Top Stores that Sell Small-Space Furniture for Your Condo

Dec 02, 2020

Small-space living is all about making the most of what you have. It’s all about picking the item that will get the most out of the condo space it's going to occupy. Furniture that creates storage - like a pop-up coffee table, storage ottoman, or an apartment-sized sleeper sofa is a quick way to achieve a more open floor plan.

Furnishing a small condo space is tricky – trying to fit in everything and making it look organized is even more challenging. The furniture pieces have to be small enough to fit your condo space yet they have to be well-proportioned.

Prioritizing footprint and functionality, we’ve rounded up our favorite stores that sell small-space furnishings and accessories to enhance your interior.


The country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land brings you this one-stop shop for all home needs. Designed to be a builder’s haven, AllHome offers a vast range of products that are arranged in different vignettes around the store. They also offer free interior styling consultancy to their customers.

To date, AllHome has 37 stores in Mega Manila, 5 in Luzon outside of Mega Manila, and 5 in Visayas and Mindanao.

Blims Fine Furniture

Blims started out in 1977 to offer Filipinos everything they need to turn their house into a home.

Each Blims store houses some of the best collections and a complete variety of furniture, which are categorized as Living Space, Dining, Sleepshop, Recliners and Loungers, Decors and Accessories, and Office World. They also have their Condo Collection which is an area dedicated to flexible furniture for small spaces.

Avino Fine Living

This tiny but fascinating store specializes in small condo furniture. Andy See and his brothers Alex and Bao come from a family who have been in the furniture business for decades, and now sell well-made, modular pieces for the condo home.

You have to check out their stylish sofa beds and industrial-style storage boxes that double as coffee tables. They offer design services as well.

SB Furniture

If you want trendy European-style furniture pieces for your condo and you don’t want to think about mixing and matching, then head on over to any SB Furniture branch.

The styles range from classical-glam to Scandinavian modern, and a lot of the pieces have hidden storage compartments. They also offer free furniture layout consultancy, so you can fit your new pieces into your home.


The building material giant has been the top-of-mind home depot to go to for decades. But while you think Wilcon only carries construction materials, you’re mistaken, as every branch sells a wide variety of furniture and accessories to complete your home.

Check out their wide range of affordable, colorful sofas and chairs that you may consider for your condo.

Excited to furnish your condo unit? Head on to any of these stores or check out their online services for a more convenient and hassle-free transaction.

Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel specializes in direct imports, especially from Europe, and offers smart solutions from furniture that works double duty to smart ideas that open up the room.

While best known for its home furnishings and décor, Crate & Barrel also has an impressive line-up of kitchen and dining fixtures that you can also consider for your condo.


Furniture shopping for your condo unit is an exciting stage of ‘adulting.’ With a lot of options currently available in the market, finding the perfect furniture for your condo can now be done contactless and hassle-free - through online shopping. Have a safe and fun time decorating your very own Vista Residences condo unit!

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