautiful sanctuary in the city. Create the condo of your dreams with these tips.

Choose a space you want to prioritize

When moving into your new condo, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a space that you want to prioritize. Even if you are moving to a studio unit, it is challenging to mix and match your stuff. More so, if you will be living in a bigger condo unit where you have to deal with the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Whichever space you want to prioritize, make sure to visualize how you will be using the space so you can furnish it accordingly. You also have to consider that there are spaces that require the most investment, focus on quality over quantity, and make sure that you style the space as to how you envision it to be – aesthetically and functionally.

Identify your design style

Before you think about furniture, determine first your design style. Do you want a pared-back Scandinavian aesthetic? Do you want your place to be bright and young or sophisticated and neutral? Do you want a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles or Boho-inspired?

Let your imagination run wild. You can browse through Pinterest for your style pegs, check on condo interior style books available online or look at home décor magazines for those interior inspo. If you are the type who is experimental, try blending different elements and combining different styles. Just make sure to create that sense of unity and identity when you pull these design styles together.

Look for a focal point

Now that you have already identified your design style, it is time to think about your condo space’s focal point. You have to identify a centrepiece that will help dictate everything from your color scheme to the overall furniture layout.

Have you thought about having a hot pink accent chair in your living room or a patterned feature wall? Since living in a condo is like living in an open-concept place, you have to have a focal point that will be visible from all areas of the unit.

Design in sections

Think about the different spaces in your condo unit – entryway, living room, bedroom (if your space is bigger), bathroom, and kitchen. Make a list of the major pieces you will need for each section. Think about the furniture pieces as well as the appliances that you will need per area. Check on the items that you might already have so you can tick them off from your list.

How do you intend to use the living room? It is likely that you will be needing a couch. Will there be a TV? How about the dining area? Do you prefer to have a small breakfast nook or a kitchen with island and bar stools? How about your bed area? Make sure to keep it organized, clean, and restful.

Plan and measure it out

Now that you have come up with your list, check on those spaces and take measurements to make sure that whatever furniture pieces or accessories you plan to have will fit in your condo unit.

Always keep in mind to avoid over-stuffing. Think about functionality and minimalism. Think about what you really need versus what you want. Once you have finalized the plan, it is time to combine the elements and bring the look together.

Time to buy

By this time, you might have already finalized the list and placed your furniture order, for the remaining items you have not yet bought nor ordered, look for them in your favourite home furniture store. When sourcing items, make sure to check on different options so that you can compare the price and quality. Look for items that you are comfortable to buy and those that you can use for long-term. Remember, quality over quantity.

Add pieces over time

Styling and designing your condo is a continuous process. It is easy to get excited and buy all things you have thought of putting inside your unit all at once. But you have to stick with the essential items and just add pieces over time, when necessary.


After all, well-styled condo units are those that are not overdone and those that remains to have that authentic and naturally curated feel while reflecting the personality of the owner.

In styling and designing your condo unit from scratch, remember to start with the essentials and live them for a while. As you get to know your own place, you will realize what you still lack and for sure, you will come up with ideas about what else you need.

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