Top 7 Bed Frames for a More Spacious Condo

Jul 15, 2022

Condominium bedrooms can have a small amount of space to decorate with, but other condos provide a huge bedroom at a high price. Condo bedroom interiors are frequently already decorated in contemporary style. If you're lucky, the bedroom has a built-in wardrobe or closet, which is useful for individuals on a tight budget. However, if you need to buy and acquire all of the furniture, you could want to think about purchasing pieces with contemporary design aspects. The finest options have clear, straight lines, are sleek, sturdy, and conserve space. In order to get a coherent aesthetic while decorating modern homes, modern-inspired furniture is the ideal choice.

Smooth, shiny, and sleek surfaces characterize contemporary bedroom furniture. The designs are straightforward, mostly geometric, clean, and practical. It is ideal for condominiums, apartments, and other tiny areas since it expands the available space and gives the impression that there is more room. Aside from its fashionable and distinctive appearance, what appeals to people nowadays is that it is simpler to maintain and keep clean. It is appropriate for young professionals and busy individuals alike due to its minimalist nature, which does not invite ornamental ornaments or trinkets. Browse through these top 7 modern condo furnishings, particularly the bed frames, to aid in home decorating. These are an array of the best bed frames with storage and are ideal bed designs for small rooms.

7 Best Bed Frames Every Condo Owner Must Have

Bosten Bed

(Urban Concepts)

The Boston Bed is an excellent option if you want a stylish bed frame that still has usefulness. No matter what your style is, the wood finish on it will fit in any condo bedroom. Thanks to its cushioned headboard, your area will look and feel comfortable, allowing maximum relaxation.

It features a traditional appearance and built-in storage where you may keep additional blankets, pillows, or towels in addition to its classic appearance. This bed frame will provide plenty of room for all the items you wish to keep hidden, thanks to its three drawers - perhaps one of the many bed frames with storage selections. It is available in natural and walnut colors and in three sizes: queen, double, and twin.

Martinez Queen Bed

(Mandaue Foam)

This bed frame is an easy and fashionable alternative that will look great in condos with a bohemian or rustic theme, thanks to its slots design and traditional tobacco finish. In addition to these themes, it is very simple to use it as the focal point of various interior designs for your bedroom. Not only will it contribute to a more tranquil atmosphere in your room, but with its simple and petite design, it can be one of those beds for small spaces. This makes the bed ideal for couples or families with young children as it can accommodate at least two people.

This strong pinewood bed frame can support up to 250 kg of weight. In addition to being an excellent decorative item, it will help you and your family have a good night's sleep - just solid and simple!

Hudson King Size Bed

(Home Harmony PH)

A two-toned, slick modern item has been made available by Home Harmony. It is unlike other bed frames and has a lot of personalities. The bed has a foot railing that extends to the floor rather than two legs at the front. As a result, the bed has a modern and trendy appearance.

Given that it is designed to accommodate a king-sized mattress, it still can be one of that bed designs for small rooms; who says no one can enjoy a comfortable and massive bed despite living in a smaller space, right? It depends on how efficient and strategic the interior design is.

Customers have given the bed frame positive feedback, ranking it highly and noting that it is both upscale and true to its description. Customers have also praised the shop's customer service.

Grove Queen Bed Frame

(SM Home)

The light wood tone of this bed frame is ideal for making your bedroom appear more airy and light! It will go well with your decor, especially if you have plenty of indoor plants or rattan elements. It brings natural elements inside, making your room more tranquil for you to unwind and enjoy. Its light hue can also be a helpful accent in making the room spacious, giving an illusion that this is designed as one of those beds for small spaces.

Given that its construction is not particularly substantial, it is also suggested for a tiny area. Some consumers have praised the bed frame's stability and flawless wood smoothness. One can also transform this into one of the best bed frames with storage by personalizing it with built-in cabinets.

Choosing this alternative will never fail you if you're seeking something with solid construction and a tidy finish. Indeed, a light wood finish that matches any space.

Naxos Double Bed

(Mandaue Foam)

This bed frame's upholstered finish gives it a warm, opulent appearance that resembles a pleasant hotel room. You'll be able to unwind without a doubt; your back won't suffer as you read a book or watch a movie for hours. Additionally, you won't have to worry about hitting the headboard.

It has a neutral and cool gray hue, so it will blend in flawlessly with any room's theme, whether light or dark. This bed frame has four black legs that lift your mattress slightly off the ground. You can quickly sweep or vacuum the dust and grime below this space-saving bed for small rooms.



Your bedroom will have a Scandinavian vibe thanks to the design of this bed frame, which is perfect for people who enjoy not only the chic, modern, and inviting ambiance of this design trend but also those who are fond of space-saving beds for small rooms.

It features a wooden frame, a headboard with a cushion, and dark gray fabric upholstery. This enhances a lovely texture and color contrast that unquestionably gives your place a unique sense.

The bed seems wider despite its reasonable size because the bed frame's legs are angled outward. It also incorporates side bars for a boxed-in appearance and can be redesigned to achieve the "best bed frames with storage" by putting a storage box/ cabinets below.

This product is a reliable, comfortable, and stylish option with all of its attributes. Couple it with white bedding to finish the comfiest and most fashionable appearance!

Kobe Bed Frame

(Furniture Source)

Having greater freedom to decorate the area surrounding your bed is one benefit of purchasing an independent bed frame. You may choose your own headboard, add a canopy, or paint a painting on the wall, for instance. There are countless options!

Your space will stay bright thanks to the base's light-colored wood construction. To create the appearance of a floating bed, its legs are also constructed closer to the base's center rather than its corners. Overall, with its bed design for small rooms, the Kobe bed frame can help you conserve space, especially if your condo is not that huge.

A bonus… Murphy Beds!

Another versatile and space-saving piece of furniture is the Murphy bed. Despite being expensive furniture, this bed is helpful since it makes tiny rooms appear larger by freeing up space. Because it is designed to fold up into a wall or a closet to accommodate other daily activities, it is practical for condo unit owners.

There are some murphy beds available in the Philippines. Search "murphy beds the Philippines," and tons of selections are available. 

There may be wooden drawers or shelves on either side of a contemporary wall bed. The unit owners may use these areas by adding some books, frames, and decorations. Adding decorative things to the wall bed's shelves may also improve the room's elements. Indeed, a simple search for murphy bed Philippines can save a lot of space!

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